Is your man cheating?

Hey Girls…. Yes I am speaking to the girls this time round….. Is your man cheating on you or what????? Yes…. Ua ka fiu se le sau o lea tagi mai la’u tamatau…. Sau o leisi tagi mai la’u agavale….. (I’m sick and tired of one crying on my right hand side and one crying on my left hand side) lol….. I THINK MY MAN IS CHEATING ON ME…… But why tagi fua???? Get up…. And get rid of every ounce of smell of his cheap cologne and find a real man who can afford to shower you with all and every ounce of his attention…. Yes you…. Not you and some other woman……. It’s my topic for today because…. My friend whom I will not mention…. Is once again crying about the fact that she thinks her man is cheating on her…. Oka…. Se…. hello…. We already told you this like time and time again…. But no le fia fa’alogo….. (doesn’t want to listen) so we just left her to her one… and now look….. first she tells us that we are just being nosey…. And now she is crying….. because we have stoped being nosey and her nose is bent out of shape….. lol…..

So yes…. I thought I would pin up some signs… that YOUR MAN IS CHEATING ON YOU…..

Numera Muamua……. If he all of a sudden needs a different shampoo (after using the same one for the last 4 to 5 years) something is smelling wrong….. lol…..What I mean is….. If he didn’t care about how his hair looked before…. Or weather he had split ends… or whether his shampoo was making his hair all oily before…. Then ummmmm…. Why for he caring now???? Obviously he is trying to impress someone….. If you have been with him for a while… and all of a sudden he starts to act like he did back in his…. Fa’akuku luga his afro days…. Lol…. Ia…. Check him…..

Numera Lua…. Ua no fia talanoa….. mo le lumana’i (no talk of future tense) Its been a few years since you have been together… and yesterday you were planning to get a maile….. and today….. he always seems to want to do things by himself…. Or with his friends……. Well… kalofae to you….. he has hit the ‘im zoning you out’…… which means….. his fai’ai is somewhere else….. might not be with someone else… but ehhhhh…. It is defiantly not with you…. To him…. Its out with the old… and in with the fou……

Numera Tolu….. O suiga la’ititi…… Keep an eye on the little changes that are occurring…. You know…. Typical things….. If you know you wear Cool water… and he comes home smelling like Arden Beauty….. Then…. Ehhh wake up and smell the perfume….. or if he says he is working late….. and his office is only open from 9 to 5…… hello…… wake thee up……. lol….. so yes….. all relationships will have different indicators….. so yes….. fa’aala your makas….. lol……

Numera Fa….. Ua all of a sudden fia ta’a…… He use to spend all his spare time at home and now all of a sudden….. ua fia play tennis ae leiloa ta’aalo? Ia hellooooooooooooooooooo…… Check where he is really hitting his balls at….

Numera Lima…… O secretive oga amios? E tatagi loa lana telefoni….. does he all of a sudden….. run outside to tali it? Does his “mother” call at midnight and he can’t talk to her in front of you? Ia investigate le pili o le telefoni….. lol…..

Ia e tele lava ni nae signs…. Ae e tatau lava ona e mafaufau po’o a mai le lua va…… You will always know deep down inside if your relationship is on the rocks…. Or it’s aye….okayyyy…… Often if your partner is hard out jealous and you do nothing to warrant it…… then chances are he is doing the same thing he suspects you of…. Kalofae to you…… And hmmmmm…. E tutusa lava pe afai o oe o se tama’ita’i….

But… ehhhh…. be awake to the fact that you actually might be wrong…… There is always a chance that your nila is makua ku sese a na’i sasa’e…… Don’t start accusing hard out…. Open the lines of communication…. If the signs are not clear……

These signs are just things to look out for…… They are only clues….. So yes…… Va’ai te’i ua e oso atu ma lau accusation ae sese….. ona ka’e fa’afuase’i your maka….. lol…..

Just be aware…. And you won’t be taken for a unnecessary ride…. Use your mafaufau…

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  1. uuuuuuuuhhhhhhmmmmm……..
    the issue that we’re talking about is some thing that i didn’t wanna say something about it…..anyways…… hey my man o le poko ia……. he’s back home in samoa but i’m living in the u.s…… everytime i talk to him e faimai a e ga o au a laga mafaufau…… but leisi time ou vili aku i laga bro makua, and his bro told me o la e o ma laga keige……. ae faimai foi laga bro ga faiaku i a ia ua uma maua…… so all his family thought ua le koe o maua…..
    ia vaai ai i amio a kama samoa……. sa’o ai le kala foi lele……”E FIA AVI AE LEILOA AVI……”

    ia o samoa uma a kakou…… o le mea la ga lea ua sue ai la’u fui meauli…..ha! ha! ha!
    leai….. leaga faimai leisi keige ma nz ma laga kagi……. “E FAIMASO A LE KAMA NZ AE MALO AI A MASO A LE KAMA HAMO…..”
    ia ua lava ga kala kei ua maua au e si alii ga lea e fai aku aga kala i luga o le one samoana….
    ha! ha! ha!



