When Unwanted Guests Arrive….

Ok ok.. I know that’s a bit mean, but I’m sure you’ve had an Unwanted Guest at some point… If NOT, wow… you should come answer our front door!

Below is the TOP 5 “Unwanted Visitors” of all time (In no particular Order.. LOL)

1-The Aunty/Cousin that talks more about herself, her thick make-up, shop blingage & nails and totally forgets she has kids….

2-The “Gossip Queen” of the family that comes over on a regular basis to deliver news of what is happening with other family members.

3-The Salesman that comes over nearly every week to force you to purchase their products

4-The Religious Groups (forgive me) that come knocking on the door to preach, and wont take no for an answer

5-The cousins that think our house is a BAR, just because we have a wide variety of Wine/Beer/Spirits on display (Um, if we’re not allowed to drink it, then what makes you think you’ll be allowed? LOL)

And the list goes on….

I’m ashamed to say it… (but yet, I’m still going to say it) we have mental guidelines & back-up plans just incase this happens… these guidelines weren’t taught to us, we just naturally picked them up as we grew up. The countless times we were told to say “We’re not Here” if they ask for my parents. We never use them nowadays, but in our younger days… oi sole… WE MADE THESE RULES! hehe

Like the day my “GOSSIP QUEEN” Aunty showed up. Lucky for us we have a long driveway which leads to our house. So, we can spot anyone approaching before they turn the car off & hop out. Since the last 14 out of 15 visits she made were based on laughing at other families misfortunes, we knew this visit was no different.

Us kids saw her first… we froze momentarily, holding our breath seriously just incase we make a noise… then whispering to eachother, we started making commands… ”turn off the T.V, pull the curtains, don’t make a noise HIDE!” My Aunt was knocking & knocking… Im surprised our door was still intact… but she left after 15 minutes… that gave our ears another day of rest…

…I know I know… but honestly, we do it out of respect for the poor family whose lives are about to be spilled out to us…

3-With the Salesman OMG NO means NO… not NO for now, and maybe later like tomorrow or later in the week Im going to change my mind… Our cupboards can only take so many blankets/towels/duvets etc

4-Religious Groups-No offence to y’all who do this.. but Every group that comes over to preach, we start off by saying we are not interested. 30 minutes later, we are still saying we are not interested, and they have already explained who they are, why they came and what the msg is they are preaching… Out of respect, we dont slam the door in their faces, but I’ve seen this happen to others… Im sure we have a right to say “NO, we’re not interested, but thank you anyway”

5-This has to be the funniest one… LOL a while back my cousins came over for no apparent reason, always on Friday or Saturday nights, just seeing what we’re up to… LOL then all of a sudden its “hey dont you feel like drinking its a nice night to drink?” followed by “why dont we grab that bottle of Jimmy from the Cabinet?” then its followed by “You go grab the bottle, and I’ll get the CD’s from the car” Then I FOLLOW IT UP WITH “ok, how about you go ask my MUM, and I’ll get the CD’s from my car… Good Luck!” hehehe SUCKER! LOL

My mum doesnt drink or smoke, but the bottles of Wine & Spirits we have in our cabinets at home, are her prize possesions… LOL even if we received it as gifts or brought it, once she gets her hands on them, they are her’s LOL and she freakingly knows if a bottle is outta place, or missing…

These days, we do have the occasional “unwanted” knock on the door…but we always open it! especially now, as its hard to try Hide and not make a Noise… LOL c’mon we’re BIG UNITS now..

but back then… when we were kids… It was our SPY Mission!!! we saw everything as a MISSION… So if the Aunty hopped in her car & left “Mission Completed” we would Hi Five eachother & put our imaginary walkey talkies back into their imaginary holders turn on the T.V again & wait for the next MISSION… lmao I miss those days *crying an imaginary tear*

But… I’ve learnt my lesson nowadays… that

A visit from ANYONE these days is a good thing… It means there are still people thinking of YOU…”

Even if it is the Salesman or a Religious Group…..

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    ..”we have mental guidelines & back-up plans just incase this happens”….

    They come naturally after countless experiences of the same incident, huh. Hahahaha…

    Good stuff CherryK! 🙂

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