Gotta love the Hamo Boy

Hamo Boy: One Samoana

He’s the bad boy all the Natives love to hate (only cause we can’t really call Paris a ‘boy’). He’s one of our most annoyingly kalepe forum posters, abusive in chat, and is always the first one to generously offer his bed help to a new lady in the ville.

He’s mean, a rude dude, has some random-az thoughts sometimes… but then he cracks me up a lot and he actually has some surprising good qualities hidden away.

Yes I know, I know… something must be seriously wrong with my head.. cause I just can’t help but really like him still *sigh*.

Sad, but true story! 😀

Name / Location

they call me Hamo Boy / California, Gardena

How did you find One Samoana?

A friend of mine hit me up on Myspace & tell me to go apply on 1sa cos my brother is on that site….

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village

funniest craziest thing i ever witness or did in the village is ….Man i got heaps of memories of the stupid things i do…Im sorry i can’t name 1 its too tell you this the minute i sign in on 1sa?? is the minute all 3 of those things happen..all the

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

My tattoo work…because its all about samoan design’s and my tatt work also shows out to people that im a 100% pure Samoan …Also this Tattoo business runs in my family’s blood..most of my unko’s do tattoos…But my tattoo work explains it all.

Tell us about your passion / hobby / work.

Well i kinda explain it to you my passion on question number 4..that is my passion n my work..period. I luv doin tattoo’s i luv drawing and i luv everything about my work..i think thats why i always do a pretty gud job when i do tatt…

my hobby besides doing tattoo’s…lol..Is Playin sports..i can play any kind of sports you name it you call it ill play…And i also like to come on 1sa and make fun of people..not in a mean way but in a gud way…you know??!!

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

The only main project im working on is my Life..i want to be a better person than wat i was before..I know it sounds easy but danmm cuhs’ it aint that easy..I want to settle dwn and have a family or sumthing and live a happy/normal life like regular normal feel me?…I mean, I luv this life im living ryte now ,dnt get me wrong..i need a more better life than this…By the way Thank God for this life…1 of the reasons why im always on 1sa n i Thank God again for this site cos it keeps me out of trouble. if u dnt see me on 1sa for awhile that means either im in the hospital or im in prison..real bullshat. but anyways..thats my only project..

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

my only shout outs is to my family my mom n dad n my 3 lil sisters bacc home..shout outs to my brother tap and his family also shout outs to all the natives on 1sa.

Thanks for all the laff’s natives…

HGG Notes about Hamo Boy:

* His faleo’o is all meaningful colours and symbols… lots of yellow and purple for some famous sports team I think and lions for um… lions? 🙂 Lets not get started on all the smoke in the air…
* Don’t go looking for music in Hamo’s faleo’o. His playlist is ummmm…. yeah.
* The first time I think I noticed this guy was when he and Mz Diamond were doing this back & forth thing in the forums about something to do with sleeping at the bus stop…? Still have no idea what that’s about…
* Remember when he was on the starting-discussions buzz? His dumbest discussion was ‘Do you suck in life??‘, but some of the other ones were actually not too bad, like the one about drunk, smoker ladies or the one about the best user names… now if only he didn’t turn around and kalepe his own discussions lol
* I only recently discovered that the place Hamo Boy truly shines is in chat. Who knew he could type so fast?
* I found out something else about this guy, too. Something I think is seriously fascinating. He’s got a ‘real-talk’ side… one where he’s actually not joking or hitting on everybody or being annoying. I know right? It’s crazy to even try and imagine it. But this almost ‘normal guy’ side is surprisingly… nice. And kinda ambitious… and good at stuff, like drawing and, yes, tattoos. His work is really good.
* To prove that he’s just a big teddy bear on the inside lol.. and in exchange for letting me spill all his secrets here, Hamo Boy has made a pretty incredible offer for all One Samoana Natives: You looking to get inked? Samoan style? Make sure you’ve signed up to the ville then Click HERE to learn how you can get it done FREE!
* AAaaawwwwwww… whatta good Hamo Boy 😀

0 thoughts on “Gotta love the Hamo Boy

  1. … so i’ve not been an active member of this site until just recently … march 2011 to be precise … so i had to click on all the links in your article … matua’i nice …. so you’ve not been in jail for a while i see … thats GOOD Hamoboy …. way to keep my tax dollars from wasting away in the prisons 🙂 … you’re actually quite cute and if you quite maing fun of all the native girls maybe one of em would actually date you …. or wait, you dont care … LMAO!!

