Am I my brother’s keeper?

These are the words of Wrydah, from her discussion: Scripture This

CAIN & ABEL … “am i my brother’s keeper?”

I never wanted to be like my brother, we weren’t of the same mind
I harvested bountiful fruits from the earth, he was the shepherd kind
I was the oldest, so he should’ve listened and learned from me
But he had to be so smart and do his own thing independently
When it came time to give worship offering, I was so hype
I was going to show God “my type of offering” that I made my life
I know that He asked for an offering of animal
But I wasn’t going to ask my little brother Abel
So I brought it upon myself to give what I thought worthy
I gave offerings of my fruits and vegetables that were sturdy
Unwilling to see me for my own good, God held the fire from the sky
Told me that “obedience” was what He sought, but I don’t know why
My brother made me so mad, I felt an anger like none before
God loved him more and so I beat him down until he hit the floor
So ashamed of what I’d done, I buried him deep and ran away
God must’ve known what I’d done, for He came seeking me that day
“Cain, where is Abel thy brother?” is what He asked of me
“Am I my brothers keeper?” is how I answered hostilely
Because of what I did that day, God cursed me heavily
Mother Earth would no longer bare bountiful harvests for me
I was to wander the lands as a fugitive vagabond
Everywhere that I laid, only foes would be found
I could not have buried my sins any deeper
I should’ve stayed true to being my brother’s keeper
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

… this story has always fascinated me because of our Samoan heritage when it comes to family … we’re responsible for our siblings … blood on blood … i’d take a bullet for anyone in my family … but it makes me wonder sometimes in how we get`along or don’t LOL …. would they take a bullet for me? …. would i be my brother’s keeper? would i keep my brother safe? would my siblings find haven in me?


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