Justin likes the Island Girls

So this guy Justin Wellington is an Aussie-based artist who’s a native of Papua Niu Guinea whose music is making some noise all over the Pacific, esp in Fiji and apparently American Samoa (yay!).

You know what I like about Island Girl, our featured track from him? Its old school, doo-wop vibe, updated for the 2000s by the timbre in its backing track, and its cool, laid back groove that leaves no doubt this jam is for hot weather and beautiful beaches.

You know what I love about this clip? Not hating on the gorgeous girls that are typically chosen for music videos these days, but the one featured in this one (Loretta?) is a stunning depiction of a true Samoan-girl-next-door type. In other words, her look is ‘real’, curves and all.

Artistically, this choice of leading lady kinda makes Justin Wellington seem all the more down to earth, respectable, and ‘real’ himself.

I likes that a lot.


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