    Man! I’ve got this mean ink`regret on my forearm that i’d like re`do but you’re too far from me … maybe when i’m in your neck of the woods i’ll give you holla and see if your baby mammas ain’t got you on`lock down too tight for you to come out and play widdah wRydah? *smiiiiiiiiLes*

    Seki lou profession li gamz … serious … takes madd`talent and confidence to do what you do …. QUESTION … has anyone come back to you saying .. “YOU eFFed UP MY TATT… FIX IT” … no? yes? hahaha!

    Hope your ONE`SAMOANA MAASOAMA connection fallst thru bruh …. everyone deserves to be happy and as ghetto and gangs as u try and be at times? … one who truly sits long enough to “see you” as you “truly are” will see exaclty that …. any girl would be lucky to get you HAMO … you’ve alreayd got the top three things every girl looks for …a job, a computer, a means to make her laugh …. or wait, is that just some girls? *sneaks a smile @ HGG* …. you two have “matching names” …. jusssssayin 😀

  2. hamo is a legend in hurr…u gotta pay ur dues n hurr…das whaa he tol me da first tyme i signd up about 4 months ago lol ….he keep chat goin…unlike alotta u boring stiffz who cant take a joke lol nah he cool peeps jus dont hit on his gurln dont tell him u have her numba…he gets very very angry lol

  3. LOL! *Punches hamo* seki a lou sikoli … Just one question though… Do you suck in life??? *akas* nah just kidding … that was a real good read… and you wanna be better in life??? *claps* good boy… Just remember God helps people who help themselves…

    *takes a bow* faafetai lava mo le avanoa… Bless you Hamo 🙂

  4. i remembered the first time i told him about 1sa and to go sign up fo an account..stupid foo just laughed and said “eh ua lava le myspace ma le fb ou ke eva eva ai”….it took me awhile to convince this aiARSE to sign up for it and then FINALLy one day he hit me up and started askin me how it work and shiet….hahahaha

    hes like a big brother that i never had(and pepa too aka tapboy)….annoyingly fun in his own weird fa’aVASTIvasti ways….hahahaha

    hella fun to kick it widd and easy to clown on..never ever takes it personal unless its that time of the month for him…ahahaha jks bruh…..



  5. Sole makua e kaugu’u mai ga ile wall of fame LOL…malo le amio valea hahaha….nah congrats HAMOBOY you eye guy i mean funny guy lol. God bless:D

  6. hamo hamo hamo..u jus had to sleep your way to get featured many guys and gurls this time????


    awesome read bebez..**sometimes i cant get the thought of you bein serious at all**..i cant picture it..JUS SAYIN..**wish’a’nigguh would**..hahahaha..

    keep on witchur badself!!..xxo


    Love the intro abowt him HGG, becoz itz all true!

    Yes Hamo is the “class clown” of 1sa with his jokes and sayinz in chat and mos def creating those hella funny discussions in the forums but Hamo is the native on 1sa that most def will keep you laughing no matter what!

    Love that you got a spot here bro cant imagine 1sa w/owt HAMO BOY!


  8. kalofae ia Sugar.. i almost kagi’d reading this ;o) … very well said HGG!!…he deserves the Spot LIte mos’ def.. nobody is as stubidly hilarious as this guy.. always makes me laugh…. especially on my sad days… one of my favorite things he does is…he has so many ways to confuse people on who his girl is at the moment …… or so he tries.. lol … very funny on the cam when he’s in UP.. bekuz if anyone can come on cam and not comb their hair?.. and not give a dayum?……..lmaoooooooooooooo *… then you definitely know that person would be fun to hang out with… no shame at all! … my type of folks f’sho…. continue success in all You do Hamo Boy.. ;o) Many Blessings going out to You!!……..and please.. stay yo azz out of jail.. lol ………… SUGAR TAG TEAM SIGN’N OUT…!!…………… and CUT.!!!!… ;b

  9. 🙂 Well well well… if they didn’t know, now they know!!.. I think Shrek said it best, “He’s like an onion.. you have to peel him back on layer at a time”… His outside layer being the most bitter, or course.. LOL.. By bitter, I mean least pleasant, most thick and full of bitter comments… haha.. Nah, but Hamo Boy is real cool. I’ve seen his talents and admire that he’s willing to share it with the world. That’s the way it should be :)…

    Hamo Boy,
    I hope you find everything you’re looking for 🙂 Keep your head on straight and follow your heart and all else will follow. May the Lord bless you in all that you endeavor… because you are bound to take the world by storm, fo sho… 🙂 Be safe and do whatever you want to.. just make sure you’re the BEST.. 🙂

