*High Fives* for High Matai

High Matai

You know when you say your prayers and you thank God for all the blessings in your life? Well I’ve got a long list – what can I say? I’m blessed. But every time I think about what we’ve achieved so far with One Samoana, the incredible personalities I get to encounter every day in the ville, every time I marvel at how those encounters can sometimes turn into the most amazing, feel-like-I-known-you-all-my-life kinda friendships, I can’t help but thank the good Lord for High Matai. Yes, she’s THAT girl… you either love her or you’re a hater. I, personally… have got a little bit of a crush on her *sigh*. I wonder if Fonty’s into sharing… πŸ˜‰


High Matai…a.k.a DJ Shotgunn’s manager…DJ Matrix’ lil sis…and Fonty’s wife.. a.k.a that bitch you love to hate & yet that still hasn’t made you pretty hahaha..


So maternal side Vaovai Falealili..Fonoti Family, Fagaloa (Maasina & Taelefaga) from Fialele, Su’a, Togia family..Paternal Side Tsung, HK BAYBAY!! and Fasitoo-tai (Afamasaga family) & Falelatai (Toomaga, Nanai families which means pretty much related to everyone else there too hahaha) but currently residing in the Crumbling City…Christchurch

How did you find One Samoana?

It was my destiny..hgg’s my sister from another mister lol

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

Oh sorry too many to name but probably the best times was when the village was smaller & everyone made sense of who was getting backstabbed LMFAO..oh & the classic of them all was when this chick joined up on 1samoana with 3 aliases and turned out to be a chick that could pass as a man…and actually successfully faavalea’d people to thinking she was real…that still cracks me up when I think about it, but loving, yep LOVING all the newbies coming/leaving/holidaying!! Everyone makes 1samoana what it is πŸ™‚

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

The way everyone stood up during the tsunami..my family was affected & the way that I knew some people even when normally they deny they are samoans they all stepped their game up & showed the love..that made me proud..we are a small country but when it comes to our hearts, people and nation samoans dig deep and come up with the goods..Can I just say to date that the moment that @&#$d ME off to be a Samoan was the night I heard Tuilaepa tell John Campbell to email him for an explanation of the Tsunami Funds..

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

Passion is our samoan music, artists, djs, people…hobbies, music, travelling, reading and hanging out here lol..work..well that’s classified information so I’ll just say I contribute to the nation on a daily basis keeping them informed…

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Some upcoming recording and ongoing little projects in the music world..

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

1samoana has taken my life on an incredible journey, made some of my lifetime friends here..I am so blessed to have met everyone I have and am challenged by all our brothers & sisters around the globe who share in our expedition that 1samoana has taken us on..My fave samoan saying is one that has resonated with me deeply over the last few years even moreso is E le falala fua le niu, because its not up to us where we go and what we do, it was planned way before we knew it and so whatever happens is there for a reason even if its not for a reason that we necessarily appreciate…and the english one that has played its role in my life of late is it’s a mistake not to learn from them because you should never take for granted what you might not be able to fix tomorrow, when you stuff up, don’t give up but learn to stand up in a fashionable manner and make your impression on the world one that counts cause biographies don’t count, everyday is a new page and chapter of our lives..anyways..My love, respect and prayers to our village and my uso HGG who has made my outlook on life that much more exciting and one to be embraced with a passion that knew was there but never fully understood..


HGG Notes about HM:

* Her faleo’o alone is an entire website of things to look at and stuff to do and music to listen to. I could (and have *kale*) spend all day checkin things out in there.
* This pic of Mr and Mrs High Matai is so *aaawwwwww* cute!
* Remember when Stan Walker was on Australian Idol? I do… mostly cause HM ran her ‘vote for Stan!‘ paloka that season. I’m sure she’s the reason he won, and now he’s lucky enough to be featured front and centre on her playlist. *hits repeat on ‘Think of Me’. Again.*
* Looking for some thoughts that make you do a deep ‘hhhmmmmm’ or gasp a little or randomly shed tears? Visit High Matai’s blogs – here (Ala Mai) and here (Village). A couple of posts that got me right *points to my fatu* HERE:

* Her latest literary masterpiece is an open letter to Samoa’s prime minister: Dear Tuilaepa. This one is not just a poignant tear-jerker. Once you’ve read it, you need to SHARE it with all your contacts everywhere. This letter needs to get to the prime minister!
* I wish I could articulate my list of the many ways I love and am indebted to High Matai… for catching the vision of One Samoana right from the beginning, and validating us with her seal of approval… putting up with my ranting in her inbox… making me LAUGH my bum off… infecting me with her unique brand of confidence (it’s intoxicating!)… being from Fagaloa πŸ˜€ Gosh! What did I do to deserve you, sis?

*stands in the long queue of High Matai fans*


0 thoughts on “*High Fives* for High Matai

  1. Oh i so much loved it. and so much, so so much love HM! she gets my twisted humor..*dies laughin* when everyone else seems to think ive kinda went a lil too much..hahaha
    and wen others start talking a totally diff lingo in here and i feel like im the only that dont get it or dont understand a word theyve posted, she doesnt either..so im never left alone in that boat. hahahaha
    aaand, wen she starts blogging about something real and true, no one can do it like her πŸ™‚

  2. LMFAOOO!!! I love you HGG & I love 1samoana *cute laugh* & I love all the lunatics that we’ve managed to lure into our grasp so we can ZAP them back to earth muhahaha!! I would not be who I am without your friendship & this playground we call 1samoana..for some reason, I love the background action its so much more explicit LOL!! *evil laugh*

  3. *standing ovation* hehehe..

    Wat more can u say abowt this gurl! Shes a phreakin trooper up in 1samoana.. Ol Skool Native watt watt! ALWAYS made me laugh in the forums with the other ol skoolers & mayun gotta luv the jamz/ discussions she posts up in here!

    Most def another fan ov you sis! πŸ˜€ Muj luvz xo

  4. Heyyyy gang!! lol awwww HM & HGG I soooo missed you guys!!!!…. awww, luv this post guys!!! HM you are the shizzle!!! I see you still crackin’ everyone up! hehehe…

    As for you HGG this is off the hook! seriously! I remember it back then, and now Im lookin’ at it and I’ve missed out on ALOT!!!

    Luv you guys…and keep it up!!!…. p.s. Im back for realz now lmao

    *flex’s her fingers while looking for the kinky discussions……..*

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