  3. finally someone has read my thoughts anys wayz i feel u on dat numera lima advice cause gurl it happened to me too many times but u think i gave a dammmmm …………. hello to the capital N——Nope….before i just let it go u know cause dis nikka always says its his friends and he has friends dat are gurls too..which was understandable until a couple of months ago i came over to his house and checked the caller id and theres a phone call around 2am in da morning i asked him about it and he said he didnt know it was probably for his mom and im like oh yeah doesnt dis person know dat ur mom sleeps at 11pm but i had no reply until a couple of weeks thereafter i checked the caller id and there goes da dam number again and there i go again putting on my investigation suit on again and asked him whose numba dat was and still he said it was for his moms he didnt know nuttin about it until one day i checked the caller id and what do u know the password to check the messages so knowing me and my noisy azz i checked his messages for dis mutta faka and whose on the line saying i love you oh hell no it was on gurl oh yeah i tried to bite my tongue too at dat but couldnt… no so i suesue his lying azz and caught him I told him straight up i think da neighbors heard my loud azz and i wasnt even drunk too….i just told him “E ga’o le fafige valea would brush dat to the side me no im not stupid either u tell dat bitch or i will tell her for u how about dat fo yo azz….and dat was it apology excepted and dat was dat……so to me i love my idiotic non speaking nikka and i will do everything and anything to make sure my man and me are on the same page cause like i say Karma is a mudda faka lol…… le work loa ia faasaga aku loa e makuai kaei foliga pe koli mai fafo gifo ae maise gifo lae i luma ia sa ai oga koe aka si kama nice ga omg what a evil bitch!!!lmao but dat was a good topic……..gurls just remember its a
    Doggy Dogg World out dea…..watchout!!!!

  4. lmaO yes ma’am its a dOggy dOgg wOrld!! and yOu either with it or yOu bOot it outta yOur life .. ova le fia fai amiO kama i asO ne’i .. but they swear up and dOwn that they lOve yOu .. ai ua le fai mai sa’O laga kala pe ua le fia fa’atasi .. thats what it bOils dOwn tO is if yOur so nOt satisFied then speak up and let a girl knOw dOn’t be dragg’n us aLong as yOur eff’n gOod oL’ reLiabLe .. jUst be reaL and we’LL cut yO’ aSs lOose, like they say “e tele i’a ile sami” .. but kaRma is a dOg’gOne bEeOtch sO just be prePared tO get yOurz! i’ve dealt with crap like this and sOmetimes things gO gOod and mOst times it takes a turn for the wOrst caus oNce trUst is bROken, yOu just can’t fiX it .. trust takes time tO buiLd, & it oNly takes suSpiciOn tO destROy it!! sO guys/girls yOu gOt a gOod girL/gUy as yOur other haLf make sUre yOu treat them as yOu wOuld wanna be trEated! intamacy, hOnesty, cOmmitment yOu .. me .. us .. thats what it ultimatley comes down tOo liSten tO eaChothEr dOn’t taKe eachOthEr fOr gRanTed .. oNe lOVe, bE bLesSed, aNd trUe tO yOurseLf! =)

  5. Oh WHAH!!! lol.. that is just so true.. unfortunately my ass has been tipped over to that side of how should i put it “STUPIDNESS”.. ha ha.. i love it when i hear my mom says MAKA VALEA.. yeah i heard that.. why would they want to mess up a good thing to be with trash when they got GOLD.. sa’o lelei oe.. drop his ass and move on.. dont let the flood gates out unless its for a loved one not for a loser like that.. TRUST.. love is not to be taken lightly.. dont worry girls he’ll get his.. mine got his big time.. im no longer crying over that LOSER, but the table has turned and hes now crying wanting to get back. WHY? Cause he got some hood rat pregnant.. I aint nobodys fool..u heard..
    God is my strength.. im still taking it slow.. meeting new friends and just enjoying life. When u finally stop to take a deep breath, you’ll soon find out its gon be OKAY. I love all my hamo usos n tuaganes.. live life and love God..

