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Keep it Hood

She loves music more than any Ol’ Skool DJ, she knows more about league (well, the players anyway) than the sports commentators, she writes longer essays than PhD graduates, and she’s got a personality so big she doesn’t even need a profile photo. She’s none other than Mrs. Vatuvei the Second (right up there next to his REAL wife), everybody’s favourite chat buddy, One Love Admin, and sharp-eyed forum cop – you know you love her – Keep It Hood!

How did you find One Samoana?

Oh my gosh this was waayyy back in 08, and I was “browsing thru” random pplz pages on Bebo aye. I then came across DJ Shotgunz page & I saw his blog promoting this site and I remember reading the title saying:

“Are you sick of the faikakalas on bebo?” and I remember saying to myself YES!

“ Do you want real fun with a straight samoan sense of humour?” and I was like oooh where can I find that? lolz

Under that there was link to the page and it took me straight into the 1samoana village and from that day on and haven’t turned my back on 1samoana since!

So overall me stalking a persons page on bebo is what lead me to the village that I havent left since 2008! Hahahaha….

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

Oh shucks where do I begin!

The Funniest: Would have to be reading the most serious, to the most randomest, to the most boring, to the most lovey dovey discussions that have been posted in the forums huh! The way natives respond by adding their opinions, arguments, points, jokes, pictures, secret codes, secrets, confessions, showt owts, love dedications and most def their personal stories/childhood memories is why to this day the forums are my 2nd home and why it makes my day reading the replies as evveeerryyooneeee loves to add their 2 senes that make me hella crack up like therez no tomorrow!

The Craziest: Is seeing the amount of people that create multiple accounts and fake pages on this website?! Its like no matter how many times admin ban these pages and try to stop these people coming into 1sa, it amazes me they still wanna come back! They’ve caused soooo much drama for other natives, and innocent people that come on 1sa to have fun im like sheesh they must have a lot of time on their hands aye?!

Finally I think the love triangles that have been successful and not so succesful in the village! I rekon its awesome seeing all these people from around the world finding love or even making new friendships just by being a member of this website?!


What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

It was back in high school and I joined the samoan dance group to be apart of the poly fest competition that was running way back in 04. Every afternoon I went to the rehearsals without fail and loved it how the mentors taught us the specific techniques and movements of doing the ulufale, sasa etc and how the moves told a specific story or the meanings behind every pese we sang to every afternoon. Performance day came along and I couldn’t believe the amounts of schools and how many young samoan gurls and boys like myself had came along to show their the samoan pride through dance & music. It was awesome to see a stadium full with people blazing our traditional costumes, food, instruments, language etc all under one roof. That day everyone was their for one reason and it was to embrace our culture through story telling, dance & singing and sharing it not only with our parents, peers, mentors, teachers, elders and audience members but it was also being apart of a group to show this is who we are. That day it didn’t matter what school, suburb or age you were it was all about being coming together as a big family and sharing with everyone this is who we are and this is what being Samoan is all about!

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

Passion: My number one passion is most definitely music! Everyone from my family, friends, co workers and even to you guys here on 1sa know that ill live & die for music! Even tho I cant play a damn thing lolz the fact that listening and growing up with music all my life is the one thing I cant live without. Music touches people in so many ways and with me music tells a story, music identifies me and music has been with me through the good, the bad and the ugly stages of my life and without it I wouldn’t know where and who to turn to when life gets that little bit hard sometimes.

Hobbies: Wow my hobbies are more like my passions aswell but the 1st thing that comes to mind is RUGBY LEAGUE! I support the NZ Warriors all day everyday! I get soooo hyped watching them play, I get angry at them when they lose, I get angry at the tv lolz, I cry when they dont make the finals, I scream when we score a try mayun watching my boys is my adrenaline! It brings out the best & worst in me and I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way!

Work: Im currently a youth worker and been working in this field for nearly a year now. I’ve always wanted to work with disadvantaged youth and help them or guide them to a positive pathway in life. Im also passionate about helping our fellow young Pacific Islander youth and that’s one of my many highlights working at the centre I am at right now. Ive had the pleasure of helping and mentoring many young PI’s and the fact that I’ve been apart of the process and being with them in that journey of making a positive life decision is what being a youth worker is all about and by empowering and mentoring the youth and for this generation is what I love the most about my job & what I love the most about working with these young people!

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Hmmm not working on any project right now.. My work and the field I work in is a project altogether I guess..

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

WOW where do I start?! Thank You HGG for allowing me to be apart of this project and being apart of this wonderful website that has came sooo far since I started in here back in 08. Thank you to all the natives that I have become very close with that I consider all of yall like my 2nd family. Ive had sooo many funny, sad, random, angry & most def enjoyable moments in the 1samoana village and without 1samoana I don’t know where I would be expressing my thoughts, emotions, feelings, experiences and laughters with right now.

My Shoutowts are gonna be masssiivvve! To all the original 2008 1samoana krew that are still reppin 1sa to this day! Thank you for still putting up with me to this day lolz.. We’ve had sooo many memories 2gether and hopefully many more to come annndd now ima drop the names in random order:

HGG, High Matai, Manda, Angel, Jong Su, Cherry K, Sega, Tiger Eyes, Smoove Grooves, Lilah, Layzie, Heartless, Chopperitoz, Euphoria, Shawtie, Lupe, Kit Kat, Walkz, Masina, Jaynie & JS..

BAV/Forum Krew: Hdoll, Hana, Lina, Sui, Vee, Tilah, Leki, DEM! Ride or Die Homies 4 lyfe!

