Cherry K’s Wedding!

Yo~! Aw my beautiful Ala Mai Sister!!

Cherry K – the kick ass blogger on 1Samoana – our Ala Mai Project – had her wedding here in Samoa.

We had become close friends thought Blogging on Bebo, and with the earlier wave of 1Samoana Natives we had become the fa’akiga ulu ones in Forums and just having a good time..

The deep and meaningful times brought us close together, and from there, just a great friendship (Online) right? I’m not sure if that kinda stuff is accepted, not like I gave a shit anyway..but.. ok ok ok, to the wedding!

I got here in Samoa a few weeks before the beautiful Cherry (Kilika) got here, she was planning her wedding and going through the preparation stage in New Zealand (read up on her blog) anyway, since we had been tight and stuff, I got an invite to the wedding – I then met Heinz.

& then Heinz – holding his phone to his ear in his office @ Samoa Shipping “Should I ask him now?” – I pretended to not hear anything, he clicked the phone, and goes “Kilika wants to know if you can be in the Line”.

Stunned. For real. I aint ever been in a wedding, since I was a ring-boy at like 8 years old..

Heinz (kilika’s fiance – now husband) took me out with his cousins – and we had a kick-ass time, Heinz’ family was massive – I couldn’t remember anyones names or faces or anything..

So we start talking more..

& Then I met his Dad.

Kilika had blogged about the millions of questions that Heinz’ dad was renowned for, but I didn’t expect anything, it wasn’t like I was marrying Heinz.  But Lucky me, I got the interrogation.

45 questions later, and a story about our family history.

Heinz was now my Cousin, we had both the same Surnames, but we never thought much of it..


When I got home, I was unsure of which part of the couple I was representing.. Kilika’s who was my friend, or Heinz, who was my cousin.

It didn’t matter.

The Wedding was kick ass.

I ripped my pants.

but I got to hang out with Monchi (my partner) who was super-cool.

Maota o Samoa is still kick ass.

and *ahem*

The Food was the best = The wedding was the best.


Kilifi Lepua Fretton has just made the big move from urban Melbourne to Upolu. Follow the trail of deep thoughts as he tries to make sense of God, love, family, friends and island life in Screaming Tree – Samoan in the City.

0 thoughts on “Cherry K’s Wedding!

  1. Awwww Congrats to CHERRY!! How awesome Kilifi through all of the excitement of preparing for her wedding you met family!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. haha thats like a calling kilifi lol…who woulda thought aye..

    glad to hear about it buddy..should i asked how you ripped your pants? lol

    cheers bud

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