Hate Crimes: Is the Race War On? Someone let me know.

Tonight I thought about the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial on Wednesday. I thought about the guard who died doing his job and his family that won’t ever see him alive (not in this life) again. I could care less about the yeahhoo bigot who did this  but I really thought about his intentions. Was this ‘neck really a lone wolf or is he a part of a larger pack of Aryan supremecists in America?

Last week, in an Arkansas military recruiter’s office, a new muslim convert shot and killed the soldier because he belives our military is wrong in our fight against Islamic Terrorists. Was this nut job acting alone? Or is there some unkown Jihadist army hiding in the deep south (have they not crossed paths with the Aryan army yet?) training for that special day of martydom?

As I read and hear these reports it makes me wonder – not why, but when? The why can go on and friggin on. Just name a problem in this country and some hate group will use it to justify their stupid cause. The when is what I want to know. If this crap escalates to a full scale race war on the streets, I’ll need to know if Tom (white guy)up the street is gonna greet me with a neighoborly wave or site his M4 carbine on my brown ass! Will Ali at 7/11 say “Good morning Eeedezy, cigarettes?” or start chanting some craziness in Arabic before taking all of us infedels out- slurppees and all!

I always wondered why California’s Prison system is the only segregated prison system in the country. Blacks go with blacks, Whites with the whites, Mexicans? Well ,theyr’e special. Norteno’s(Northern Mexicans North of Santa Barbara to the Bay Area) to the North and the Sureno’s( Southern Mexicans with ties to Southern California) to the south. Oh yeah, the Samoans go with the rest of the races- we are called and roll with -the “Others”. The Pac Islanders, Asians , Orientals and afa-kasis’ make up the others. Did the California Department of Corrections see something in the races years ago, that is evident and escalating today?

If there is an alarm to sound the race war , can you please make sure you ring it  very loud and clear? I’ll need time to load up on ammo , guns, food , water, and oh yes, cigarettes from 7/11. I’ll need to let Rodney  know that I’ll be needing my wratchet set  (that he borrowed months ago) and my lawn mower back- and warn him that when I see him again, I’ll  have to cap his black  as% on site! I guess I’ll call into work on that day, and let my white employers and co-workers   know that if I see any of them peckerwoods on the street I’ll shoot first and ask questions later. Well, before that I’ll have to ask them for my last check and if they had rolled my 401k over to my new employer- whomever that may be.

Over reacting? I’m not so sure anymore. I guess I’ll take it one day at a time and still have hope in the everyday people that are my good neighbors and friends. I gotta run for now, my Mexican homie wants me to come over and check out some 13″ rims for his low-low. *kala le pisto*.

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  1. You sure paint a scary picture over there in the US of A. And if it is true, this global recession aint gonna help the “why”… but make it worse! Unemployment will sky rocket, forcing people to turn to crime to make ends meet, or these extremist groups to find acceptence.

    Load em up then bro. And always have your trusty sapelu nearby… hehe

  2. Yeah at times I feel it is getting there but then again , I can’t let the “hate” close my mind to all the good people around us everyday. Hey, will the Sapelu deflect bullets? Have a blessed week!

  3. haha..indeed bruh! Racism and the wars that coexist with it ain’t ever left the US. Hell, it hasn’t even been dormant. From job discrimination to even a bus driver passing a bus stop full of kids, those are all forms to some degree for hate being openly displayed. Some on a subconscious level, but still. Nice read bruh!

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