5 Die on X-mas in Samoa

The festive season is still in full swing.  Its now the first day of 2009.

I’m in Lefaga, Savaia – This palagi man has set up an internet cafe next to my dad’s house and if I knew about this place earlier, I would live here.

5 People died in Samoa on Christmas, from Alcohol related causes.

My heart and soul goes out to the families affected.

I decided to have a quiet Christmas drink with my aunty Fam, we’ve figured out that Baileys and Midori feels really good in the heat (since we’ve graduated from the Cold Vailima’s to the Warm ones because we “think” the buzz is kinda better) and the vomiting or the sensation of burping out a bottle of cold vailima was enough deterrant to keep us from plain beer, so we chilled out and listening to Jerome Grey & Lauryn Hill with our “ultra sheek bailey’s (mint)/midori & vailima cocktail” – i felt like a sex-in-the-city character, and when I think about it, thats kinda wrong.

We’ve been addicted to a Korean Soap Drama “Jewel in the Palace”, and ever since Fam decided to quit from Sunrise (Chinese Restaurant) I’ve had the coolest partner to watch this suck-ass soap that’s along the lines of Gulong, Sa Piling Mo etc etc.

I enjoyed X-mas, even thought my heart and soul were with my loved ones back in Melbourne, I was more than happy to have spent x-mas at home with my nana and my aunt.  It couldn’t have been better.

So, on boxing day, my nana was listening to radio and called me over, I went to listen, and Talofa FM spent most of the morning talking about the 5 deceased on X-mas night, while I was drinking and laughing with Aunt.

Kinda sucks, because I felt bad to ask her if I could go out on New Years Eve after she had a long-winded opinion about children ”these days”.

The days in between were a blur, our normal routine.

My dad is here to build a house for his family in Lefaga, and he came to pick me up, I hadn’t seen him in ages and I was still a bit angry at him. (read previous entries of my blog)

My “being” here, speaks more words.

So, here I am, with my father, in Kuabacks. On the first day of 2009.

I’m letting go of any harsh feelings of last year.

(and so, as that part of my dies, we’ll bump up the death toll to 6)


Kilifi Lepua Fretton has just made the big move from urban Melbourne to Upolu. Follow the trail of deep thoughts as he tries to make sense of God, love, family, friends and island life in Screaming Tree – Samoan in the City.

0 thoughts on “5 Die on X-mas in Samoa

  1. Good to read of you again uso been a while on the pages here huh? 🙂 The weather there must have been happenin for the festive season I can only imagine. Laffin here bout warm Vailima, I’m like, ewww, people actually drink that warm thang? lol!
    That’s awful that road toll… shakes head… and I like the way you ‘added’ your ‘parting of the ways’ to the toll, technique wise… major coolage.. but from the soul, I hear you 🙂
    Glad you discovered da geki thur too heh heh

    All the best uso as 2009 unfolds

  2. weo , i kindah feel yooh .
    but i shall say dat i do like dah filipino and korean movies .
    because i am a half filipino .
    and as i was reading dis ireally didnt get dah point .
    wat were u trynna say ?
    were DRUNK too ?
    anyways may-b if yooh could be more
    pplz would actually UNDERSTAND .

  3. wow. 2009 to attempt to turn over that floating leaf. impending thoughts of times passed. seems ur mother’s spirit is in u. stay strong…through it all .. forgive. the heavy hearted carries a load that should be cast aside as it only causes parts of u to break away. let it die…as u said the casualities are now 6. malo lava

  4. Thank you J, What would you like me to be specific about? hehehe…

    thanks ‘me’! 🙂

    and Dre, always coolage to have you visit, your the epitomy of coolage anyway so I aint even have to go further..peace.

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