I lied. We met online.

A little shy and awkward to share this particular…situation. I can write about almost anything but when it comes to something like a boyfriend LOL its just f**** weird.

Ok, so I may have shared that I was going to be independent and blah blah blah I don’t need to be in a relationship blah blah blah, online hook ups are for loosers (lmao); but ummm . . . someone decided to show up when…I had my guards down lol. My boyfriend whom I have had the ‘maddest crush’ on way before he knew I existed.  One thing led to another and BAM! I got myself a teddy bear (but at night he’s a beast haha). I guess I’m more shy and hesitant to share it because it didn’t happen the way it was meant to happen; you know when the girl meets boy and boy likes girl so girl plays hard to get til boy gets tired then girl has to chase boy then boy asks girl out…you know like that haha, well what actually happened . . .

I developed this crazy obsession with a photo and a comment from this network – I know, how embarrassing, those online ones ha-ha. I mean I’ve had crushes before but bloody hell not like this. Everyone who knew me about a year ago would so know what I’m going on about. This guy had me thinking about his stupid yet beautiful comment for days and soon it took over my nights. I wanted to get to know him a little better than most girls but because of this stupid crush I had I was all shy. I was intimated by some other ladies who knew him so I settled for the “oh I will just be like a sister-friend instead”.

It took me almost 5 months to actually feel like he knows me, and still I hadn’t asked for his number. Keep in mind this was all happening on MSN late at night when i was supposed to be studying lol. Even though I was offering my friendly and innocent services (lol) I still wanted him so bad. I never knew how he felt because I never asked but still, usually I can pick up on these things (lol). We flirted here and there but I was too afraid to ruin the friendship we made – online (lol i know…so weird). He gave his number and made it out like it was a receipt for downloading his music, sorry about it (ha-ha). But it was a step closer, one night we would text each other like it wasn’t weird then he would send me ‘good morning’ messages; still I thought it was friendly and not flirty.

Then the most embarrassing and heart palpitating moment occurred. My ‘out-going’ girlfriend decides to speed up the process by texting him like he was my booty call ha-ha. I didn’t realise what she had done til i saw her sly smile on her face. I reached for my mobile and saw what she sent to him; “Hey there sexy boy, wat u up to :)..” – I flipped! I panicked! I dont write in slang (lol) and i don’t send stupid text messages like that either, especially to people i like! (lol). I thought he would think I was taking it too far, no way would he find that funny. I was about to cry. really i was.

I text back saying that it wasn’t me and that it was a joke, an accident etc. Then he calls to clam me down because I was acting so stupid about it. He was a little upset that it wasnt from me becuase he thought it was cute (lol…i thought he was being stupid). And then I took an odd step and asked him out…i thought i would just take the risk because it may be the last time he speaks to me. So I asked him if he would like to be my boyfriend. He was surprised (yeah right) but that’s how our cookie crumbled.

Offcourse we don’t tell people this story, I tell people we met at a shopping centre / or a bbq and that he asked me out. Ha-ha.

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  1. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    did i write this in my sleep ?

    i swear i have almost the exact same story… wow…

    but i guess nowadays this happensz more often dan not eh ?

    well nice blog =]


  2. OMG this is sooooo cute ! at least yours is not one of those psycho ones ! ahahahah . buh this is how me and my baby got together too . i met him only once [toooootally weird, i feel you on that] . buh i love him and iss been great since then ! well so happy for you both ! =)

    –> j a y n i e ;D


    now thats a seriously cool blog! I think someone had to say it – I think the stigma of Online Dating is now pretty much gone..

    Theres so many people meeting online, and heck – if I personally had a choice to fall in love online rather than in a seedy nightclub or some ‘social’ – then I’d pick the online one better..

    But I STILL understand what you mean, about – the dreaded ‘where did you meet’.. lol, a remedy? We met on 1Samoana. LOL!.. (and who knew that we could create love?)

    You go on and do your little cute texts! hahahaha… because before internet…

    there where dating-hot-lines! HAHAHA.. so you’ve upgraded.. and welcomed yourself into the new generation of finding love online.

    btw, I had found love with online dating.. and the thing about it, is that – you get to know the person online and by the time you break up – its easier to be friends.. Meeting in real life – is where your most likely to find the bullshit and the fucked up excuses etc etc…

    🙂 you know I love you sis! Keep writing, and I’ll always be in touch.

    Alofa from Samoa.

