High Chief Peter Maivia

1. High Cheif Peter Maivia

Suafa: Fanene Pita Anderson

Nu’u i Samoa: Nu’u’uli

O le tala a le susuga a Gus Hanneman “O le toeaina o Pita Maivia o le na faailoa atu le tama’i atunu’u Samoa i le lalolagi atoa!” O Maiva le na amata ai le Polynesian Prowrestling i totonu le satete o Hawaii ( sa o le NWA Hawaii) o lea pi’igana faapitoa ia tama pi’i eseese o le lalolagi aua o le fia o atu e latou e asiasi i le satete o Hawaii. O Maivia sa a’oa’oina foi le mamalu o tama pi’i mai Samoa pei O Afa Anoai le Wild Samoan, Superfly Tui, Farmer Boy Ipo ma isi fo’i tagata. e toatele tagata sa a’oa’oina e Maivia na o i fafo e pi’i ma toleni atili mo isi kumipani pei o kumipani ia o le NWA, AWA ma le WWF. o isi tagata sa pi’i i le PPW i lena vaitaimi o Rick Martel, Don Muraco, The Missing Link, Rocky Johnson, aemaise lava Harley Race, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby Heenan & Chief Jay Strongbow, Chief Billy White Wolf, Lord Tally Ho Blears, Curtis the Bull Iaukea & Ric Flair o latou uma ia sa masani auai ma Maivia i Hawaii…

E masani ona ta’u e tagata O Maivia o le uluai tama pi’i na sau i samoa, Ae ou te iloa e sese lea tala, aua ua o’o mai tala e fai mai ua leva na pi’i le vaega toalua o Vilai Sua ma Al Lolotai ae le’i o’o atu Maivia i le malae… Pe’ita’i olo’o ta’uta’ua pea le paia o le mamalu o tama pi’i mai Samoa o Maivia lava o le Tama ma le amataga a le aiga a tama pi’i mai i Samoa.

Gus Hanneman is quoted as saying that “it was Maivia who put the tiny islands of Samoa on the Map” for all the world to take notice. Maivia started his own Wrestling Promotion (Polynesian Pro Wrestling) in Hawaii which became a hot spot for wrestling in the early days… he trained the likes of Afa the wild samoan, Superfly Tui, Farmer Boy Ipo and other greats that had left Hawaii to further there careers in either the NWA, AWA or WWF… some names that had their hey day under Maivia in Hawaii were Rick Martel, Don Muraco, The Missing Link, Rocky Johnson, even greats like Harley Race, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Nick Bockwinkel, Bobby Heenan & Chief Jay Strongbow, Chief Billy White Wolf, Lord Tally Ho Blears, Curtis the Bull Iaukea & Ric Flair were familiar faces in PPW…

Peter Maivia is credited as the first Polynesian wrestlers ever to step foot in the squared circle even though Neff Maiava and Al Lolotai also have matches predating Maivia’s debut Maivia is also credited as the ground breaker and standard setter for all who followed him as well as the founder of the Samoan family in this Sport…




0 thoughts on “High Chief Peter Maivia

  1. Man I remember the days when Maivia was on the screen blazing the squared circle dayum that was the golden age…

    The age of black and white TV, when only one family in the whole village had a TV. And on a Sunday evening, the open plan fale would be surrounded by the masses chearin on their hero but none so rode the crowd as this son of Samoa.

    Then there was bad boy Rody Piper’s the Viper’s Pit. It’s both pleasing and something to be proud of to see Samoa be it Savai’i, Western or American Samoa, profile wise being lifted and spotlighted through the talents of these Sons of Samoa.

    Thank you for this treat uso

    Ia manuia

  2. Now, that the village site is down, I have time to read (lol).

    Thanks for this post, Bro! You know, I grew-up watching Jimmy Fly Snuka and The Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika); and I only watched because they’re Islanders, but I’m kinda miss’n them days after reading this piece.

    I had no idea this is The Rock’s lineage. I did wonder how his folks met, and wow, I see I was missing the ‘big picture.’

    I really appreciate your passion for the professional wrestling league. And, thanks for the way you provided is with other links, in case we wanted to read further. And, thank you, too, for the English translation.

    Much respects, Uso!

  3. woohooo wrestling!! lol maybe hard to believe but i was once the biggest wrestling fan ever lol. i remember it use to be a family gathering for dinner or late night snacks on the weekeneds lol ultimate warrior, andre the giant, hogan, piper..right up to when the rock started getting his fame. my room was full of wrestling posters LOL then when i hit my early teens dad made me take them down [lol] i suspected it was because my room went from a princess room…to a boys room..then to a teen girl who loved muscular bodies in undies hahaha but i can assure you i never saw them like that..they were my heroes!

    anyways..yes maivia!! my uncles’ hero, he was always mentioned during our younger days. he’s cool, i read up on him when i first heard about him and yeah he’s legendary. i use to bring him up when i got into lil arguements with my tongan and fijian mates haha.

    thanks maosi!!!!

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