Love blooms in whoop-whoopville for uni girls

Its not love, but it is something that distracts the mind and takes up most of our time.

We’re a bunch of girls who have a lot of guy mates, so socialising with the opposite sex is never a problem because most of the time, we are boys (except me lol); always chillin’ and talking about crap lol. But when a guy appeals to one of us in a different way, it gets a little awkward (as it does for most I’m sure). Every one of us girls has had at least one experience with having a ‘boo for the meantime’. It is moments like these that make us laugh so much that it is not even embarrassing anymore. (but really).
Theres four main characters, il go through em all and save me for last (cos its boring lol)
So whose story should I tell first?

Soldier boy I told ya.

– Before she met the guy
Tia’s season of love is perhaps the funniest and longest one out of all of us. She’s a Fijian girl and the youngest of the group. To me her flavour of guys is the dark chocolate ones lol, she loves Fijian boys but at times mistaken some for being T.I. And not T.I the hiphop rap artist, I’m talking about the natives from Torres Strait Islands.

Like this one time, we all headed out to a pub for karaoke night. Tia spots this guy who she thought was a Fob. We later found out he was T.I, because she asked him while hanging around him in the pokies room. He won a ridiculous amount of money and gave us a fifty dollar note. To Tia it was a piece of the pie, but to the rest of us we thought he was a tight ass lol. But they talked for a while and exchanged numbers. That was the first time we witnessed Tia ask for a boys number, she was so excited and confident. She believed it was the power of her Bob Marley T-shirt ha-ha. Things soon after got a tiny bit exciting, she was so hooked on this random and could not stop talking about him, but he was just another waste of time. Tia talked like she was in love but when he left her hanging one night she felt that she just left Paris and ended up back in Bangladesh.

Then she met John. Well before uni began, we were all informed that a Fijian boy was moving to town to join the army. Automatically Tia shouts “shot gun him first”, the rest of us thought it wasn’t that exciting but agreed he might be cool enough to hang out with.
On the night she actually met John was so embarrassing. Her fob-radar went crazy when she walked into a nightclub. After all the embarrassing dancing Tia finally decided to approach him. They talk for 2 minutes and Tia walks back to the girls all happy chappy. It was time to go home but Tia needed to say goodbye before leaving. Through the human maze Tia’s ‘Army-boy compass’ leads her straight to him, they talk about meeting up some other time for a few drinks.
We all get together one night for a few drinks and like always, we have a jam session. Tia performs a ritual which is where she shows her confidence and hogs all the solo parts of the songs. But just as she was getting on a high from all the singing Tia falls off the chair and hits the ground in slow motion LOL. Everyone laughs and is more concerned for the chair rather than Tia. John was there and saw the whole thing lol. So she runs off and hides behind the house for the rest of the night.
After the embarrassing moment from the night of drinking, Tia is somewhat still convinced that John liked her back. The girls try to explain to Tia that she’s losing the plot and that she needs to snap out of it before things get worse for her. But her obsession with soldier boys just grew and it gets on everyone’s nerves.
John and Tia exchanged one bebo comment a fortnight, and Tia memorised them lol. To Tia’s surprise the bebo comments stop and she turns to Jim Beam as the rebound guy. Then one night she calls John (this happened a few times really) but this time John put her on loud speaker which hurt her very much. John had no clue about Tia’s burning desire for him (even after all the obvious signs).
Finally a slumber night helps Tia get over him and her soldier boy phase, and vowed that she won’t be so stupid next time.

Tia is the youngest one so we knew she would have the silly ‘crush story’ but watching it all happen cracks me up lol. She learnt a lot from this. I do feel for her though, she really is an awesome person but she just creates these ‘fantasies’ in her mind and expects too much. It’s one of those ‘sucks to be her, but fun for us situations lol.

Foxy Alexis

Alexis is the coolest chick I know, she’s always smiling and enjoys chillin’ back with anyone. She would be the queen of chill out sessions if there was such a thing.
It was around the time Bebo created the application ‘Online Poker’, Alexis wasn’t the only dork who played it everytime, but every single person we knew around here from uni would play online. The online poker phase lasted throughout all of autumn for us, we would connect online and meet up in the same poker rooms LOL. Alexis though was addicted to playing online poker because someone was giving her all his chips. She would spend her nights playing online poker AND chat on msn, like whata multi-tasker guy lol. Now I don’t know how it works online, but once you get added on Bebo and on msn, you know you’re having a relationship lol. Well not exactly but clearly something is getting exciting. Alexis exchanged bebo comments, poker chips and mobile phone digits, she was on a roll.
There would be nights when Alexis would get phone calls, not from her family but the ones that make your voice automatically change to ‘sexy operator’ one lol. We all thought it was cute at first but then we would get all ‘jelly’ and would want to talk to him too. It was good for her at the time, she would get all excited and say random things about her future with him in it. But when the calls stopped, Alexis didn’t worry so much about it (but really lol). Poker online also stopped for us lol, we discovered cable t.v instead and procrastinated that way.

Siara the sneaky dude

Out of all of us Siara is much more tom-boyish. She can scare a lot of people especially when drunk. We use to call her ‘Fia cupid’ because she would force random guys to dance with us, even at times when we didn’t want to lol. But then we just crowned her ‘Jake Heke’ because of the obvious lol. The way she forced guys to dance with us, like ‘oh my gosh’ we would have almost three to four guys dancing with us at the one time. So with having Siara as the abusive one we never really see how she is when she’s actually trying to flirt or pick up guys. At the end of every night out we always spend a few hours discussing the night, trying to re-cap our memory of it. It is during this time we began to wonder that Siara has a different way of ‘flirting’. We always remember seeing Siara hang out with old fellas, putting them in head locks, scabbing drinks to share with us and inviting random strangers over to the house. She acts like this when she is drunk and we would just assume she’s being just that a ‘drunk bush bitch’ ha-ha, though there are moments that make us think she might actually like these strangers. She doesn’t like to be caught out like that lol. If we ever made little jokes to her like “ooh Siara has a crush on XYZ” she would automatically abuse us (and I know this from experience). Or she would whisper “nahh I don’t im just pretending”. LOL.
From re-examining many nights we have concluded that Siara flirts differently to us. She gets into a stupid conversation with a guy and laughs forever like a weasel with a dry throat lol. A few headlocks and punches to her are like hugs and kisses to me.

And as for me?
Well I haven’t had one in a long time ha-ha. Since dating a fuck-wit a couple years ago, I haven’t really been interested in anyone. I’m lazy, confused or scared..not sure really. I don’t hesitate to compliment guys on their style, looks or personality, its normal. But I always have my guard up. Though it doesn’t stop randoms from trying to convince me that they are the one I am looking for lol, one of the worst experiences I had was when a bloody Samoan guy took off his shirt in the middle of the main street in town and begged on his knees for me to go home with him. I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t escape from him. Thank goodness my mates drove by and rescued me. There is always someone who fancies me pantsies but thats as far i go. Other than that, I usually get involved in strange love triangles that I don’t even realise I’m in, until its too late.

These short ‘boy-crush’ stories still to this day make me and my mates laugh. Being so far away from ‘civilisation’ and a descent variety of good looking guys, anything goes in this town, as long as it stays in this town.

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  1. :o)

    Brava girl, enjoyed the journey, you know, an adequate name for your sisterhood would be The Charmed Ones heh heh….

    Much respects


  2. faamolmole a pe mafai ona faamatala mai le uiga ma mafuaga o le tatau male uiga sa o mo tagata samoa. faamolemole.

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