eE[N]Aa ‘ea

We’re learning more today about the beautiful Mz eE[N]Aa. I’ve known her for a little while now in the ville; she’s the lady with the appreciative words for the lyrical work of our scribes, the witty comebacks for them cheeky boys in chat, and the deep thoughts in our forums about life and relationships. What our Native Spot[light] reveals, though, is that she’s the hard-working, humble yet ambitious type, who’s creativity is grounded in her love for God, her faith and her family. Isn’t that the recipe for the ideal Samoan girl?

1. State your name and location for the record:

Ina Aulalo – Currently living in Wellington, New Zealand

2. How did you find One Samoana?

*thinks back* aw, my childhood/bestfriend: Leslie Paletaoga. She was a member at the time; she’d rave on about the site and begged me to join lol *shrugs* this would have been back in Mid August 2008… um, somehow I forgot my password lol for those who know me very well, I’m quite forgetful (sometimes) LMAO anyways, many times I’d remind myself to sign up again but just never had the time to. 4 years later. Here I am. Hehe I’ll never leave you again ONE-SA. Dahahahaha
“Till death do us part?” 😉 hehe

3. What do you love about Samoan culture?

EVERYTHING! Who doesn’t? From knowing your roots, speaking the language, the food, the people and of course the many talents our Samoan people have out there and still yet to shine – Stand up and be counted –

4. Describe your perfect, indulge-yourself meal

Hmmm, lol Well, to be honest it’s not the most perfect meal but for me it is lol
mmm…Chinese Takeaways & McDonalds Cheeseburgers (NOT one, but 8, the most is 10 when im in those hungry as moods) ioe, straight to the hips even hahahaha

5. You have one day to use $1,000,000 or you lose it. How do you spend it?

I’d distribute some of it to my parents for all that is needed to help out with their church ministry. Then extend/or rebuild our family house (including a recording studio hehe) Open up a family business (gallery) and sell my arts paintings on one side, and my father’s band/music on the other to share the history and legacy behind every song, something to pass onto the next generations.. Ummmmm, by then im sure it’s all gone LOL and I’ll divide whatever’s left between my bros/sisters.

6. You’re shipwrecked on a deserted island. What survivor skills could you provide for your crew?

Hmmm, I’d collect all I can find to build shelter and then I’d be that typical fob chick and climb every tree for any tropical fruits, bird’s LMAO and use my hunting skills 😉 (auuuuu) to kill any 4 legged living animal on the island…if none, then I’ll go with plan B and kill the two legged human being stuck on the island with me (kidding) lmaoooooooooooooo I know I’m just providing for myself *akas*

7. 3 things you’re most proud of in your life right now

• My Parents and how far they have come with establishing their church ministry for God,
• Having the opportunity to do my first year studying at Wellington Bible College; loving it too… a path that I never saw myself going through;
“If God puts you in a rough path, he’ll provide you with STRONG SHOES”
• And lastly; getting back into my ART/paintings.

8. Final thoughts and shout outs

Final thoughts:
“When you’re going through something hard and wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always QUIET during the test”
Final shout outs:
…My girl HGG u never stop surprising me with your random mails *pa’s her aka*
Who am I to deserve this spot? *shrugs* all I gotta say is thank you truckloads for even wanting to feature me, all your (including the admins) hard-work into making this place blossom never goes un-noticed. To all my beautiful natives (yall know who you are) around the ville; that I’ve gotten to know over the past years/months, the laughs, chats not to mention maaaa VASTYBUM of a friend (you know who are) you’ve always inspired me to do great and beyond, encouraging me with my God-Gifted talent (Art) thankyou, all i needed was that lil push. *hi5s ya* hehe again, to all ma ONESA natives: I just have to say:

“My life is a short story written by God, I don’t know exactly how you came in to my story, but I hope you all will be there in it until God writes my last chapter”

God Bless!

Notes on eE[N]Aa:

  • Did we just make you MORE curious about Mz eE[N]Aa? She reveals the intimates of her personality over in her faleo’o
  • Love the quote she’s got in there, “People like to bring up your past when your present and future looks better than theirs…” So true!
  • Get even MORE juicy details in her Ma’asoama Profile 😉
  • eE[N]Aa’s dad is Nuualiitia Fafo Aulalo, founding musician and amazing lyricist in the legendary Samoan band Tiama’a. She created a set in the ville to promote the timeless music of Tiama’a
  • How well do YOU know Tiama’a? Try your hand at quiz to test your knowledge. Can I please copy from somebody’s answer sheet?
  • eE[N]Aa also runs the official Tiama’a page on Facebook. Like it!
  • I asked Mz eE[N]Aa about her love life – cause inquiring minds need to know of course – but she cleverly ducked that question. Hhhhmmmm… I guess you’re just going to have to ask her yourself 😀

0 thoughts on “eE[N]Aa ‘ea

  1. Very nice spotlight, thanks HGG for featuring Enz and thankyou Enzz for flashing a few spectrums of light to that crystal of yours or is it a diamond? lol auuu..
    LOL @ your answer to Q 6 A ms Survivor hunter, you kinda do have that tribal kinda way about you LOL… Interesting you paint and curious at some of your works, much props and keep it going and fresh suga.. Some us, well most of us..actually all of us have talents and good your doing what God asks us to do…Use it, develop it…share it..k maybe i’m adding a few extras there but you know what i mean and i’m sure you know the verse of the Bible where i’m coming from…:)
    Anyway, i’ll see you in the ville when i do and be ready for a few more questions of my own auu lol..

  2. eenaa has a beautiful smile n a wonderful personality….wha else u need rye…very cool n down to earth easy to talk to….well das enuff of dat..cuz she can be a bitch at tymes lmaoo jk eenah=)


  4. “When you’re going through something hard and wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always QUIET during the test”

    … i LOVE that saying … you’re such an inspiration to so many on 1SA … thank you for your bubbley personality … it’s hard to imagine this place without SUNRAYSZ like you about eE[N]Aa …. THANK YOU for sharing your LOVE and PASSION for life and love and GOD 😀 … may the good Lord continue to bless you in ALL your endeavors!!

    CAN YOU PLEASE post up some of your PAINTINGS? … i share my writing 🙂 … you could at least share YOUR GOD GIVEN GIFTS, yeah? 😀 …. c’mooonnnnn!!! hahahah … WHEN YOU’RE READY SIS … only when ure ready 🙂

    LOVE THIS SPOTLIGHT … love that you’re featured … LOVE the person you are … God bless you ALWAYS sis 😀

    PS … i KNOW i posted already … where did THAT post go? 🙁

  5. Eenah Eenah Eenah…..*sighs*…..there is nothing else to say, you have it all, beauty, charm, humour, humility and the list goes on….all I can say is that I am very blessed, hounoured and privileged to be included in your countless number of friends….and I am still singin that song….Quando……you know the one that goes….Tell me when will you mine, tell me quando quando quandoooo…..hahahahaha…..jkes…….but really….nahhh….it is an honour to know you Eenah and I really wish you all the best in everything you strive for in your life especially your walk with God……..God Bless You always!!! 🙂

  6. WOOOOW @ the comments on hereeeee.
    My lovelies:
    and yes..Tears (who posted her comments on my faleo’o page)
    humbly thankyou LOTS and beyoooond any words can explain for the touching words. i know most of yous have better things to comment on lol but i humbly appreciate all comments! from the bottom of my heart. Thankyooooou again sis HGG.
    love you all

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