Man of sorrows, made to be sin

These are the words of JJW in Wrydah’s discussion: Scripture This

Oh yes I love that man of Galilee
According to the song that we sing
A man who was without sin but was made to be sin
For the souls of men to save and to redeem
Perfect yet guilty, sinless yet punished
He came in love and he imputed into us his righteousness
Just believe on Him and ye shall become a new creation
According to John, he fell down as dead
When he gazed upon his holiness
His glory radiant from his presence and countenance
But he left it all for a mission of mercy and grace
He grew up as a tender plant a root in a barren land
He has no form nor comeliness that we should desire him
The multitude looked upon him and saw the ugliness of sin
Horrified of the sight they cried, away with him and be crucify
Blinded eyes could not see that it was them, they’ve seen on him
Yet we did esteem him stricken smitten of God and afflicted
Guilty of love in the first degree he has set all men free
All sins he washed and cleansed, souls he has made whole
Spirits he has quicken, cause man of sorrows was made to be sin
The Bible says “he has no form nor comeliness that we should desire him”…Simply means ugly, undesirable, unseemly, horrific sight. that no one likes. the sight of sin, they all wanted to be done away with him.. no one ever imagine that what they saw was the ugliness of their own self, their sins (our sins) was laid on Jesus, and when the multitude looked upon Jesus they saw sin instead him, for he was made to be sin..Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.

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