Move over Sweet Valley …

I have a school girl crush on ghosTwRydah. It’s true. I can’t help but be smitten by the way words seem to fly off her prolific fingers in the shape of incredibly absorbing fiction. The kind that makes you wishfully-thinkingly see yourself in her characters. All I need to do now is rewind myself back to High School and meet a trio of hot-guy cousins who want me, and her latest tale could be my life story. *sigh* Thank goodness daydreaming is free…


Chi Moana was one of the most unusual Samoan girls at Menlo Atherton High School. She was intelligent, but humble; athletic but didn’t play sports for the school; pretty but not dolled up; friendly but not flirtatious; popular but not arrogant in her popularity.

All the boys knew about Chi and wanted to ask her out, but no one had the skills or the game to pursue her. Not until Senior year when there were not just one, or two, but three guys that actually worked their ways into Chi’s life and made an impression that would change all four of their lives.

Tasiaeafe Masaniai is the oldest of three cousins who’ve taken the popularity campaign far and beyond its natural status. Tasi is the quarterback extraordinaire of Menlo Atherton High School. Known primarily for his excellent skills of eluding the entire defense line, regardless of the team playing against them, Tasi was also an astute poet… that many knew nothing about… but Chi did, coz she wrote poetry with him.

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