Ezi Breezy Beautiful Vee

Patosina Vee Vina Tele'a

I know I’m sliiiiightly biased, but One Samoana Natives are some of the best looking people on the World Wide Web. You only have to browse this lady’s photos to know it’s the truth. If you don’t catch her in her faleo’o, Patosina – Vee Vina Tele’a, also appropriately known as EZI BREEZY KINDA GURL, will be doin her thang in the forums with the other professionals. She’s proud to be 100% Samoan, a daughter of Vaimoso, Salelologa, Tutuila and Avao (“So ya’ll from these village(s) drop me a comment aua le ma ogay lol.”) and I gotta say… the way this cool cat mama has got it together, she makes me proud to be Samoan, too!

How did you find One Samoana?

This random as guy from am.sa (forgot his name) lol. He PM (private mailed) me and told me about it lol…like ok is that all you PM me for LOL. I kinda got into reading all the blogs/discussions etc….started faikakalaringz in the chatroom and all lol and yeah pretty much started doing my aka akaz from dur LOL and getting into the groove with 1sa even till now lol. Loving every bit sekia..!!

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

Hmmm…wel, have to say the forums…just CRACKS me OFF hahaha! Some of the discussions are just too funny, some are serious, some are silly, some are random the list goes on:D…it’s good to see how our people are encouraging/sharing their thoughts/helping out one another…it’s just bloody beautiful LOL words cannot express how i feel about this site:D

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

Proud to say i was born in SAMOA (even though some peeps think i was born in nz) lol. Proud to be full blooded samoa teine for sure..!!

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

Well, i work full time as a customer service clerk/administration. Get quite a few mama’i customer(s) lol but @ the end of the day i survive eventually LOL. However, if i tend to have a stressful day @ work, i definatley go gym to shake it all out hehe. I love hanging out with my baby girl LAURYN – RYNZI she’s my everything…love her to bits..!! Also love hanging out with my dearest cousin(s) Raz, Jah, Pat they rock..!

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

To watch my baby girl grow and to encourage her into sports and become famous LOL. But seriously, to watch her grow and see what the future holds for her…no matter!

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

First of all, a massive shoutout to HGG for giving me this opportunity to BROADCAST who the real me is LOL. Shoutouts to Sui aka SEKIz HUMPz lol. HDOLL, SNAPPED, DC(Kaimage Cuts) lol. HOOD, Leki, Bodyguard, Jez, Dyze, Kas Futialo my kuzin lol. hmm…yea the whole of 1sa…Just can’t resisit ya’ll hahaha…..Malo lava le galue male fa’amalosi mai ile kakou fogo i aso uma LOL.

Much Lo4s
Vee x

HGG Notes about Vee:

* How adorable is Vee’s babygirl? (right) You just know she got that pose from her mama!
* Loving the theme Vee’s got running on her faleo’o playlist: Keep ya head up (Tupac), Miss Independent (Neyo), then ‘I’m the juiciest, baby, girl around!‘ (Alicia Keys)… definitely feelin this vibe.
* Vee’s a founding member of the BAV association. I think. You can’t always tell who’s doin who what with that crew… *kale*
* If you ever need an inspirational thought, especially about real love and friendship, she’s got a sweet little collection of them in her blog
* As an ooooll’ school Native (yay 2008-ers!) Vee is all over our forums! From her many posts plus this bond she’s got with other Natives (especially in the Sisterhood of the Au Fai Poka) you get the feeling she’s one of those true-friend, with-you-to-the-end types. It’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

0 thoughts on “Ezi Breezy Beautiful Vee

  1. Yay Ezi is under the spot light lol…. aulelei mai si au kama suga lol… take care… ma fai ma alu e fai se feau ae aua le kaakaa i luga o le one samoana lol… 🙂

  2. Hey my uso!!! lol.. Oka ka fefe e i le mea ua e o’o i ai.. Ua maualuga a lou kulaga a ea uso.. lol.. Enjoyed the read and learnt a lil bit more about you.. Sis.. You’re daughter is sooooo GAWJUS… Must’ve got it from her mama!! 😀
    Malo a .. O le mea le va’ai aku ai .. A augoa ma oe i kakou fogo.. Ka’ilo i ai.. Malo a le fa’amalosi.. Ligi mai loa se ka ipu uaiga ga fa’aseki ai le afiafi.. lol…


  3. OMG VEE! hahaha this girl we havent had a meeting in da side chat with tamasi’i in ages! haha awww man VEE shes DABOMB.COM have the meanest pa akas & she always makes me feel kool when she visits my faleo’o MAD ALOFAS 4 DA SHOUT enjoyed reading your interview.


    Now this gurl is just 2 funny?!!! 4eva making us laugh in da forumz and causing trouble wit da BAV krew! lolz.. awwww luvin dat pik or ur lil gurl! Hella cute!!

    Thankz 4 da showt owt VEE & most def catch up wit yah in the forumz..


  5. OOh it’s that prettyfull VEE! Your babygirl sure is adorable 😀 *sings: she got it from her mama, she got it from her mama! Hehehe…

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