Decoding Delilah

Delilah Pal One Samoana

You only have to check out the way she chooses to spell, type and decorate her words to know this lady is one of a kind. Delilah (nee) Pal {aka} Mulipola is a Native you can’t help but notice in the village! Take some time, though, to break through her encryption and you’ll come face to face with one of the most fascinating, oddly intelligent and seriously creative people you’ve ever met. Slide on your 3D glasses now and get to know Mz Lilah.

How did you find One Samoana?

Through an MSN by a fello` member by the name of Maosi!…

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

Okay; – amongust the many, (lol)

I would have to say, the high light for me would be, where this person had a profile that was ‘fake’ – or died, {Brouhahaa} I mean; @ the time, the story was fresh ‘n’ my head, I felt soo; – sorry for one the members, I had to pick er’ up as friend ‘n’ show em’ I was a real person on site. but; – yiiha, that was crazy to see comoted out of the A’ai. hahaha…

Just the laughs, I love going into discussions ‘n’ just answer, I don’t usually think about what IM’ tapping, and well; – recently, I’ve noticed, I’ve gotdah use the specs, if IM’ gonna be serious ‘n’ answering questions up on site. hahaaha…

Uh’ seeing popular giirls faleo’o disappear ‘n’ just coons ‘n’ sorts, more on the domestic side, of cyber flow, I’ve always seen heheehe mixed in with my own emotional real life bundles ‘n’ yiiha; – you have a mood of swings ‘n’ arms @times, don’t care. 🙁

But; – there’s just heaps of crazy things, most common is coming into site with strenght, then; – build up of bordem, before a transformation of angry – strenght from! {jai-choo}


What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

Just been a loud ‘n’ proud daughter to many I guess, IM’ born in Solosolo Upolu ‘n’ raised ‘n’ Aotearoa (NZ) till I was 19yrs, made my way to Australia in the late 90s ‘n’ did a) Traineeship @ the City of Whittlesea Council Depot as Band 4 Administrator.

From there, I applied into Melbourne Victoria Police Department ‘n’ managed to work ‘n’ their Firearm ‘n’ Registery Office, Uh’ from there, I then; – transfered again to the main Central Data Beareau where I worked for roughly about 8+yrs.

Inbetween em’ times, I got married to an Indian ‘n’ had two beautiful children to whom, I cherish alot it is em’, *Y* I mainly carry myself around the internet ‘n’ get familier with stereo type life-frames. 🙂

& I am very over-protective of my (sml) family,… just love learning my people as a HOLE GENERATION OF ONE!

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

I have a passion for Art ‘n’ Fashion, I ain’t one to really know what the finer things inlife are ‘n’ my parents didn’t really teach em’ sort of things, soo; – I’ve got this really creative mind ‘n’ sum-what stumble hands, hahahaa *argh*

hobby; – would be ‘bonding’ with my children, it’s hard, like; – you wouldn’t believe. complicated life-style ‘n’ events really teaches you heaps ‘n’ it emotionally drowns you soo; – deep inside your thoughts, au’most you can just about DO ANYTHING!

IM’ currently studying @the moment, don’t really know what I really wanna do, I just know; – IM’ taking it one day @ a time, as IM’ learning with my circumstances ‘n’ situations, just how ‘n’ where my `being’ plays out, I guess.

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Uh’ Garden’ in the physical ‘n’ getting the back yard ready for the kidx pool during summer, we’ve already got our predictions for this summer ‘n’ apparently we out here in region 4 Victoria, will be experiencing some dry ass summer *argh* | ….
& (lil) things, like; – saving for a farm house, a) project that is sort of more reflected towards my small family. we’ve got a good home, a great one infact, but; – I guess, if incase, my children fill em’self with desires, I’ll like;- to be in arms prepared. heheehee

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

eh! – IM’ forevur like; -asking for forgiveness, cause; – IM’ soso gurl, that writes, what is on my head, @times, I aint reading peoples business, hahaaha, honest, IM’ come in here and IM’ go into my faleo’o and just POINT STRESS! hahaaha,haaha and then; – IM’ KAMA BOOST, then; – I.B dragging my nails to the A’ai, all this with my nose up, I don’t know, I honeslty think, I was born that way, soo; – DON’T shot the messager, hahaahaa,haaa

&,&,&,&,& hahaaha, IM’ always doing shouts, when; – the box is there, hahaaha, some-times good, some-times not soo; – good, I’ve been told, if IM’ in a badd mood, then; – people around me, don’t feel good either, soo; – CHEER UP! Lilah is just been a soso lilah. 🙂

& Tweeter :hmmm: ‘n’ Facebook! *argh* I don’t know, takecare ‘n’ God bless! xox

HGG Notes about Lilah:

* Visit Lilah in her faleo’o.
* Her two young boys are gorgeous!
* She does some pretty cool graphic design-y things with her photos, like this one (right). See more of her creations in her album
* She is probably our most prolific village blogger. Watch her rant and rave the way only she can!
* Lilah also shines in the forums. Check out some of my favourite discussions started by her:

* Oh, and I’m going to steal that ‘copyright One Samoana User’ thing she’s got in her faleo’o for a T-Shirt design. Thanks Lilah! 😀

0 thoughts on “Decoding Delilah

  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYY nice to see you being featured on native spot LILAH there is always an endless supply of reading material in your faleo’o soooooooooo im always sneaking in there to read LOL much love sugaaaaaa!!!!

  2. Your boys are just too cute sis!! 🙂

    Indeed@taking it one day at a time. Me, I have to, otherwise I’m going to go truly insane! lol I loved reading about you..yes decoding Ms Lilah does take some time..hahaha..but it’s fun doing so! haha

    Yes@one of a kind, the ville wouldn’t be the same without you! 🙂

  3. (BHAH) *this* giirl = (lol) e ese ma lou fia SHINNER! hahaaha LOVE U LIILAH! hahaha Eh! Lei -thankx- darls. @Kolokea…
    Sui you stalker, *bhah* get back to work… | :p
    Thankx *GG* U ROCK!


    Most def one ov our fav characters of 1samoana! You know ur kool when you can make up ur own language in the forumz huh Lilah 😛

    Alwayz a crack up when she rollin wit us in the forumz confusing peeps wit her typing hahaha but most def a native 2 rememver on 1sa….


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