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One Samoana is all about Samoan people – our language, history and culture.

Back in 2008, we built our website on the legacy of the Samoana Newspaper, a Samoan language publication which ran weekly – in New Zealand, Samoa, Australia and parts of the USA – from 1979 to 2006.

While the newspaper was all about connecting Samoans around the world with news from Samoa, One Samoana’s aim is to connect Samoans around the world with each other… through the love of our shared cultural heritage.

We blog about our customs and traditions, our favourite Samoan food, music, crafts and our beautiful Samoan language.

A bit of One Samoana history

Between 2009 and 2012, One Samoana used to be this blog PLUS a social network, where thousands of Samoans from around the world got to know each other through profile pages and got up to lots of No-Good in our video chat rooms.

Those were the dayzz!!

But “the Ville” – our name for this social network – also introduced us to some amazing Samoan writers. They gifted the One Samoana blog with their own deep thoughts and commentaries on life.

Over the years since – thanks to necessary upgrades, site migrations and sadly, a hacking or two – we unfortunately lost a lot of the content our Ville bloggers provided.

But we did manage to save some of their work:

  • Niuzila – who wrote beautifully poignant pieces about the political status of Samoans in New Zealand
  • Mz CherryK – who documented her journey from ‘virtually’ meeting the love of her life to marrying him in a beautiful Samoan wedding
  • Screaming Tree (Kilifi) – who moved from Australia to Samoa, and took us with him…as he shared incredible stories from his life
  • Our lady Ghostwrydah – who was equally famous in the Ville for both her spiritual and her sensual prose
  • High Matai – with her heartbreaking musings on love and family
  • Jayfoo – who wrote about life as a young Samoan in Australia, navigating tradition and family while finding her own place
  • Tafananai – who wrote in Samoan, mostly, about the Samoan culture and… wrestling!
  • John @ Tala’aga – favoured us with quite the entertaining, Samoan American view of the world
  • Then we had the Memoirs of Seki – blogging through fears and tears
  • And American1Samoan, getting political during the Obama era

You can check out some of our favourite posts from these writers here.

In mid-2012, we closed down the social network part of this site (because too much ulavale-ness from the natives lol), but we kept the One Samoana blog going… mostly because of all the feedback we got from Samoans around the world who are learning their culture through our posts.

We decided to narrow our focus to just writing about the Samoan language and culture, and then Hamo Geek Girl (that’s me!) pretty much defaulted as our only-the-lonely One Samoana blogger.

About Hamo Geek Girl

Hamo Geek Girl

In case you’re curious 🙂

My name is Lillian (Lils) Arp, but some people know me as Lei’a or Lei. Why? … is a long story to do with how I was not given a Samoan name at birth, so I chose one for myself, and Lei’a was the name of my great-great-great (maybe a few more greats) grandfather.

Lei’a is also short for lei’asā, which is the Samoan word for the green sea turtle, which we consider sacred in Polynesia. It would definitely be my spiritual animal, if I had one.

Anyway, I started One Samoana over a decade ago, mostly because I didn’t grow up immersed in the Samoan culture, so it fascinated me. I wanted to learn… and I wanted to help preserve the knowledge of our culture for others like me who didn’t have immediate access to it.

As you might see from the dates on my posts, I haven’t been a very consistent blogger lol… this site has gone for several months at a time without new posts *sigh* but I’m trying to change my ways now (wish me luck!) and get a new article out for you at least twice a month.

I write about the Samoan things that intrigue me – especially our fa’amatai, our tatau, our history and, my favourite, our language – but if you have any specific questions you’d like me to address, please let me know.

Just drop a comment in one of our recent posts. I’ll see it.

I’m working on beefing up the Samoan language section of this site. It’s been a bit of a mission, but a fun one… especially since I’ve conned my cousin, uncle and mom to help out.

We’ll be ready to announce some stuff in a few weeks, so if you want to get the memo, make sure to subscribe for updates:

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