    Over and out 🙂

  10. I was forced to comment on his profile…gawsh…haha…so here I is…to leave him a comment…hahaha…geeding. HB! What can I say? You’re one funny arse muthahumpa. Always saying the ‘crackiest’ things…down to earth, easy`going brohemouth. I wanna get inked, now hook me up! Pweeze with nacho cheese 😀

    PS. Ave lau jersey la ea e sasae…hahaha…

  11. Oh one more thing…CONGRATS on making it on the cover of 1Samoana People Magazine 🙂 Can I get your autograph? 😛

  12. … if you listen to DEM and sasae your LA LAKERS jersey? … we will no longer be friends … lmao @ like you care 😛 … hahaha!

    Ok Ok … so i tried and i tried to get INTO your psyche but your hair kept getting in the way … lol … a’e … se Hamo 😛 … so here i am with what i came up with … maybe i need music to wRyde properly about this is ODE? … hmm … maybe 😀 … in any case… here is where the inspiration came to mind … so here is where i will lace it up … hope you like it TAMA`SAMOA ~ 🙂

    Ode to Inking ~ Body`Art

    As old as time… for warriors masked themselves this way
    As old as tales… for stories carry on life in what they say
    The types of poetry that walk … and talk … and show their meanings off in the bodies, human bodies, that breathe and eat and reveal the twists and turns how the artist graced their living canvases with a “breaking of the skin”.
    Though some give off the ambiance of rough`riders… tough hiders… even some emotionless providers… they truly are gentle creatures… especially those who’ve been inking for a long time. Their touch is soft and knowing … like that of a lover that has studied and mastered the art of love making …. It truly is a poetic radiance about a tattoo artist that most do not see… If poetry is an explanation of things… ineffably existing… a painting the mind’s eye of love… or culture… or hate… or life… then the tattoo artist is painting poetry on their canvases of living bodies.

  13. Well well well what to say! LOL hamo hamo hamo..where to begin, lol i think 1sa would not be 1sa without hamo boy, lol his frickin comments sometimes just want to make you foki his wateva that is growin outta his head! LOL you truely are one of a kind hamo, not only did you force me to comment on here but besides all the smartass comments and weirdo topics you come up with you really are a awesome guy! down to earth and serious when you need to be kind of guy, WHO NEEDS TO GO TO THE GYM AND GET THOSE ABS POPPIN when you can just hop on 1sa bugg hamo and theres your workout! lol

    Awesome feature HGG who better to feature then the 1sa clown and what better way to let everyone know the real side to him not just the cheezy liners this guy comes up with! LOL you got some madd skills and i do hope you find what your searching for hamo you do deserve the best 🙂 all the best for the future pretty LMAOOOO now go brush your hairyz! lmao loves xx

  14. I remember coming back on here after so many months of rehab from this site; I came across this nigga ! lol…I’m guessin he thought i was one of the newbooties in the ville & you know how the convo went…Anyways he creep’d me out at first hhahahahahahas; first of all because he was so illiterate (such a turnoff..but im guessin that was his way of tryna get with females *shrugs* who knows);& men tryna get with females online? nothing bad about it; but when you overdo it like hamo; then that becomes a problemo ! It was good entertainment so I didnt mind at all…It took a while, but finally realized he was one of them typical chatters; hehehehes…But who would’ve ever thought he does tattoos..oohwhee ! hahahas…i have the perfect design in mind that you could do; (whispers…i want it on my ass now) hahahahas…im sure sujinko is so convinced that we have somethin going on..*ughs* but then again thats another story ! hahahahas..Well thts all ! alrighty hamo…you owe me ! bwahahahahas jks !

  15. BAHAHAHAHAHAA. EVERYTHING on here’s SOOO TRUEEE! Hamo thank you for being the first person to PM ME *smh* ever since then he’s just been ever so friendly *whistles* LMAOOOO. Playlist? NAAAAAAAAAAH . IT’S THE SHIZZ. to be honest, yall prob gonna think WAT DA? but maaaaaan, i digg his Playlist; i’ve listen’d to all the PAC SONGS he has more than 5 times! LOL woooord.
    Anywaaaaaaaaays. 😀 he IS WHO HE IS! *his faleo’o kala’s? soooo HIM* BUBBLY PERSONALITY (auuuuuu ogay enough before Hamo’s hair gets more fefeke) LOL

    ONELurrrrve Hamo!

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