In the beginning…

Wow. A blog. Where the numerous genius quotes..the..the myriad of smart-alec remarks..the cornicopia of hysterical (but never nonsensical) thoughts congregate, hibernate, concentrate..uh..playa-hate…no-thanks-i-just-ate.., well yea all them -ates. It all starts here.

Too bad I have no clue what to write about.

I guess I’ll start with HOLA!..and then head back into traffic.


I could just rant on and on and hope & pray (pray & hope) that a few of ya folks might dig what I’m saying. Hell, you can even hate it, or be mad at me! It ain’t gon’ break my heart one bit.

So as an intro? Parents blessed me with the name of a prophet, ELIJAH. The man who prayed for a drought, and then prayed and, pardon the cliche, MADE IT RAIN ON ‘EM (ahaha..couldn’t resist! Lil Wayne got naythan on this!).

Paternal source is the late Pastor Aleni Tofaeono Williams (miss’n you madly Pops). Motherly affection (and a strong backhand at times..actually many fact this morning even) from Naoia Fuimaono Williams. BORN & RAISED in the church (FSFGPC SON!) and serve in it by my own accord. Still trying to make moves before the moves make me, which makes me a mover, but at times I want to be moved, but won’t move so I make a move, moving towards a make-over. Internally I suppose. Comprende? No? C’mon now! Keep up!

5 brothers, 2 sisters. Yes folks. Typical Samoan family. Personally I blame the electonic industry for it’s late appearance in Polynesia. If them color (haha…almost said colorED) TV’s showed up sooner, we’d all be regualr white size families, with one or two kids. BUT! Nothing. Shucks, they still haven’t even released Ninja Turtles 3 out there. I’M KIDDING! SAMOA YOU ARE IN MY FATU! But you know what they say…when in Rome, with no TV…[nudges ya] huh?..huh?..hahah.
Now me and siblings aren’t the LIfetime movie kinda siblings where Betty Lou would run to Nicky Ann and Bobby Joe with her problems and they’d have a family pow-wow and such. Nope. We had our own lives, our own mess going on. But the love and support was always there. Not obvious amongst those who first encounter us, but you try talking to my sister and trust, you’ll 10 hands on you before ou can say ‘ANDERSOL’. I fall in the middle. Which may account for me always trying to get attention and such..
Nahhhh.. the other kids just suck..hahaha.. I can’t help if I’m everyone’s favorite!

100% Samoan (part BLACK for all you ladies out there if you know what I mean…hahahaha…wha? I meant my afro-ish type hair ya sickos!). Proud of it. I can somewhat read the language, can’t write it if YOUR life depended on it, and if you don’t mind the pauses and blank looks, I can pull off a mean SAMOGLISH.

Currently in the BAY in the great state of CALI and in the country where a Black man (1/2) can run the things!!! Well, on Jan 20th he will. But judging from all them super`bad looking females from OneSamoana, I really need to check my frequent flyer mileage and try to get out the States more often, and start a revival in Australia and New Zealand…GOD BLESS YOU LADIES!

Let’s see. A few important things to know about me:

– I don’t like SPAM
– I hate reggae music
– I will NEVER drink Jamba Juice
– Egg salad is dummy gross! If I even smell it, I throw up.
– I’m confident in myself (conceited..same thing)
– I can play any song by striking my thumbnail against my teeth
– I once had a cat named Killer, but my dad let her go. (Her name was actually Sunshine, but c’mon now. I’mma guy. Why the hell would I call anything of mines that?)
– I once had a dog named Taz, but my dad said the front gate magically opened and he took off, which still baffles me to this day, because the dog was supposed ot be locked out in the backyard.
– I once had a dog named Meeko, but my dad gave him away to some guy in the park, after he said our dog was cute, to which my dad replied “Really? Want to take him home?”. So yea…that jerk took him.
– I didn’t learn to ride a bike till I was 12, but drove a car when I was 8. Well kinda, sorta. I usually had to take the wheel when my dad was peeling his orange or something else important was in his hand.
– I never believed in cooties and I had crushes on girls since I was 4.
– I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

and so forth, so forth, yadda yadda.

Well that’s me. Sort of. There’s hella more, but ya gotta read to see.

I’m off to sleep though. Back to work tomorrow. IT’S FRIDAY FOO! hahah…

God bless and stay good!

LiJH! – “READ ME! Can’t you tell I crave attention? hahhahaha”

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    Im still waiting on that revival you going to do here in NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!! Sole enjoyed reading. I read this a while back but thought I would read it again because I was in need for a GOOD LAUGH LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO who does that aye????? MUCH LUV WOULD LIKE 2 READ MORE OF YOUR BLOGS….PEACE

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