A Quiet Secret

At 5:00 a.m., I wake. I love seeing the morning skies: colors of orange, indigo, sky blue, pool blue, mist of green, shot of yellow somewhere between gold and hues of orange-yellow,…

Everyday (most days), I love driving up to my home. At the end of the driveway I know my family are awaiting my arrival, and I know that I’m waiting to see what’s for dinner; but, mostly, I’m waiting to see if I’m the one that will be making dinner. Most things bother me, but I don’t mind cooking for my family, I love knowing that they anticipate my coming home as I do coming home.

Our family home, is made of sticks with a concrete foundation, but to me, it’s made of my mother and father. I love seeing my mother and father everyday. I drive up the driveway with a prayer in my heart: “…thank you Lord for embracing me with the love of my mother and father,…” and so forth. I fear the day that I will never hear the voices of my father and mother. I fear the day that at the end of the driveway my parents will no longer be home. God knows, I am grateful for their being here for me, heartedly, I know there are children in the world whom have not known a mother or a father. As for myself, I’m grateful! I have the two people whom believed in each other, therefore, I exist.

God wakes, every day. God embraces us with kisses from the West Winds, in colors of the sky that only He intends for us. Wake up. Wake every day at early dawn, and you will feel his embrace. The quiet secret, “…God never let us down, but ‘we’ let Him down. God has given us everything we need. We need to discover it, the journey is God’s embrace. …” May your journey be as tumultuous as is intended, and may you find your way home.. May the end of your driveway lead you to His embrace.

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  1. wow what a great read, got me all warm n fuzzy inside lol, i could so relate, im heading home tonight and after 7hrs of driving il be home to see family. thanks for that john.

    and yeah welcome to ala mai!!

  2. haha..righteous put-up uce! if examines what God’s given us that we take for granted: the unmaterialistic beauty that surrounds us. look fwd to read’n more bruh!


  3. Dayummm brother, this is a Sa equivalent to Chicken Soup For the Soul… Well, after reading your thoughts I’m of the opinion there should be a collaboration of such stories, and have them bound up in a ‘Supo Moa Aua Le Agaga O Tagata Samoa’ heh heh!
    Thank you for this, for after the read, i say to myself, aye, I too will view my driveway in a whole different light…. *S*

    Brava brother, brava

    Ia manuia



  4. Screamingtree: thanks for the welcome and thanks for your blog, as well;

    Jayfoo: I hope u’re home now, and enjoying your time w/ur family.

    immagenius: exactly, don’t let the ‘things’ in your life matter more than the family in your life;

    Lovefromsia: love your blog, especially, the piece about spin class, that was a great laugh;

    Dre: LUV IT, “Supo Moa Aua Le Agaga O Tagata Samoa”!

    Everyone, enjoy the drive home. Appreciate the time w/family, even the difficult times, keep your faith strong in God, keep your family close, and take care of yourselves…

  5. Awwww… nice one John!….
    You made me realise that I take my family for granted many times….
    This really touched me! as you know Im leaving home for a while… and these are the moments I should treasure before I leave…
    These small things I take for granted day after day now have a new meaning…

    Thank you brother!
    Much Luv!

  6. cherryk:

    Aaaawwww… Enjoy your family, enjoy your family. I am entirely aware of the stress that comes with the responsibility of taking care of our families, and sometimes, we have feelings of walking out and never looking back, but truth be told: we miss our families for the hardships, we miss our families for their strength, we miss our families because they are irreplaceable.

    Yes, I know (as per your posts) that you’ll be off to our home-islands, and I (as all of our Samoan brethen do) pray that you will find a sense of wholeness, completion, and a sense of “I’m home.”

    May you know God’s grace is with you. Malo le soifua…

  7. awww…thats so touching…man i wish my mother and father was like dat. I so wish that My family was together and at least living in he one househodl. I nevr thought i would ever see the day where I would miss my mm and dad being together. my parents just split up two weeks ago and im feeling the pain of losing two people I love. Althoug they are still with me in physical form, I feel like the love is lost within my family. Everyday I pray to God and wish that it was different…..Its true that we should never take for granted the things we have, coz once it’s gone, you will realise the true importance of it…..to my mum and dad, I miss you both hepas, I wish things were back to how they used to be. They say its for the best, and at times we think it is….Why cant we just be a normal family……

  8. ummm, it’s a good article except the last part that caught me off-guard. i mean, “may your journey be as tumultuous as is intended..”? i don’t know if you know how i’m reading that part, but it doesn’t sound right. the word “tumultuous” is not the right word to go there, if you’d please. instead, it should be “serene, unagitated, untroubled, calm, tranquil”–take a pick. i don’t mean to be rude, but i don’t want to journey home feeling tumultuous; i would rather be on my way home feeling serene and blessed…

    other than that, good article. very moving…

  9. for SEVEN:

    Thank you so much for your honesty! I never consider “honesty” as rude, rather, as an intent to reach out for a broader understanding for what may be misunderstood.

    Your response captured the purpose of “The Quiet Secret” and that is, rhetorically speaking: “How are we to know what is good? We know what is good by experiencing what we know to be bad? Truthfully, we cannot appreciate the good things (our loved ones) in our lives without having experienced what is bad.” None of us on God’s earth intend for our journey to be tumultuous. We all want our journey to be “..serene, unagitated, untroubled, calm, tranquil”–take a pic,…” but how are we to know what is ‘serene’ without knowing what is ‘not serene’?

  10. For our Dearest, sis, NORAJONEZ:

    ‘The End’ seems to have a sense of ‘Finality’ that is synonymous for ‘Dooms Day.’ I believe that an ending is actually the beginning!

    Our Heavenly Father has blessed you with two driveways to go home to, but more importantly, your driveway will be the place that both of your parents will have to come home to.

    Keep your faith, keep your trust, keep your truth in God unshakable! Believe in our Father’s promises! Take care to keep your temple cleansed of doubt, and nurtured by hope!

  11. To Tala’aga:

    Such an irony in how I read the article and understood it from how you took it. The author seemed to portray how his journey home everyday would be smooth with a couple of galling thoughts along the way (e.g., cooking dinner), without a single breach of irony. My take of this article is that “quiet secret” is referring to the author’s relationship with the Lord that no one knows about. His grateful heart is expressed in ways that even his own family could not read or see. That’s the quiet secret!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, John…

  12. To samoa4you:


    My journey is (as all of our journeys are, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not) about my ‘…relation with the Lord…’ And, yes, the ‘Quiet Secret’ is about my relationship with those whom I take for granted.

    No need for correction, samoa4you.

  13. I, too, am LMAO…

    If, you’re ‘bad’, your husband’s a lucky man. Confirmation complete. My the Angels of our Heavenly Father continue to embrace, and protect,…

  14. While reading your article a chill crept down my spine cause I felt drawn to the words spoken here. Drawn to know that you are quite an exemplifying individual to portray such writing talent. It is a great feeling to go home knowing that your parents are awaiting you. I miss that and no longer have such memories of greeting mom or dad while I walked through the doors of our home. They have gone, but I know that with all thats happened I have seen the many blessings of mom & dads faithful prayers have left me with in this lifetime. I am one to know how God has made me strong to be the strength in my family and the back bone to my siblings. I applaud you with excellency and look forward to reading another of your excepts here. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. Behind my smile are unseen tears of joy! You are blessed in so many ways. Take care and God bless always..

  15. Mozzy: Forgive my late, late, late response. Honestly, I’m speechless by your beautifully written response… All I can say is that “I am filled with joy that You have been loved, as I am by my parents.” Thank you for reminding me…

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