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Should ‘FAT PEOPLE’ be made to pay extra to fly on airlines? This is the burning controversial question at the start of 2010.

Personally, I feel that airlines have for a very long time, crammed the ‘sardine’ economy class with seats that of course a fat person would spill over into another passengers space. Give us a break man…It is bad enough that we have to ask for bright red seat-belt extensions and for it to be paraded down the aisle for all to see. (Have you not followed with your eyes, a flight attendant walking a seat-belt extension down the cabin aisle, just to see who the extension is given to??? … only for the extension not to fit…lol )

The New Zealand Herald reports: – It’s only a matter of time before airlines start demanding fat passengers pay for two seats, an aviation commentator says.
Peter Clark said the number of very large people boarding aircraft was increasing and people who struggle to get into one seat should pay the extra cost.
His comments follow reports that Air France-KLM planned to make overweight passengers pay for a second seat.
The airline denies it would make obese passengers pay more and says the only recent change is they will refund the cost of the second seat, if one is bought, if the economy cabin is not full.
The extra seat came with a 25 per cent discount.
Mr Clark said airlines would soon have to start asking bigger passengers to pay for another seat or take a bigger one in premium economy or business class.
“The airlines will have to take a strong stand on it … Something will have to happen. It’s the responsibility of the passenger, not the airline.” – NZ HERALD

Once again, if the airlines didn’t jam-pack their economy class to the point where passengers are almost sitting on each others laps, then there wouldn’t be any issues. So therefore, it is the responsibility of the airline to ensure that all their passengers are COMFORTABLE and most of all that the SAFETY REQUIREMENTS are ABLE to be met by ALL their patrons……IN ALL THEIR CABIN CLASSES (Economy, Business, First class…etc..etc…).
This should not fall on the heads of the passengers – Big or Small.

The report in the NZ Herald continues: – He said airlines would probably try to form a consensus on the issue.
Safety issues were involved with very large people in planes, such as moving quickly in an emergency or even putting a seat belt on.
“A large person can create problems if they impede the movement of other passengers or if they have to evacuate quickly.
“It’s a confined space and if someone is impinging on the space of another passenger – who has paid a lot of money for it – then that’s not fair.” – NZ HERALD

Sure, a large person could create problems that would impede other passengers in the event of an emergency…but so can a small person. A small person, thinking he or she being small would have alot of space around them, would most likely reach for their bags and attempt to haul them out the emergency doors. Whereas a fat person, knowing that he or she would have no space, would leave their belongings behind (because we huffed and puffed those bags onto the plane already – aint no reason why we would want to exercise on the way out) and proceed to the nearest emergency exit.

Another thing, have you ever noticed who jams the cabin aisles immediately after the plane has made a complete stop at the gate? That’s right….SMALL PEOPLE! Fat people, have only just woken up. There ain’t no space for them to stand anyhow…so they have to wait until the small scrawny sardines and their luggage, vacate the aisles so that they have enough space to put their right leg.

The NZ Herald report concludes: – He thought there would be human rights issues if airlines did ask fat passengers to pay more but safety should come first.
Air New Zealand expects passengers who know they require extra room to buy another seat to get the space they required.
“At the time of the flight, if there are spare seats, Air New Zealand always tries to accommodate passengers requiring extra room,” a spokeswoman said, “whether this is people travelling with children or for medical or personal reasons.” – NZ HERALD

The human rights issue here, once again, is that airlines want more money so they design rows of seats in the affordable sections of their aircrafts big enough for only a toothpick to fit in. (How many times have you leaned forward to place something under your chair – or even reach for your floatation vest – and you found yourself breathing heavily into the ear of the passenger in front of you…while your chin rested on their shoulder???)



The funniest thing is that (at the time of posting this report/blog) there is the GoogleAd on the right side panel (scroll down a little) for Gabriel’s Method to Losing Weight! hahahahaha! GOOD LUCK WITH THE NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS EVERYONE!!!

