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Masina LM

I learned a few things about Masina LM from the story she’s currently sharing about her heartbreaking adventures in love: 1) She’s a truthful, candid and engaging writer; 2) I don’t know many people as courageous as she is; 3) This girl runs deep. What I found out only recently is that our ‘Moon’ is known offline as Amanda from Canberra, Australia… and would you believe it? Samoa can’t take any of the credit for this natural beauty’s good looks!

How did you find One Samoana?

One of my best friends, known on One Samoana as Mucha_Lucha, told me about this site.

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

Most of the funniest times in the village have been watching people on their webcam’s… From Faith Funaki showing us how to drop it low to TSB and Spawnbreezie imitating how I type. Not the business but some really funny times. I would also include Leni dressing up as a Terrorist on cam and showing us his retarded dance moves!

The craziest things… well people get banned for those things so lets not get too detailed about the craziest things i’ve “witnessed”…. lol


What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

Well I’m not Samoan by ethnicity. I lived with a Samoan family when I was in my teen years and I had never experienced anything like it. At the time, I just wanted to get out of there, I couldn’t handle the moment. But now that I look back and reflect on that time of my life, I am forever grateful. Compared to the rest of my life prior to living with this family, they taught me more than I ever could have imagined in that small amount of time. I learnt not only about chores (oh yes, chores – i was no guest), about the gospel and about the Samoan culture, I was also learnt a lot about myself, about the person I was and the person I strived to be…

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

My hobbies, well thanks to my mom, I love to travel. I am fortunate to travel with my mom when she feels that my attitude is not so bad and she can handle being around me (its all for show until my tickets are booked! haha kidding)…

My passion is to help those less fortunate… less fortunate doesn’t always mean financially. But I do hope to eventually work with developing countries and help stabilize their health and education systems by providing programs and facilities that the country itself can learn to maintain. There are obviously others areas of need but I feel as though, health and education are needed to develop the minds of our next generation.

My work, well I study full-time and my major is Politics and International Relations. I work part-time at a law firm… I graduate at the end of next year.

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

A project… I don’t really think I’m working on anything that everyone should know about… or working on anything for that matter.

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

Life is what you make it! When you feel like there’s no way out and overcoming seems hard, when you have made it through that obstacle, you’ll realise your strength!

Life’s Good! Be thankful and grateful and always remember, in your darkest moment, you’re never alone!


HGG Notes about Masina:

* Visit Masina (and her smoooooth playlist!) in her faleo’o.
* She’s actually a gorgeous mix of SriLankan, Turkish, Lebanese and Ghanian (West African). Wow!
* Catch her blog Evolution of an Online Love Experience:

…and then you just have to wait patiently(?) with the rest of us for Part 3.
* Does her talent only emerge from darkness? “When I try to write poems about my happier moments, nothing comes to mind, I can’t even get a first line,” she says. “But when it comes to heartache and struggle, I can write for days, and sometimes, I do. lol”
* They love her in UP Chat. She was nominated several times to be a Moderator in there, so we happily gave her a badge.

0 thoughts on “Amanda by the Moonlight

  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYY MOOONNNNNN!!!!!! One of the coolest most straight forward kind of girl in the village LMAOOOO @ when I found out through one of the natives that MOON was not samoan after months & months I was like “YEAH I KNEW THAT SHE WERENT SAMOAN” NOOOOOTTTTTTTT I so freakin lied LMAOOOOO much love MOON!!

  2. Dass Wasssap!!! One Thing I Can See That You Learned From That Samoan Family Was How To Fob Out! ” I was also learnt a lot about myself..” LoL @ That! HaHa Jks I Wont Hold That Lil Fob Moment Against You! But Yeah…Props To Masina N Her Writing Skills! She One Of Da Coolest People On 1Sa!!!

  3. OJG! – well; you look Samoan. heheehe I don’t think, I’ve ever seen anyone as passionate about Samoans that isn’t, with such a mixture. LOVE U MASINA. (lol) nice to meet you fellow Australian. (hahaa) …. enjoyed that.
    ps; – that ain’t me in em’ chat room ‘n’ it’s all lies! hahaaha….. {personal joke, personal} keep it to yourself! (lol) ….

  4. OMG i thought she was samoan aswell!!!

    MASINA is one ov da kool kids huh.. Blazin her talents wit da blogz which are like soap operaz lolz but most def da nicest gals you’ll hang owt wit in da village!

    Much Love Sis xoxo

  5. Another awesome native read! A glimpse into one’s life 🙂 Hahaha@TSB. And that Mucha Lucha…gotta love her! xO

  6. Awe!! Great read, indeed!! 🙂
    Ms Manda, you writings are beautiful indeed..and you are too darhls 😀

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