The Fellaz: Security, Kilifi, John, King Deez, Khulisi, Buxter, Ioane, Lijh, Dre, Retepz, King Fonoti, Romeo, Jodatoa, Nayfe, Tigershark, Pale Rider, Overstayer, Auckland Guy, Lasaiyaman, JL, Jezaiah, Maauga, Scappy, Mathew, Majik, Phantom, Ben, Fred, Faps, JV, Hamo Boy, Nautica & Bodyguard..

Mad looovveeee 2 everyone & anyone that I missed! xoxox

HGG Notes about Hoodie:

* LOVE the rasta athlete theme happening all up in Hoodie’s faleo’o!
* Gosh, she doesn’t even know it, but Hoodie features in some of my most favourite 1’Samoana memories, like…

* Hoodie follows Security around the ville. Or is it Jezaiah? Lasaiyaman? Sorry, I lost track.
* Hoodie follows a whole bunch of other guys around in her lurid, rated X fantasies. She even posted all their names in this one discussion.
* For someone who enjoys her privacy as much as I do *ahem*, I absolutely love how much honesty and enthusiasm and sunshine this girl brings to the ville… even when she’s annoyed (don’t make me pull out her angry posts LOL). Hoodie… please don’t ever leave me!!

0 thoughts on “Keeping 1’Sa Hood

  1. that was a good read HOOD.. didn’t know you were a YOUTH worker, keep it up.. it’s a great thing to meet YOUTH, i DID a bit of Youth Work down here in the City of Whittlesea Shire when; I – was 20yrs old, ~ it was through the Council cause i was a band 4 Administrator… & once your foot in the door of any work, the potential is, you can go further in education and much higher in degree.

    it’s exciting and worth it, these youth now are all grown up and have their own famailies, we still interact and laugh about the days of old, cause; – we were all young and been Samoan around Victoria, it’s only ever a bundle of laugher, to make it into OFFICE, is like; – praising the parents your child has skills. hahahaa

    But; – you seem like; – a good person, good luck on your future endeavours..

    pvt eye – lilah | xoxox

  2. *jumps up and down*
    haha love it! from beginning to the end! never expected to see an actual pic of you..and thats cool. only wen you want to, i got it! haha *huggies*

  3. Hahaha nice read Hood. When she gives advice damn! It’s like 24 chapters later lol. Big props Hood for being a regular in the forums. I remember how she was so meek and quiet and made short replies. Until one day she decided to come out and pick on me and wow we’ve been at each other like rivals. Even though I think it’s a waste of forum space when she expresses her favourite league team “The Warriors” *akas*. I’ll always have Hood’s back even if we disagree on lots of things.

  4. OMG! I cant believe mah interview is up!

    Sega & Lilah – *hugs* Thanks heapz for the hollarationz & love on mah interview!

    Hana – LMAOOOOOO @ i follow all the guys?! Ive only managed to stalk half ov the men on 1sa, my mission isnt complete?! HAHAHAHA.. Thanks 4 the love sis!

    Sekulaki – awwwwwww *hugs*.. My brother from another mother hehehe.. umm alos can u like not mock mah Warriors?! 2011 is our YEAR! 😀

  5. WWOOHOOOOOO GEDDITTTTT ON THE FLOORRRRRR GEDDITTTT IT ON THE FLLOORRRRRRR lmao I loved reading your native spot HOOD!!!! I do believe you & Vatuvei have a future ahem ahem but i love following you around in the forums buhahahahahahahaha love your sense of humour how u know how to take a joke & know when to show sypmpathy towards my replies and take me seriously (coz no one else ever does) buhahahahaha much love suga ummmmm can u & sekulaki have an argument in forums today plz?? coz i miss it hahahahhaha

  6. Lol, Hood! I was already a ‘fan’ of yours because you really made me feel welcome in the village, and reading this I can see you must have hundreds of fans *thumbs up* You got a cool attitude, and I admire peeps who work with the youth without wanting to strangle them. Being a young P.I myself *cough*.. all the best for the future suga! 😀

  7. Hoodie! Manu broke his arm after 2 minutes. I was expecting you to run onto the field with the magic water bottle and get him back in shape so he could score some tries! LOL

    Nice Profile! Choo hoo! 🙂

  8. *Claps in apprieciation and gets the crowd to chant…Keep it hood..keep it hood..keep it hood…Hahaha great to see u hea on the native spot haha str8 up one of the most nicest teines we got in the village…Also a passionate leaguie whos going to be converted to rugby union hahaha keep the good work up hood haha I gotta say I enjoy your posts as well haha nothing better then that passion lolz…Neways take it eazi and go Toa Samoa haha…LASAIYAMAN OUTT…*Leaves room to ship to shore theme lolz*

  9. *pins BAV head girl badge on HOOD*

    Wow, ur growing so fast HOOD …. I’m not crying I got dust in my eyes *sniffs* … And please don’t ever forget all the adivce I gave you about them boys especially #1, #2 and #3 above me lmaoooo!

    Much love HOOD xo

  10. very nice read hoodlum… but i’m still not gonna give you my music bhahahahahahahahahaha… nah on the reoz awesome write up bout you hoodlum keep it reall sis

  11. HOOOOOOOD! suga, what a great read!
    to me, you’ve have always struck me as a lover of MUSO, NRL Games and CHUCKS hehehee
    have enjoyed bumpin into ya around the ville and will continue to bump into ya some more 😉 much love sis!

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