I Live In Oregon

I live in Oregon.

In laymen terms: California recently passed a proposition that denied same-sex marriage, making it illegal for same-sex people to enter into marriage. Today, in California, it is illegal for same-sex to enter into marriage.

Myself, honestly, I’ve known of same-sex couples either through direct association, friends of friends, school, or through media interest. I know of Samoan same-sex couples like Greg Louganis and Esera Tuaolo. To tell the truth, during social gatherings and through conversation, I have to keep my mind from wandering off into a same-sex couple’s bedroom activities. When my mind wanders in that direction, I tell myself, “…Shut up! You’ve know business going into their bedroom (this would be true for ’straight’ couples)…” Our (Samoa) fa’afafines are imuned from this category because as per definition: they emulate qualities of femininity.

In the States, people are taxed, via income, property, corporate, mutual, and the like. The purpose of taxes is to subsidize funding of public education, health, child care, military/defense, local improvement projects, civil liberties, etc. Economics 101 states that in a democratic country, such as the USA is, this is how our economy feeds itself: through the Gross National Product (give and take; supply v. demand: if I need, and you can supply, I will pay for services rendered).

Essentially, any law that deprives one (or group of) of their civil liberties isn’t lawful, it isn’t right. If we deprive groups of their civil liberties, then we have no right to tax them for liberties afforded per our constitution: “…in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty…”

Let God, our father in Heaven, be the judge. Let us live, and let live. Honestly, I am not into the same-sex relationships, but I DO promote equal rights for those that are concerned for the welfare, the longevity, the financial predicament of their families (parents responsible for their babies). California’s proposition number eight (8), takes away the civil liberties of the families of same-sex couples.

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  1. My dearest sisters, Angel and KellyD:

    I’m here after responding to your responses of “Her Face Was On My Pillow”… Putting that aside, I say in regards to this post, “…What else is there…My heart goes out to the children, and their caretakers…”

  2. LOL! john, i’d marry you anyday.. and we can figure out what happens in a same sex couples bedroom.. hahahaha

    u know I love you…

    (but err.. different kind of love)

    awesome post!!!


  3. REWIND:

    Kilifi: that diamond ring better be a phat one!

    Dre: come on, when you gonna start a blog Bro?

    cherryk: love ur countdown, sis, God’s blessings…

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