I sat in my seat trying my best to take notes and not doze off to sleep (from staying up until early hours in the morning on 1SAMOANA) haha I know what an addict. The lecturer looked up at me she was annoyed at my cellphone going off. I knew it was a text because all I heard was my message tone JUST DO IT DO IT DO IT……………MY NECK MY BACK LICK MY ………AND MY BACK. I rambled through my huge bag feeling about for it.All I could feel was hair products,handfull of lipglosses,pens,scattered lollies from my dads fathers day ula lole and my folder of notes. I finaly got hold of it and switchd it off. I didn’t bother reading the message as I thought I was annoying forward.

My eyes got heavier and heavier and my grip on the pen got looser and looser. I felt the floor vibrating it was my cellphone again.I rambled through the bag once again and read it ”Hey cuzz is your mum ok?” I texted back “Yea cuzz shes good I spoke to her last night, she gonna b in Samoa 4 anothr few weeks”. My  cellphone went off again “Can u get in contact with her plz…….we worried about her”. I thought to myself GOSH, WHAT DRAMATIC FAMILY MEMEBERS!!!!!!

I chucked the cellphone back in my bag and kept writing. Again I felt the floor vibarating over and over, I picked it up and there 9 UNREAD TXT MESSAGES. My eyes lit up thinking YEAH THATS RIGHT FANS TEXTING ME. That dream was immediatly shattered as i read the last message out of the 9. ”HEY WELL????DID U RING OR WAT????TXT BAK NOW!!!!! THERE HAS BEEN A TSUNAMI IN SAMOA!!!!” By then the lecture had finished and I was on my way out to my tutorial for that day. It didnt hit me until I jumped on one of the student comps in the hallway googled the news and there it was all the info I needed. My heart just started to ache the first image in my mind was my mum. I just kept thinking ”….am I going to be loosing my mum?”

A week earlier before she left to Samoa to attend a title name court case bla bla bla we were constantly arguing over her making me change her return flight date over and over again. ”Mum I have to pay money everytime you want to make a change to your flight details!!” She always replied with ”I carried you in my stomach for 9 months” LOL and I replied with ”Well I did not ask you to did I?” LOL But now I was sitting there helpless tears streaming down my face and how I wished I had just gone with her as planned. When I viewed the map of the areas affected, my mum’s village (MUTIATELE,ALEIPATA) was right in the affected area. I wish I had not viewed the map. Still crying I started dialing my uncles cellphone number in Samoa. The longer it rung the harder I cried. Finaly my uncle answered. I asked (trying my best to be strong and sound not worried) if they were all alright. He paused, then said they all were alright. ”Is my mum alright?” I asked this time holding my breath in and letting all my tears flow down no matter if all my eyeliner dripped as well. He paused again and I closed my eyes ”IOE shes alright she’s on the other side of the hill the village has been demolished but we are all alright”. I kept crying this time tears of joy and relief. All day long I kept thanking GOD, for his protection over my family and for reminding me to appreciate my mum and that there are those out there who are not as lucky as I was.Those who were unable to go pick their mum up from the airport and see them smiling and feeling that warm hug again.

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  1. at first i was like: “heeeey! ..my neck, my back…*then i got up and dropped it hahaha* i love that song too!” then i kept reading..and omg! i know exactly wat you mean. i was in cook islands when it happened. and all i could think of was getting thru on the phone lines to my sister and her kids, my grandmother and mother. they were all i could think about. when i finally got thru and my little neice “bubba” got on the phone, I couldnt talk. i was trying to slow my breathing and stop myself from crying so much. then coming back to amerika samoa, and seeing it all for myself..it really gets to you *points to chest* there and *points to stomach* there. ur speechless, and u get all teary eyed. then ur hearin stories of those who survived it, those who were able to get outta reach of the waves and ur picturin it in ur head with the words from their mouth. u gasp each time they mention how they knew someone that didnt make it and how they saw it take so many lives. my thoughts and prayers to all the families of those lost. i lost 3 aunties and 2 cousins..all from leone. family is living on for them, as i know everyone else will be doing the same for those they’ve lost!

    seki, im very happy that ur mother is alive and well. blessing to you and your family..

  2. HIIIIIIIII profile72634,

    Much love for the comment & yes for sure it is a MAJOR BLESSING

    Im sorry to hear about your loss I pray that your fams are comforted through

    this hard time. For you to see it in front of you must of been hard!!!! Even for me

    seeing it via the internet was heartbreaking i had to stop watching footage at 1 stage cos

    I would cry right through and my mum seeing it happen and

    unfold in front of her very eyes has changed her totaly she cannot sleep and has told

    us stories of what she saw and finding the deceased after it took place shes a different person i

    tell ya. But thank you for your comment and i totaly understand ya!!!

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