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  1. If memory serves me correct there are already airlines who charge the extra seat for “big” passengers.

    Personally I don’t see nothing wrong with that. Have you ever sat between two “too big for one seat” passengers? Well I have and it is not a comforting situation. I had to sit for 14hrs on a plane from Chicago to Ireland between two big ass people! I had no elbow room or leg room to enjoy a long flight. If I’m paying a lot of money to fly (which you should consider is a privelage even though its 2010) then I would expect the same accommodations as the next passenger. I myself ain’t a little person and I’m not a big ass dude either but damn! That picture up top is all the answer you need for a topic and question like this.

    OF COURSE they should pay for another seat if their ASS takes up TWO seats! As rude as that may sound? It doesn’t take away any truth. We as Samoans are a “big” people and it ain’t our fault, (for the most part) its our parents fault for making some bomb ass food! Ha ha. I think charging the extra seat is the only fair thing to do. What else would they expect the airlines to do? If anything, they should make them pay for a First Class seat (since they’re bigger than coach seats). If I ever get too big to fit in one seat, then its my responsibility to pay the extra fee. And if all else fails? There are other options besides a plane such as: train, boat, bus, car.

    There’s my two pennies!

  2. Malo TSB….manaia le manatu!

    1st of all – the picture was photoshop’d for comedic purposes. (hahaha!)

    2nd – I hear ya….and I understand what you’re saying. It would be most uncomfortable to be the skinny person sitting in between 2 larger people on a plane – in the somewhat affordable sardine-can Economy Class. I get that. It’s understood.
    It is most uncomfortable for 2 big people to be seated side by side in the same row in Economy, so it totally is understood.

    The FIRST CLASS UPGRADE option is for skinny passengers too – you know. If a skinny person really wanted to be comfortable and not squashed between bigger people in Coach (or Economy) – ‘knowing’ that paying for a Coach seat would give them that risk….they should upgrade themselves to First Class.

    Just because FIRST CLASS has bigger seats, doesn’t mean a big person should be forced to fork out money, which many of them don’t have, to upgrade to it…over say a small person. A small person could also pay for an extra seat in economy to avoid the risk of being squashed up against a big person.

    3rd – The reporting in the media is flawed in the sense that it is primarily -one-sided, It pinpoints FAT PEOPLE as being the crux of the problem, when in fact, it is the airlines GREED, that is the root of this problem.

    As I alluded to in my original post – airlines have jam packed the Economy cabin with seats to get more paying customers in. Did they honestly think that by doing this, it would deter bigger people from flying? By bigger people, I also mean taller people. Tall people take up space as well, and they even spill over into other passenger spaces. So – this be the airlines fault.

    “BIG” people also pay for and expect the same accommodations as the next passenger. I mean how do you think a big person feels about having to sit on a 14hour flight with a skinny person all squashed up against them? That aint comfortable at all – all them skinny bones poking at them! (LOL)

    ** Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating ‘Obesity’ or ‘being unhealthy’. Sure, everyone (Big and small) should be considerate of others and it is only fair that – OK if they seemingly look like they will take up more than 1 seat, then paying for an extra seat would be the ‘courteous’ thing to do.

    My ARGUMENT however is that airlines DON’T ACCOMMODATE EVERYONE! They are NOT friendly to ALL PEOPLE! and they DON’T PROVIDE THE CAPABILITIES FOR ALL THEIR PASSENGERS to meet their Safety Regulations and Requirements – particularly in Coach/Economy.

    4th – this probably goes without saying…..but I’ll address it anyhow, why? well because I want to…..Small people also have the option of taking the train, boat, bus, car, canoe, kayak, motorcycle, hot air balloon etc..etc…

  3. HaHaHa .. Ok you got a point and I’ll agree with you on the fact that it is a “two-way street” in the matter of First Class seating and other means of transportation. You have a valid point and so it is understood on my end. And also since you’ve pretty much killed my argument about this issue by the clarifying of the photo shopped picture: it would be wise to digress.