  4. good one sis…. like kolokea said: Love knows no boundaries…. keep on writing…. alofas SEGA…:) 🙂 🙂

  5. WOW, I am loving this story !!
    I’m soooo glad that I read it, because I’m actually in the same boat but WORSE thing is that we are in totally different countries !! its hard at times, but I’m managing holding on to the hopes and dreams etc LOL.. But I know this guy that i’m totally into is all real in the game 🙂 … I’m just so glad that I read this, it’s made me a stronger person !! Lately, I’ve been getting people saying that it wont work out and that we both are just going through a ‘phase’ and that finding LOVE online wont last long… which I was beginning to think is true … with this guy i’m talking too he’s GREAT, I love everything about him … & the best thing about this so called ‘fling’ and ‘phase’ we are going thru, we both know what we want 😉 & Love does work in mysterious ways !! Thanks once again for posting this up !! And that part wea u said that u’d tell people where use met hahaha I had a little giggle to myself because I was telling frends here that I met him when he came to New Zealand hahahaha oh gosh if only they knew and they WILL eventually find out when he gets here LOL …

    Kia Manuia Suga

  6. Tiiiigggeeeerrrrr! *hugs*

    i wanna blend in with the crowd & say “im goin thru da same thing now” lolz…

    nah u noe wat i love abowt this story is that even tho many times you quote or u thort it was weird that the way u felt or the way the friendship had started seemed “different” or “weird” becoz it was online u have no idea how much these feelings can happen when u meet someone in the real life… like its amazing how sparks can fly online & in real life but i think its even better when both people are genuine and both dnt give a crap abowt who says wat, lets just make it happen and if its meant 2 be well u picked a bloody good companion! choooohhhhooooooo! 😀

    so um when in the wedding & im invited rite?! 😛 😛 jkz sis.. dnt wanna be scaring u now..

    luv luv luv HOOD!


    Thats such a sweet story!!!!!! hehehehehehe I AM TOTALY HABBI 4 U

    I thought that online dating is kind of weird & ewwwwwww but now that you have written

    about it I am totaly inspired by it…………………..now i wanna try it YAYYYAAAAAAAA!!!!!! LOL


    guys on her page* tehehehehehe MUCH LUV SUGA!!!!! LUVING UR STORY!!!!!

  8. truth is: “…i laughed after reading the title! took me a while to respond because, I’m still laughing!…”

    okay, okay, okay! i laughed out-loud because, I knew my “relationship” problem had NOTHING to do with meeting people but, had everything to do with…ME! Me, not letting go…

    honestly, i’m interpreting your blog as: “…courage,…happy-ness,…being content,…CAN BE–accidental?”

    i guess, i ought to let go and let happen!

  9. awwwwww that story is cute az helllllll!!!!!!!

    mine’s similar but instead of 5 months it took more like 5 years hahaha
    i should of done ur stylez and picked up my ballz!! LOL

    all the best with ur man 😉

  10. OMG…can i just cover my face and try not to giggle to myself haha. You guys are awsome and thanks so much for reading and embarassing me haha nah…im glad..can’t believe how ‘often’ this situation occurs online..especially on 1samoana lol.. especially when we continue to tell people lies haha. Looks at LadiiEsor and Diane haha…

    lol@at least its not one of those psycho ones..” – ummm care to share jaynie lol

    Kilifi – i thought youd say that..i agree with you on the whole online dating thing is no longer ‘taboo-ish’.. lol@upgrade.

    Seki – LOL…you go get em ..meeeow hahaah *goes to sekis page*

    Hood – dont worry…youl get an invite hahaha. Maybe il have a table for the 1sa peeps aye lol..seriously. haha…

    John – like kilifi.. lucky i let yous laugh..cos i find it just as funny lol. And yeh it was pretty courageous?..is that spelt right? haha.

    Lofz – lol..mate, when ur balls are made of steel..its never easy but it sure takes a load off lol.. it feels good. 😀

    Love knows no boundaries; kolo and sega..so true.

    Thanks again buddies.. Now i dont feel as….embarassed.. i think. lol

  11. HAHAHA! Great read kiddo!

    I have a story and imma blog back with it. it’s kidna shady on my part..but oh well! hahahahahhaha

    Take care!

  12. That was very sweet. Really enjoyed reading this. I must say I was hooked on MSN messenger in my younger days, and sometimes having that technological barrier provided a blanket of security or not having face-to-face contact with a person (incase you embarrass yourself), at the same time having real time conversations with them. But ofcourse, if you want to act on something, you’ve gotta bust down that technological barrier and make your move. Fortunately for you, your friend broke it down for you! Hehehe

  13. heya Tigerrrrr ROOOOAAARRR… (um… Im sure thats the sound a Tiger makes…. )
    woohoo gal, welcome to the “online club”… lol… (hmmm better look into settin’ one up) there’s nothin’ wrong with hookin’ up online…
    i mean.. you find alot about a guy… like:

    – he has a computer
    – he knows how to use one
    – he has a mobile phone…

    so he aint a scrub… LOL
    suga, u do know I met my husband online right?…. we were penpals for 2 years before we actually met… so yeah, nothin’ wrong with it…

    I get yah tho’.. when I still get the funny look when they ask me how we met… but there’s an upside to it…

    hows about my cousins are now tellin’ their daughters to go online to look for boyfriends and potentials… hahahahahahaha

    (suga how are you, im algud… back in NZ now… much luv)

  14. damn this story is from way bacc when but i can honestly say that i can relate… (i can usually relate to a lot of ppl’s stories) lol i swear sometimes ppl i dnt even know live the SAME life i do!

    i dont do the whole meeting online and what not… until that ONE came along.. lol yes yes…. LOVE the read and it took guts for u to spill lige dat! lol YEARS later and it’s STILL worth the read! thanks for sharing!!! 😀

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