Back in Kiwiland…..

OMG, how about Im still buzzing & teary eyed that Im still hooked on to here lol…

sorry guys, its been a hell of a last few months for me… especially the move to sa, back to nz, back to sa and now  back in nz wit my hubby this time… honest to who… its been HECTIC!!!

I miss sa sooooo damn much. I know I hated it when I was there, but its like when you leave something you hate, you end up missin’ it or somethin’… (or is that just me? hehe)


I miss Griff aka KILIFI aka spunky aka THE “who to go to guy” aka “the one that knows all my choozy segrets, and all the amio valearingz I did over there” *winks @ griff* I miss you bro! but I know u algud there, cos u got the bestest job & salary & you create ur own fun…. (but seriously bro, if u write about my amio valearings on here, just pretend its someone else…. like… Heinz or Famz… hahahahahaha)

I miss Georgies Pizza, which they create for more than a couple of people to 1 pizza, but me n the hubby peel it back on our own like we just finished a 400 hour famine….

I miss keke pua’a… HARD! I miss Sunrise…. oh mayn… their spicy chicken ROCKS!!!!

I miss the funny stuff people do, like how they reply in english, when you just asked them something in Samoan… yep… too funny mayn.. Or when they hump ur leg when you oga pipilo off your face @ crabbers…. I heard… thats what happened… *ahem*

I miss  my famz… Granny!… many kuluku aunts n uncles as well… yes, even tho’ u guys are sad like that… Ima still luv you guys…. cos I kinda have to… cos you guys keep ringin’ n writin’… cos I cant get away from you guys…. cos I can’t afford to move further away…. LOL… nahhh, i luv u guys…



WORK… seriously… you would think that Banks get paid heaps.. but nup… our cleaners got paid more than us… seriously!… i dont miss it aye….

INLAWS… well, i kinda miss them, but when I THINK or ALL that HAPPENED… then it kinda slides in the “dont miss columns”… Ima save that for another post… hehehehe

INSECTS/MOZZIES… i dont have to tell you guys why… lol

Yeah, Im back at home now, due to my parents being sick… but now Mr’z here wit me, so we gonna give it a go here… yep… well we gonna try… hehehe… and to all those asking me if we’re lucky…

NO, we are not lucky…. for some reason its either his soldiers are drunk… or my ladies livers are stuffed and they are permanently drunk… either or….

Luv yahz

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    AWWWWWWWW well 1 thing I missed while you were over in Samoa were your constant posts!!! I guess we will be seeing alot more posts from you!!!! (YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!)

    Everything you mentioned though (especialy the reply in english when you asked in samoan & the kuluku aunts & uncles) LOL is all so very true!!!!

    All the best for life back in kiwiland!!!!

  2. lmao@i heard..thats wat i heard!! cant get enough of that..pssst! *whispers* thats wat i said! lol

    there is nothing like home. and i know i will miss the rock as well wen i leave next month to be with my burrito man. the more i think of it, the more i want to call him and tell him, “how about you come back here?” i mean, why? you know. i cannot see myself anywhere else!

    lol@insects. true that, indeed! i’ve had so many mosquito bites, wish it were the other kinds tho lol, so not the business

    good luck in all that you do!!

  3. Aw dannng! I miss you my sis! and nahhhh I dont think i need to tell anyone about the amiovalearings.. because I think I was part of most of them…lmfao…


    miss you heaps and heaps! Samoa seems so bare without Lika and Heinz.. please send my love your to husband .. who is my cousin.. lol..

    thank you guys for all the memories! and especially for your farewell drink-up!!!

    anyway, can’t wait to visit NZ sometime soon… not much has changed here, so dont worry.. 😀

    you doing a great thing taking care of your parents ! you shall recieve blessings in showers!!!

    p.s hope heinz is settling into NZ !

    and p.p.s I think Millie misses you guys heaps, she’s now working @ the store in Vaivase…

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