    I prefer to enter in a few points of my own. If i may. If I may? Of course I may! Don’t mind if I do thank you! lol As far as who’s to blame? It’s just too easy to blame the airlines. Big people (obese) are better off suing every fast food restaurant and the owners of Little Debbie if they wanna see some change! It sounds to me like you’re ready to put in motion a petition to the airlines to either: build bigger planes and/or make bigger seats; meaning a decrease in the number of passengers per plane — and in increase in the price of a plane ticket. That sounds logical but highly unlikely. I don’t find it necessary for the companies who build these planes to cater to a minority of people (compared to the grand scale of fliers worldwide).

    The average narrow body passenger plane carries around 150 – 200 passengers. Out of 200 passengers on a single flight, how many big people would you say are sitting on that plane? I’m not a professional estimator by any means, but my guess would be ten. Here are a few statistics I looked up just to be more certain. The world population is at 6.7 billion. There are 300 million obese people in the world. That’s only 4% of the world population. On average there 7 million people who fly every day. 280,000 of those people are obese. The ratio of big person to average-size person is just not close enough to make an argument for change. If the percentage of obesity was, I don’t know? 50% then I would agree that the airlines would definately need to make a change to the manufacturing of their seats.

    Of the commercial passenger airlines in the world, on average, Air New Zealand has bigger seats than the rest of the world. Air Asiana would be second.

    In my opinion I don’t think these airlines are trying to fit as many seats as possible on a plane, just to make a few extra hundred bucks! I’m saying that I feel the airlines manufacture the seats to fit the average human body. Nothing more. Could they make the seats bigger? Sure! But they’ve been doing this for years! So why change for 4%? It doesn’t make sense.

    But hey, lets say that the airlines decide to make a change and they make bigger seats. So what used to be a 200 passenger plane, is now a 100 passenger plane. Seats are big, comfortable, roomy, spacious, all the elbow room you could ask for! GREAT! Problem solved!


    If they sacrifice 100 seats, they wouldn’t be making as much money. So what does Mr. Dollar tell them to do? Thats right! Just add the difference of the missing 100 seats to the rest of the passengers!!! Therefore making plane ticket prices sky rocket and what used to be coach/economy prices are now first class prices and maybe even more! It wouldn’t be a smart business move. Does it come down to greed? You can look at it that way. And if you do, then you’ll find yourself seeing the world as a bunch of money-hungry animals! You could say the same thing about fast food joints putting msg in their food to make the customer come back for more. Or amusement parks in which their rides only fit average-sized people. I could go on, but you get the point. Either way, I think in this situation, big people just have to deal with the short end of the stick and either, pay for an extra seat or find another means.


  4. Okay…Well done for taking the time to come up with other points.

    Lets tackle your first BUT: – (lol)

    1st: Big, ‘obese’ (if you will) people are hardly a ‘minority’ at a fast food restaurant! (lol) And they wouldn’t even attempt to sue a fast food restaurant because these restaurants have done their homework and not only provided the ‘msg’ laced foods for big people to come running back to, but have also provided the furniture that can and will accommodate their weight and size.

    And that brings me to my 2nd point: Once again, the changes made on airlines to increase productivity and revenue, was done without factoring ALL peoples (sizes included) into the equation. Where fast food restaurants have insured ALL their customers ‘grew’ with them (pun intended), airlines failed. (albeit a small majority – hardly a minority….you need to consider people who are over their ideal weights and who command a little more space then people their same age, height etc…who are at the ideal weight – as well)

    3rd: No, there’s no way in hell that airlines will be making bigger seats in economy class. You’re right, they will lose out. But seats and rows (back in the early 80’s were a hell of lot bigger than the seats they have now. And these were on smaller aircrafts compared to the ones we have flying our somewhat friendly skies now…It’s funny how a bigger aircraft equates to smaller seats…don’t you think???

