Hotel Kitano Tusitala Burning

Outside my window, the iconic Hotel Kitano Tusitala is burning – I thought the whole hysteria about a graffiti piece of the ‘Mary’ or ‘St Theresa’ which was found on the J. Williams Building 2 nights ago was going to be the highlight of the week – the whole Catholic community in Samoa has been worshipping this smudge on a building as a sign from God and as Fr Silva quoted in the paper today ‘it’s a wake up call for us Christians to meditate on’ – each to their own – the miracle of a piece of artwork being worshipped is questionable on its own.
But anyway, the Kitano is now burning.
It took about 20 minutes of flames before I heard the Apia Fire Brigade make an attempt to a rescue – at this stage, there is no known cause, except for the fact that outside my window in the Government Building of Samoa – a Samoan Icon – is burning. Mr Y.P Reddy – I wish you luck and hope that its not Laumei Faiaga finally burning you for revenge.

0 thoughts on “Hotel Kitano Tusitala Burning

  1. LOL @ Tiare!.

    Mr Y.P a nice man.. be it fijian/indian.. he’s always helping out with the community 🙂 I mean, fijian/indian…is closer to Samoan than Japanese…righhhhht?

    🙂 @ Niu. Last thing I heard, it was an Electrical Fault..

    and here I was waiting…for it to be Laumei Faiaga/ Siva Afi.

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