Little Tiger, my baby bro

The only boy, the youngest and now the tallest in the family; A.j is my little bro who I love so dearly. He is five years younger than me and I can’t get over at how bright he is. Mum and Dad worked a lot so I looked after him when they weren’t home. Made sure he was up and dressed for school, assisted him in his homework, made sure he had lunch and a good group of friends.


He sure has grown up fast, I missed a lot when I was away for studies and every time I came back home he grew so much physically and mentally. I know I have a fair part in moulding him, I got him to listen to R&B music to build that sensitive loving kinda guy in him (lol), I made sure he didn’t fall into the stereotypes of ‘fob kids’ lol. I remember telling him not to play foot ball even ha-ha because I found that his body type was too fragile and suited swimming lol. But he would play it and I would go out watch him play sometimes. He was good though, top player in his team.

He plays golf, never would have thought he would be into it but I’m glad he is good at it..atleast (lol). He’s been playing for 4-5 years now and is playing seniors now. He also plays for the mens team, a bright young kid who can go far in the field. Mum calls him her Tiger Woods lol.


A funny kid he is, a sense of humour that is at my level (lol). Though he lacks in other areas like knowing the existence of certain Polynesian Islands like Niue, Tokelau, Raro Tonga, never knew why we have ‘slang’ terminology for Maoris, Samoans, Tongans…so he looks to me for information about stuff like that lol.

We talk a lot and have a laugh most of times. He surprises me with some of the shit he comes up with, he’s quick and onto it. He’s fearless of the parents which is something that I haven’t even reached lol. He appreciates being disciplined…he actually said that lol, he likes to be kept in line because he is aware that it could be too easy for him to disappoint the family.

He has a girlfriend and they seem very happy together. Recently we had a chat about relationships and he was warning me about something lol..HE was WARNING ME!? My baby bro giving me omg I had no idea on how to take that but I listened.

He said “Sis, be careful what you wish for, I remember before I met my girlfriend I was thinking about what I wanted and needed in a girl. She had to be tall, skinny, smart, pretty, doesn’t have a dad, has no brothers and has all the basic essentials of being a wife (lol) like cook and clean, oh and has to like me more than I like her.”

We both laughed, he said he was 15yrs old and was partly kidding with his thoughts til one day he actually met this girl. And now he fears that its all happening too soon for them both. He can’t even laugh at the idea of getting married ha-ha. So he made a bet with me; if he gets married before 28yrs old I receive 50% of his salary of a year, and in return if he can hold on til after then I give 50% of my salary to him. We laughed but we knew it was on lol.


He finished high school last year and finished it on a high note. I couldn’t make it to his graduation ceremony but mum and dad were proud. He managed to get 1st runner up for the Dux of his school, (yeah he didn’t get it but it was overwhelming to hear) so you could imagine how glad my parents were. My dad was tough and this brought tears to his eyes.

Now my brother is going to university this year. He made it to UTS (University of Technology Sydney) doing a bachelors degree in Science majoring in physics / engineering. He is unsure on whether he wants to go on with it because he fears that he may be taking on too much.  His heart is set on Engineering so I know he will do just fine.


When he turns 18 this June I will make sure he stays in line lol. Besides me, my sister also loves him dearly and would do anything for him. Being the eldest is so rewarding, but I know he would feel the same too. I know I wouldn’t have to worry as much as he continues to grow and learn more about himself and life, and everything in between because I have such a beautiful and loving relationship with him.


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  1. Aaaaww…I read this story several days ago, and was moved by your relationship with your little brother, whom is now coming of age into Manhood (welcome to the club, Uce! lmfao).

    I really appreciate the way you shared your honest perspective regarding how when our younger ones mature, they begin to take shape, they begin to have a more constructive opinion that validates his/her rise and experience into adulthood.

    I think, what’s more important to me with your story is that it’s nice to be comforted by the fact that you’ve done your best to help ensure that our younger siblings are safe…

    THANK YOU for this blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing with us your relationship with your brother. As I’m growing older I’m becoming more appreciative of my relationship with my siblings, especially my older brothers [they’re 9-10 years older than me]. It’s just too cute when younger siblings give advices and at the same time sounding mature beyond their years. As well, to know that you played a role in their growing years and witnessing it first-hand is something to smile about.

    Another great read Jay!

  3. To have a relationship like that, that has lasted and is still strong is magic and a credit to your family and the dynamics within. Inspiring and heartwarming this be.



  4. awwwwwww thanks guys…much appreciated 😀
    Glad ya’ll stopped by and had a read, loving the responses too!
    It wasnt easy but hey..hard work pays off huh lol

    He sure is a gem haha. Thanks again!!!

  5. Awwwww Jay i still can’t believe he’s going to Uni…but i guess he’s following in your footsteps huh (OH NOOOOOO) hahahaha jks…man he is going to be quite a catch when he’s older…so him and ____ are quite serious?…wow! 🙂

    Well i still can’t wait till i get my butt down there…end of Feb 🙂 but till then keep me posted 🙂

    MWAHHHHHH cuzzie and mwahhhhhhhh to A.j too 🙂

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