Jah Kristafahrai

Kristafahrai: One Samoana

So one day I went roaming around the ville (as I do) and came across a profile pic of a pretty serious looking dude with an even MORE serious (vicious!) looking dog. First impression? Maybe I shouldn’t mess with this guy too much in case I get on his bad side…

So much for first impressions – and lucky I hang out in chat so much – cause it only took a few comments from Kristafahrai for me to realize aawwwwwwww. Whatta big teddy bear! This guy is on his own mellow, happy buzz most of the time… he’s only sometimes random (but not as random as Bazza)… and he’s hella funny. Especially when he’s tryna talk smooth with the ladies… mhmm…

Turns out, Mr. Kristafahrai’s got quite the interesting back story too:

Name / Location

kris adds rastafahrai=kristafahrai aka kris lol, kent, washington

How did you find One Samoana?

i found one samoana went to visit some family n dey was playing a playlist on onesamoana so i jus checked it out n screen read for a bit seeing wuts one samoana about. so yeah here i am jah use me lol

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village

crasiest thing is wen a native ask if i would marry her would i leave mi dog n i sed hell to da no i pik mi dog lol real talk tho i love mi dog he is teaching me how to love again baby steps ha lmao

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

i tatted samoa on mi belly so if i ever woked up having amnesia or memory loss it will give me some sort of clue of wut i am i aint no asian muthafakka lol bleep lmao

Tell us about your passion / hobby / work.

mi passion now is tryina fix up mi caprice mi dream car is a 95 or 96 impala but i have a 91 caprice comes close to it same body type so yeah bubbles on dec dats de nicc name on dat bodystyle youtube it lol…….. i play a lil football semi pro here in washington adult football league, jus to be active. i was raised in hawaii den got sent back to american samoa due to get some disciplinary actions lol from there football had gave me a chance to see de states an to pursue an education from fagaitua highschool to one yr in college of de canyon in LA den i transfered to da bay area chabot college from there i walked on to west texas a&m university earning a full scholarship school books room n board payed i was hungry eager coming from samoa so yeah 05 mi headcoach got fired so yeah i left it was alot of changes i came back to cali fell in love lmao longstory den 06 mi grandparents died coming back from samoa felt really sick. it was getting to xmas i was back in da bay not feeling good jus got out of da county hospital xmas eve mi girl at de time came to say goodbye she was leaving to her family in sacramento for the break she found me uncontious almost dead she called 911 dat night de dr told mi mom to call all of mi immediate family to come i have no time left so all mi family came from seatle mi dad fro hawaii to say goodbye n pull de plug i heard dey pulled de plug it went flat line for more den 2 minutes n den de miracle of god habbend. KRISTAHRAI HAS CAME BACK GOD WERKS IN MISTERIOUS WAY SO YEAH BEST BELIEVE IT so i was in coma for like 3-4 months den i response i woke up so yeah

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

i aint werking on no project jus tryina stay healthy dis yeah n be cool n collection as i am so look out for me if i join de biggest lossers to win 5000 dollars so yeah

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

final thots is its a blessing to be here and to be samoan n im looking forward to go back to school its been 6 yrs i took a break i have 30 more credits for mi bachelors degree in general studies n i still didnt pick up mi associates degree in cali for liberal studies wen i left for texas so yeah dont yall think kristahfarai is dumb yall punk a**** lol i was chokes to yall yall be nice to hgg lmao fa laia paipai….

HGG Notes about Kristafahrai:

* His dog’s name is Kopai. Oh wait… Kopia:

mi dogs name is kopia, his english name is kobe cus ppl always ask wut it means so jus say kobe cus he’s a stud like kobe bryant lol…..growing up mi grandfather’s dog was named kopia n it has been passed on so wen i finally was bless to own one den i name him kopia, he is like de 10th or so kopia in mi family first in de states tho….he’s breed is pitt pull his father is blue nose gottiline n his mother is kingline ATL rednose so yeah two visscious breed, he is albino he has babyblue eyes he is partily deaf but has a strong sense of smell he jus turned two yrs human yrs in october so yeah….he jus looks scarry but so friendly and full of energy very playful n plays ruff at times lol.

..yeah that.
* Check out that beautiful dog (and the man himself) in photos in his faleo’o
* Krissa boldly took up Wrydah’s challenge to w.r.i.t.e. Many of us have followed his lyrical efforts from his first cypher to his parley assignments and watched him find his voice. Browse his poetry in his discussions
* According to exclusive reports, Krissa is kinda also known for falling asleep on cam in UP. And something about people not being able to hear his music past the um… other noise he makes… *shrugs* ka’ilo.
* So i HAD to ask him… did Krissa find LOVE on One Samoana?

if i found love on one samoana is yess i found da love to write n express mi self lmao i love all mi poly pples and cool to keep up wit samoans arround de world

Lol.. Sounds good to me 😀

0 thoughts on “Jah Kristafahrai

  1. Awe Mr.Bobularity! Such a mellow guy. Mr. Krista’s always a pleasure to chat to even though he doesn’t type much…and is very talented with the pen as well. Hope he picks up that pen and starts writing again!

    Great read bro and you should blog about that life experience 🙂

    Stay blessed!

  2. Sole Gongrats uce on the spot light mayne..First of all Thank God for the great things
    and all the blessing’s that hegave u my uso, Welcome bacc to Lyphe lol..sole but real talk yall kris is one of the funniest native to chat wit, never gets butt hurt like barry. kris always makes a nugguh laff wit his random comments. lol..The only thing i dnt like bout this foo is sumtimes this nugguh sleep on the mic while playin his music…..kaagulu li a king kong..jks..*akaz*..but anyways..gud read bro

  3. much deserved Kris Mon ;o) this guy always gives Blessings n’ Alofa’s when i see him on here… plays my fav’ reggae chams when he’s dj’n in UP Chat .. and never a dull moment when he’s on bkuz he always responds .. i learn’d new things about him after reading this.. and i gotta say.. big UP’s to ya Kris … continue on with ur education and i pray you succeed in errythang U do bro ;o) .. a pleasure to kno You =) !!..

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