    Smaller airlines like Polynesian Blue have bigger seats with wider spaces between seats compared to their bigger sister jets like the Air New Zealand and Boeing fleets.

    4th: Cost of airfares have hardly come down far enough to justify the smaller seats in Coach/Economy. If you factor in the budget card-boardy inflight meals they now serve and the user pay electronics etc..system most flights are running now to “decrease” (rolling eyes) airfare….airfares have hardly come down compared to the 70s, 80s and early 90s.

    Finally: – You’re right…Mr Money is talking here. In saying that…the whole world is about MONEY right now. Over 3000 people lined themselves up these past two days in Manukau New Zealand, to be interviewed and to fight for only 150 positions in the city’s newest Countdown Grocery Store. They are fighting to survive financially, as are the airlines and any company or corporation for that matter.

    Airlines shouldn’t target small groups of people and their idiosyncrasies to shift focus away from their plummeting financial revenue caused by poor judgement and decisions made in the past. along with the world recession that we’re still in.

    It’s not our fault they want bigger planes…They want bigger planes like the A380s etc..because they want more passengers to fly with them. BUT again, they are not willing to allow EVERYONE to fly comfortably with them. FAST FOOD restaurants got with it….and they didn’t increase the prices of their foods – in fact, they lowered the prices. (unless you’re in Samoa eating at McDonalds – thats a different story all together! hahaha!)

    OK – now I’m rambling…Thanks again TSB….

    **Again, I’m not advocating obesity or poor health. (lol)

  5. Ok … We neither progressed nor digressed. You’re obviously encouraging obesity and poor health. lol jks. We can agree to disagree on our opinions. lol I’m right and you’re wrong…lets leave it at that! haha jks

  6. Well why not fly on a higher value airline. If your seating next to an overweight being then it you have to accept the fact that you might be placed next to an overweight person. Not majority of Samoans are. Pay more and you ll be given free room and the service is great. Now if your like the 97% of people who think I CANT AFFORD IT. Then CHANGE and FIND A WAY TO AFFORD IT.
    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

  7. Alright…maybe I should say this in plain english….

    Airlines ‘aircrafts’ have gotten bigger over the past decade. (read this slowly) Their….seats……have……gotten…….smaller.

    (you all following? lol)

    Ok….arm rests are so close to each other now, that even a person who weighs 72kgs is already encroaching on the other passengers space BECAUSE….(again read this slowly) Airlines…….have…….jam……packed…..their……sardine…….class. (Coach or Econoomy for all you frequent flyers out there! lol)

    (you all still with me on this? lol)

    The focus should not be on FAT PEOPLE flying on airlines and being asked to pay for an extra seat. Why? Because that is not the issue. The issue is airlines have forced this on ‘Fat’ people….by making smaller seats, aisles and spaces between rows….all in the effort to increase revenue. So, in a sense (and I say this knowing that it is not their intention) but, in a sense….airlines are discriminating.

    ** (otherwise) Thanks for commenting Carl….and TSB……you bowing out of this already?? lol

  8. lol. i think yeah they shouldn’t pay more extra kos they too have the right for themselves hehehehehe bht yeah WHY?? they dont have to ..kos the people that makes airoplanes should make the seats bigger dhahaha

  9. Wow! how sensible! What’s the big deal here! What ever happened to how our bodies are built. Do we have any control on how our chromosomes were put together, let alone DNA… it’s a factual matter. All coins have two sides, and when the airlines started building their businesses, they should have considered all angles. Everything nowadays is subject to some legal opinions. The only thing I know, fat people didn’t decide their fate. It’s just the way their bodies are made, anything beyond that idea is qualified to be labelled as discrimination.
    That’s why faleo’os are a better deal, one size fits all.

  10. When you ship anything by air, freight cost is calculated by package weight – why should this be any different?
    Make everyone step on a scale when they buy their ticket and charge accordingly

  11. You can’t control the chromosomes that put you together but you can control the amount of food that goes into your mouth.

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