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Sina Marilynn HDoll

I tried and tried to picture it… One Samoana without HDoll? My imagination is pretty healthy, no doubt, but I just couldn’t see it. Our Village Fono definitely wouldn’t be the uplifting experience it is without Little Miss Sunshine getting her ma’igi mock on, tripping up (only sometimes) on the boys’ emotionals, diva-strutting through the discussions, and K.’ing everybody D.F.U! She’s as loud as words on a screen can get with an ego as big as Beyonce, but dig a little past her BAV (then anti-BAV then BAV again) campaigning and missing underwear stories, and you’ll encounter a way-undercover sweetie that you just can’t help but really like.

Name / Location

Like you all don’t already know right? lol my name rolls off someones tongue every second *cracks up* Names Sina at home and church, Marilynn at work, and HDOLL here at my second home or what the Forum Crew and BAV crew call their camping ground.. lol

How did you find One Samoana?

Its funny cos I googled the words “amiovalea retards” and this site was the first that came up. Actually the only one that came up lmao.. I kid, I kid.. Sorry HGG pls don’t ban me haha.. A mate of mine that got ban was complaining about being ban so I decided to sign up for him again but he was over it. So I decided that 1Samoana has deserved my presence.. Ioe e mo’i lol

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

Is there anything that isn’t? The funniest has to be when Faps put up the discussion about how Samoan women are boring. He later found out that Samoan women are also kaufe’ai lmaooo.. The craziest hmmm haven’t really seen anything that crazy.. But I’ll let yall know when it comes.. Cos it WILL come lol

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

Me and my tongan mate were talking about how he wanted to be Samoan. Samoans were OUT there.. Rugby players such as Sonny Bill, Ma’a Nonu, Tana Umaga, Jerry Collins etc.. Singers such as Uptown Suite, Nesian Mystic, Pieter T etc.. Comedians such as Laughing Samoans, Dr Fane etc.. Actors like The Rock Johnson, Robbie Magasiva etc.. Wrestlers like The Uso’s, The Rock, Rikishi, Umaga etc.. Boxers like David Tua and Joseph (forgot his lastname).. And when there was a tongan that was famous they were getting in trouble.. One word – Sione Lauaki lmao.. It did make me really proud of all the people repping it and making it big.. Putting a BIG name to a small dot on the map.. LOVZIT!

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

Passion – is most def working with youth. Not at work but at church. I’m a mormon and I’m the secretary for our Young Women which I really enjoy. I’m the youngest leader so I’m pretty much the kickback one lol. Most girls tell me about what they go through in life and I get them. I give advise, pick them up if they need rides to church functions and yea if I could do the same for the young men I would. But my cousins doing that.

Hobby – Is stalking the guys on League rugby one of them? Does that count? lol.. *looks at Hood* haha.. Love rugby.. Watching it.. Playing it.. Getting angry at it when my team don’t win.. lol reminds me, I still owe mom a set of bowls lol

Work – Work for the NiuFM radio station. Receptionist/Admin. Really cool. Listen to music all day everyday. Got the hookups to gigs and the latest music out..

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Project? Hmmm didn’t really like projects back then so I would like everyone to know that I am not working on anything and do not plan to work on anything period full stop exclamation mark lol

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

Don’t have any thoughts just thinking about what to have for lunch. Shoutouts to the Forum Crew and the BAV Crew. Forgive me if I’ve hurt you in any kind of way. I’m a joker and sometimes people take things I say to heart or the wrong way. So if you see me in the ville holla at me. Don’t be scary lol. Last shout out to my Creator. For without him nothing in my life would have been possible. So glad I found him. So glad I found 1Samoana. Thanks HGG.. Soo umm what channel is my interview going to be on? TV3 news or Samoa News? lol

HGG Notes about HDoll:

* Who is that absolutely gorgeous baby boy posted up in HDoll’s faleo’o? Aawwwwww…
* HDoll doesn’t cry (she says). Instead she’s got this incredible sense of humour… the kind that helps people to smile even through painful experiences.
* Find out what I mean by that in this touching blog post she wrote to introduce herself: Who is She
* HDoll deserves the award for the MOST pa-ka’e forum comments from any single Native. You know those comments… the kind that make you squirt your drink out of your nose onto the screen. (Not that that’s ever happened to me). Anyway.. here are a few of my random favourites:

* LMAOO… ok enough with that list cause hahaha! Ehh se malo HDoll.. *wipes a tear*

0 thoughts on “HDoll’s Halo


    LMAOOOOOO omg i cnt believe mah essays get a mention?! cheeky gurl lolz..

    This gurl and her “on again – off again” BAV committments?!

    Luvin the interview sis, and can u not with the league players?!

    Luvin the picture 2! Much Luvs HDOLL!!!!!! xoxo

  2. u’re just a sweet giirl, actually 2B honest, if you hadn’t mention my name in one of the forum discussions, iWould not have noticed all the paar akas that go on around here on One Samoana, and you taught me a new word this year {matafaga} hahaaha, hahaha (shhhh….) heheehe xoxox

  3. lmaooooooo oh my gosh its up and how about I just saw the pic properly and saw the box behind the couch.. lol shat.. Who does that right? lol

    Lol at this.. HGG your such a star.. But I was serious when I asked when it was to appear on tv3 news? lol

    LOL@ pa ka’e lmaoooo


    I move a motion to nominate Ms Sina as the One Samoana “Pa Ka’e” of all discussions in the village. Anyone second it [besides you HDOLL LMAO]?

    *hugs HDOLL* girrrrl you really are a crack up!! hahahahaha 😀
    BAV whoop whoop!! hahaha

  5. The shedevil ma loga HALO! Hahaha…HDOLLINGS! I remember when I first met you in the 1Samoana chat…you were a spunky lil`one…pahaha…good stuff, good stuff 🙂

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