Can You KOOH KOOH KOOH? – Revisited

In the ville, our Notebook Scribblers are assigned topics to blog about. One of our first assignments was: What is your favorite memory of Samoa? I love these entries so much, I thought they deserved another highlighting.

Our Wrydah’s favorite memory has to do with beloved family and talking to chickens.


One of my most fondest memories of Samoa is feeding the chickens lol. Papa and I did it every evening right before we had loku and ate dinner. I was probably about 4yrs old? Maybe even younger.. but standing at the top of the stairs and calling out to our chicken was the pretty amazing.

Although they never left our lokoa (they’re chickens duh lol) they weren’t always in plain site when we went out to feed them.

It always annoyed me that when I called out to them, they didn’t come right away … but when Papa started his “kooh kooh kooh kooh” … they ALL came … like the pied piper they knew Papa’s voice. I tried to listen to Papa’s pitch nd tone in how he called them, then mimiced him … *sighs* … they still never came to my calling lol

All is good coz I got to eat them later… now who’s got the last laugh, chicken!? Ha!
I don’t have too many memories of Samoa coz I left when I was 6yrs old and have not returned since …. Someday I will … hopefullly sooner than later lol … Then I can come and blog some more about Samoa 🙂

Do you have a story to share? Come blog with us!

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