It’s KoNt3xT-ual!

Kontext: One Samoana

So KoNt3xt, a.k.a. Jake, or BROni, is a new guy in the ville – yes! Fresh meat. I first noticed him when one girl hit me up – sounding like she was tryna tell me something – and said he was *sigh* ‘really cool’. So I played welcoming committee, as I do, and got to the business of diggin up his story.

First thing I learned is he makes pizza…oohh… Apparently they’re good. Says he does one with taro leaves even! Now that I gotta try some day.. And THEN I heard him sing.. awwwww… strummin on a uke. He’s got a band, and big plans. He’s got projects, plural! He’s a student of business and music, who skates. And catches sharks (they just leap into his bear hands, he says!) AAND, he aint too grown to watch Dora the Explorer.

Vamonos, amigos! Let’s get him to tell us more… 😀

Name / Location

The names Jake aka Kontext and I reside in American Samoa for now..

How did you find One Samoana?

I found out about this page thru family… Facebook was getting boring hahaha damn these social networks…

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village

The funniest thing I witnessed was the time I started the BRO-DOWN on here… caught on real quick… No bromo tho.. If you do not know about the Bro-down ask Sharky or OmG’eezburka lol they know…

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?


Everyday I am proud to be who I am. I know I am a afakasi, but I know my heart is full Samoan. We bleed the same blood family.. Everyday is a blessing to me because i am Samoan. We are most def. a unique culture and I am proud of that.

Tell us about your passion / hobby / work.

I am working on a ton of things right now. School is my main focus followed up by my music.. I also have a media club goin on here at the college and we are working on doing alot of mixed media fun. Give us a lil time and we will spark a flame that will spread throughout this land. Our only message is truth and we give out nothing but positive vibes. You’ll see…

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

I am currently busy with alot of projects. Righ tnow Me and th eband (Musical Armada) are workin gon an our first album. While doing that, I have started a club at the college called YTEC (Yesterday and todays entertainment club). We are workin on anything that has to do with media. Soon you will see our show on youtube for now called Ask About It.. This show is gonna be based off of how well well these college kids know their basic knowledge. More details later… Video blogging will commence soon. With this club, it’s ognna open up so many options for us.. We just found out that the college owns radio space so college radio is buzzing around so yeah, there are a TON of things going on right meow that is gonna be BIG!! holler if you ahve any questions.

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

I am glad that we have a site for Polynesians only. I just hope we can all sharpen each others skills as individuals just as iron does to iron. Big shout out to the friends who read up on my random blogs and to my peoples keepin the culture. When I first moved down here I was told one thing. “respect the land, and respect the people”. I have followed those words wisely and it has gotten me further than i can imagine. Same love goes out to all of youse out there around the world. Let’s build up, not break down my ninjas.. One Love.

HGG Notes about KoNt3xT:

* Real Eyes Realize Real Lies …one of the things that make you go hhhhhhmmmmmmm in BROni’s faleo’o
* Did he just have a birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROni!!!
* Oh and it’s BROni cause I was calling him pizzaboy for a while and he decided he’d rather be called pepperBROni … what the innovation!
* “I search no more for the shadows of the world whips at my back. / I am trampled to the ground / beaten by the standards. / Jaded is my name, and I will search no more” … a few lines from what is probably my favourite of the verses he’s penned.
* He’s only been here for a little while, but he’s already building up a following (I’m sure it aint just me!) and he’s promising some pretty intriguing things for the near future. Can’t spill ALL his secrets just yet, but trust me. You might just want to Watch This Space. 😉

0 thoughts on “It’s KoNt3xT-ual!

  1. The BROntasaurus! Look at you in the SPOTLIGHT! Props on the projects and the media club doing exciting things for the young generation 🙂 you should expand on that and share some of your media projects with our fellow natives…but yeah, BRODOWN BRO’SHO! LOL

    We should go shark fishing next time 🙂

  2. sole congrats uce on yo’ spot light…i hope tap boy is next….LOOOOOOL…real talk homie…yessss sirrr….yo’ this cacc is funny as fucc on the mini chat yo, hey uce keep that shit up cuhs n always remember 1sa 1luv uce…wish’uh’nugguh’was…..high ass fucc…..

    mai se kakou mea se’i ula……wa la!!!

  3. … wow @ sharks just jump into his hands … did he mean the Sharks from Samoana High School? pssh … those are the tamed ones from the new millenium … come the tanks … see some REAL Sharks… buahahahhaah .. kaukala a le keige fo’i laele pei uma lava e iloa aga kala .. hahahahaha .. i left when i was six yrs old … dont mind me … LMAO!! … but my older siblings all graduated from Samoana High … they talk all their stories… i just sit back and listen … 🙂

    … nice article bro`KON … looking forward to all your projects from the ROCK to pan out … God bless!


    Yes he be a newbie on 1sa, but hes an awesome guy!

    The meanest laughs in the main chat and its gud 2 see ne peeps coming in with awesome sense ov humour! Good to see yah in the native spot!!


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