  6. haha….moni lava kou kalaz!! Too many temptationz out there, for us guyz or gurlz. love/honesty n commitment is rare these dayz, so if ur one of the lucky few good for ya! jus addn my lima senez hahaha.

  7. Now-a-days you hardly find a good faithful guy/girl it’s just life. If he/she fools around why hang on to him/her when there’s plenty of other girls & guys out there who are better & wiser :).

    Life isn’t supposed to be perfect so you can’t always expect ur partner to be perfect. I was with a guy for 8 months and had no idea he was playing around but life goes on choohoo. Everything you’ve said are true and not only guys but girls do it 2 lol.

  8. Tell me about it…..I have been with the same person for seven years and yet he is still doing it…the last time was just a couple of weeks ago….but the funny thing is “HE THINKS THAT I AM SO STUPID” How can you not want someone and then ask for her number and using me as a guard for his freaken sorry ass. Honestly these days you can never trust anyone even your own partner. This person not only humiliate me but made me feel like nothing and the hardest part is HE WILL NOT LEAVE ME AND MY CHILDREN ALONE…You tell them to leave and they never will…..SO WHAT DA HECK IS THE POINT OF CHEATING…I think for some men (excuse the men that are faithfull to their mrs) they cock comes first then their family…..But the question that I ask myself is….WHAT DO THEY GET OUT OF IT…It doesn’t really matter who your with, what ever race…its still the same thing…so why loose something so special for just a minute of pleasure……but hey I dont think the hamo boys understand that….E faamuamua e kama ia le fia kama mamafa ma le fia avi…e magao faapea kala a kagaka….OKA MAKUA KELE LAVA O KEIGE A LE KAMA LEA….Oh well enuf of my shit….but just wanna share the experience that I have to go thru for the last seven years….now I don’t care anymore because to me whats the use of trying so hard to build a family and a future for both of you and your children but the other person doens’t share your view and love the same way…..and also before I didnt want him to leave but now God knows I don’t really care if hes around or not…..Thanks everyone…

  9. yea i was and still i think 😛 with my partner of almost 6 years, the first year was great but i didnt notice it cos i was too busy trying to be the boss and then the last few years took its toll. any ways we came to blows and we split up, and then i find on his social pages saying all this stuff he once upon a time said to me and wen we kinda got bak together hes said its not like that, i have heaps of girlmates, and so with all these texts even happening now i cant help but not notice. hes also not keen on inviting me for afterwork drinks although i have asked him to myne plenty of times, if makes me feel as if i am this weekend thing he has and that he has another life and im not included. it feels like he only wants me during the week, saying stuff like i love you babe blah blah blah and then when friday comes hes like going for a drink and no i being paranoid? la’u tena warned me about this, i have become the suga that i thought i would never be..he says hes never cheated on me and i know i have never cheated on him although he accuses me off it all the it more like the kettle calling the pot uili or is my mata’s closed against it all but deep now i know it too be true especially with his text msgs going to sum chick saying ‘too bad we cant hook up anymore’ and having to secretly go through his phone which he never leaves lying around and finding that..what are you supposed to think, and him saying, it was nothing, just him stupid texting but nothing behind it…am i that valea?!!?!?

  10. LOL . darpyy fo’i le advice !! MUCHing . MUCHing . Anyways, I cant say
    that ive been in that position . LOL . But thanks for the advice . Sa’o lelei . But if you are tired of the SAMOAN guyys in Tutuila & abroad . TRY THE MANU’A GUYzz !! LOL . fer reals . Kama sasa’o ia a le mea ! LOL .
    Funny arse reading . Keep it up Miss Sia !

  11. my boyfriend of six years died in car accident in the begining of 07 and i didn’t start dating again until last year..i gotta say i miss him a never know you have something good until you loose i’m just dating this guy and that guy and every guy i’ve out dated so far always ends up cheating on me..i know i’m just picking the wrong guy but yall know its hard to find a good…my boyfriend that died was always honest with me..He never accuses me of anything..he helped me with school..he paid my way through college cause he was already out of college and have a job the same year i graduated from high school..we were planning on getting married in Samoa that same year he died..Still right now i haven’t gotten over him..its like every guy i go out with i always compare them to him..its hard to just live everyday knowing his gone..we went out for six years and he never pressured me into having S** with him..His gone and i’m still a cry everytime think about him..I♥LOVE You James..Just writing this down is making me cry..

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