GOOD MORNING SAMOA: the new album by Kas Futialo

If you’ve been in the ville for even a few minutes, you’ll probably already know by now what a huge fan I am of The Feelstyle, a.k.a. Kas Futialo. It’s just something about his unique blend of top calibre hip-hop plus 100% Samoan-ness that consistently gets me right *points to fatu* there.

Kas has got a new Samoan album out, yay! I recently had the privilege of chucking a bunch of my famous (according to me) faikakala questions his way in this special edition of our Native Spot.

Can you describe the vibe of this new album? Was there a concept or theme that you followed in constructing it?

Good Morning Samoa is based on concept of a Radio Station that energizes the Island of Samoa. Its like an alarm clock to remind you , what happened yesterday remains yesterday , its a brand new day and its time to get up.

What did you draw on for inspiration in putting these songs together?

To explore new topics that i havent really touched on my previous Samoan Album ‘ Lokokasi ‘ And to restrain myself from getting too creative on the production side of things i mean , i can make songs that only i enjoy or make songs that the Samoan people enjoy. I had to find that balance and to be able to hold the whole album on my own without getting other MCs or Rappers to guest on it.

Why “Good Morning Samoa”?

GOOD MORNING SAMOA is a brand new day in what we called Samoan Hip Hop music . The sun has come back out once again.


What are you most proud of or excited about with this album (compared to other albums you’ve done)?

I set out to write an album that captures the energy and the colorful tunes of the Samoan language and simplified it right down and came out with a Classic Album .

Meaning there are 13 songs and none of them is placed there [just] to make the numbers on the album.

How did you get to work with Jerome Grey on this album? What was it like working with such a legend of Samoan music?

Through Victor Keil who helped produce this album. He gave me a call and said Jerom’es in town , we had a song we wanted to do with him called ‘ La’u Rosa ‘ His work ethic matches how we work and everything fell into its place.

I was a big fan of his work when i was a kid growing up in Samoa with such songs as ‘ Eleni ‘ and ‘ We are Samoa ‘ so now i get to work with him , i guess its like Kanye working with Al Green something like that lol

You have a long standing working relationship with Victor Keil and Hemi Solomona … how did you guys outdo yourselves on this album?

These are my Uso’s first before fellow musicians .

The best people to have on your team , we dont talk much when we work .

Each person is a General in his field with over 20 years of experience so its easier to see the song completed before we even started on it.

The majority of the workload came down to Victor this time around , i wanted the album to be a bit simple , so we had Hemi on standby when we needed Keys on some of the tracks .

What is YOUR favourite song on this album?.. and why?

Oh hell ummm , its a hard question maybe track number 12 MALOLOMAI its more like for mothers day and its like a song for my mum.

You’ve been in the music biz now for over 100 years (lol)… what do you think about the newbies on the Samoan / Island hip hop scene? Anyone you think we should look out for?

Vaniah Toloa is one of my favorites , he can write and sing i mean everyone can write and sing , but you got to have your own style.

Spawn Breezie I hope thats how you spell his name , another talented uso from Hawai’i , look out for his New Album.

Salamo ‘ Uptown Swuite another Samoan to look out for .

I really like the movement thats happening in American Samoa with the Usos there OSOM.

Well these are my picks for now and you cant go wrong with my uso King Kapisi New Album for sure.

If we only get to hear your entire album one time, what do you hope we will get from the experience?

DEFINITELY a smile on your face from the humor , a feeling of relief that GOOD MUSIC EXISTS . and the continuous action of pressing PLAY on your sound system lol

Final thoughts, shout outs, acknowledgements.. PLUS, how can we get our hands on your album?

Final thoughts , look out for THE GOOD MORNING Tour coming to your island soon. Special thank you to the team on One Samoana for keeping my Faleo’o immaculate.

Acknowledgement to Julie Ta’ale , Jerome Grey and Victor Keil at KEILA RECORDS.

Last but not least giant Alofas to my village of SALE’IMOA.

The album is available in the music stores out South Auckland NZ.

HGG Notes about Kas:

* Check out the gorgeous ‘La’u Rosa’ by Kas Futialo ft. Jerome Grey, off the album Good Morning Samoa, over in Kas’ faleo’o
* Loooooooove that his playlist is full of his OWN songs. Someday, folks.. I’ll have a playlist of my own songs, too, I promise (y’all should pray i never get a mic for my computer)
* Did you know… (cause I didn’t until very recently) that ‘Kas’ is short for ‘E’kasi’lava’oe‘? Nice.
* Learn more the man behind the music in Kas Futialo, The Making of Feelstyle.
* Want to get ‘Good Morning Samoa‘ but you don’t live in South Auckland? Send me the cash and I’ll get it for you 😀

4 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING SAMOA: the new album by Kas Futialo

  1. Ima say it for you real kwik Kas`..

    THANKsz be to God, for his abundance in seeing “you” fit as an ambassador for your people through good music`…

    Just sayin`.. I may have missed it`.. but i didnt see it`.. the first 3 times i read your spiel`..

    and nothing luhv!!

    Wish you nothing but success 🙂

  2. LOVE KAZ’…
    I just gotta say, not only are you a great person, but you’re most friendly person up on site – when it comes to CHILLING!!!..
    I personally, haven’t heard any of your music, and if I have, it would be through the younger generation, & me going WHO – OOH’, WHOW, shuxs, and then, they get into my faleo’o, they’re like, HIM, and OH” whow, you’ get the latest pese, how you know that pese, Uh’ THROUGH ONE SAMOANA, *gosh* don’t people, know ??? 😮 … hahaa..
    But, LOVE U HEAPS, and GOOD LUCK 4 all yull projects this year and the forwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – 1 hellof a spoil girl up in heres, thankx to this dude..hehee, tagi much..lollollol…Noms & The Boys. 🙂 xox`

  3. Yay u made it to the WALL OF FAME:D

    Well, what can i say your the BEST i’ve known you for how many years again:hmmm:but you know me kuz hehe…Love ya.

    P.S: txt me if your still coming to ma bday:P

    Vee x

  4. Awesome read! Good to read more about the infamous THE FEELSTYLE! Keep doing what you’re doing and wishing you all the best 🙂

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