Cena or The Rock? …

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Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, or The most electrifying wrestler ever. Anything to win us over, (and yes, I am guilty) if its not their “catchphrases” that lure is in then maybe its their other assets that do. (Don’t be cheeky people :mrgreen: ) because hello, aside from the ballet  where else are you going to see grown adults running around in spandex or nylon or in this case a jean short and multi-coloured t-shirts, and a spandex pants with an ab hugging t-shirt.

Are these all you need to make a champion, catchphrases and appearance!! If that was the case then I’m sure we’d all be champions.

(OMG … OMG … :shock: )
After you read that, your choice of a champion may have changed. Which Champ are you?

The “You Can’t See Me” Champ (John Cena) or “The People’s Champ (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) which if you ask me, considering the way these two have been acting (hehehe @ acting) by playing verbal tennis; they should swap phrases.

Because we sure as heck did not see “The Rock” for a long time, and … hhmm … is “The Champ” really here?

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