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Eve brings the sunshine! I’m sure she’s got her bad days and temper-triggers… those ones when everybody needs to stay outa her way or suffer the wrath (don’t we all?)… but since Evie first arrived in the ville, I’ve only known her to be sweetness and funny and smiley and girlie… that plus she makes cakes… AND she’s gorgeous! She seems to be one of those people everybody else just likes to be around… like a prom queen or Miss Congeniality. Now who wouldn’t want to be all about Eve?

Name / Location

Evelyn B Reed but here on One Samoana i like to be known as EVE 🙂 and i am proud to say i am located in the heart of Auckland City – Mangere, Sth Auckland. So any of you who are on stand by or in transit for more than 5hours and have no family in Auckland, NZ hit me up! always happy to accomadate #TrueStory

How did you find One Samoana?

I came across it via a very close cousin of mine Punipuao aka High Matai (Love you HM!)

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village

I’d have to say it was in the infamous UP CHAT when the Video Cam and Audio came live, keige got excited and turned on her mic for the first time and fully blasted the Laughing Samoans video via mic coz she got Mic-Shy lol (not anymore though, apparently Kiwi’s have a Sexy accent haha)

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?


I have many experiences, I mean who doesn’t? It’s in our blood to exceed in all that we do right? I think what makes me EVEN more prouder (if thats even a word) is seeing our Samoan people make their mark all over the world. wether it be thru Sports, Media, Social Networking sites like this one! Well done HGG you make me SO proud to be a Samoan!

Tell us about your passion / hobby / work.

Passion: I have been labelled as a “Good girl” which is true (in the sense that i’m not as “Out there” as others are) but my passion is bringing people together and enjoying their company. I love Hosting people no matter what age and race.. its something where i’m in my Zone/Element..

Work: At the present time I volunteer my time with helping out at the Ia Malamalama Agape Bible College, Auckland, NZ where I am part of the Administration Team. I am also working fulltime as well as studying partime majoring in Communications/Radio Broadcasting.

Hobbies: I love to sing and bake chocolate cakes 🙂 i think some of the OG’s of Up Chat would know of this as i would sometimes kill time in there while they’re baking in the oven haha.

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

At the moment nothing as yet, but just before I was working on photos for the Samoa Times as I’m a paid Freelance Photographer for them, because of my hectic schedule I’ve laid low on the work with them, I love it though.

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

I had this big spiel all prepared in my head to write but i think i’ve said enough LOL. So i will end it here and say fa’afetai lava mo le avanoa. Tau ina fa’amanuia le Atua ia te oe Hamo Geek Girl ma le Admin Team. You guys totally rock my socks and One Samoana is a reflection of your hard work.

Soifua, EVE xX

HGG Notes about Evelyn:

* Check out all the pretty patterns and colours over at Eve’s place
* One of my most favourite things to do in the ville is rifle through people’s music players to see what’s good. Evie’s playlist does not disappoint… even if most of her songs are from Pisisami…
* “if he wants a break tell him to build a bridge and jump off it” … just a little gem from Evie’s comments in our fono discussions.. lol
* Evie once had to leave the ville.. ‘for personal reasons’. I completely understood.. we all know how it is. But I was so sad to see her go… and so happy when she came back not toooooo long after. Don’t ever go away again, suga, ok? 😀

0 thoughts on “All about Eve


    One of the many lovely OG sistaz still in the village! 🙂

    Awesome to see the spotlight on u sis, it’s been a pleasure knowing you and hanging owt with you on 1samoana! *hi 5z*


  2. Awwwwwww..miss EVEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!..woo!..wall of fame huh..woooooo!!..getchu gurrrl!..that was a great read..*dapz* to SOUF AUX!!..tehe..ill remmeber to hit you up when i swing can bake for me till i have to turn sideways to get through a door..*drools*..

    awesome read sis..*2thumbsup&bigtoesup*..

  3. * hugs ya SISSSSSSSSSSSSSY *.. definitely one to be in the spotlight… i’m very happy to say i have had the pleasure of meeting EVE in person.. and she’s One of the sweetest gals i have come across…’s so true.. she makes a mean chocolate Volcano cake… yumm mm mm… ;o) ..she was the first One i wanted to meet when i got to Auckland and she came thru like a Champ… thanks for errything U did for Us sis.. we appreciate it !!.. . sum gud memories … and many more to come sis .. Love ya gorjezz :o).

  4. Awww Miss Evieeeeeeee!!! Your gorgeous sis INSIDE and OUT!!! Was awesome to read aboutchu!!! Ima be passin through Aucksz soon so expect a call!!! And stay blessed!!!

    Nothing but luhv!!


  5. I love you cousin!! You are one of the most purest spirits ever & the world is a better place because of you, never doubt how much of a difference you make!! Love you endlessly xx

  6. Malo sis Eve,

    You’ve come a long way suga. Keep up with your goals and always remain true. It’s not everyday you come across someone who has a bubbly nature with a good head on her shoulder. Take care 🙂

  7. Heeeeeeyurrrrrrrrr sis! OML…i could write a novel about you my dear, but lets just keep it short hehe..
    You’re a true blessing to the ville, your sweetness and smile always shines through no matter where you are =)
    ANYWAYSSS, if you ever see my cousins? please tell them to kaoga their bootays to loku please lmao will have to make a pit stop by and visit you/fams one day darls. For now, keep smiling and know God’s BIGGER plans for you in life whereever this path may take us, MUCH LOVE sis!

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