Gone: A Tragic Loss

You have to read all four posts (so far) in this series to truly appreciate this story. Keige Lea begins by talking about the affects of recent tragedies in her life – on her sleep, her work, her thoughts about the future… We learn in part two that these events include the stroke her father suffered and his eventual passing. Sadly, as difficult as that is for her to deal with, she would soon be struck with yet another loss…

Part 1:

Life has dramaticaly changed and I still wonder what my future holds each and everyday I wake up. I still try to hide behind the smiles and laughter when really I can’t sleep at night without having a dream that relates to the experience I have had to go through in the past 4-5 months of my life. I still wake up crying from all the pain I have and although I know others too have suffered the pain but I just never ever expected it to happen to me not now not ever.

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