My Long Distance Relationship Part II

Long Distance Relationship

So many people have asked about how me and my other half are. “How are you and Kuanti since the last time you wrote about your long distance relationship?” “Are you two still together?” “Do you two still talk?” “How do you do it?” Doing fine thank you, yes, yes and I’ll tell you how. Phone calls, emails, and messages to each other and through web cam on Up Chat here on One Samoana.

“Yes, but how do you hold on still after so long from being apart?” Simple. We cannot live with anyone else but each other. It maybe complicated for you, but it isn’t for us. Yes, the distance and time between us is hard. But if you have that special bond with a certain someone, you’ll understand how I feel. How no one else in this world can make me feel the way he does. How no one else can give me butterflies in my stomach when I think of him, talk to him, like he does. No one else in the world can love me for me the way he does. No one in the world can make me smile, make me laugh, make me do all the things I do now…but him. He is my life and I want, or need no one else but him.

“But that’s crazy!” So is love. “But how do you know he is being true?” My heart tells me and I totally trust him. “But what about temptation?” *smiles* We are only human. It took me awhile to know that because of him. “What do mean?” I’ll tell you that I am not perfect, nor anyone else in this world and I can only wish for it, but it isn’t any of my business. I can tell you how he chose to be with me forever and a day. I prayed
for him before I met him, waiting my whole life for him, and finally he found me. I cannot lose him. I cannot be without him.

So we are still miles apart. Still oceans apart. But our love is still strong, stronger than ever. Stronger than yesterday and the day before that. Imagine life without light. Imagine needing something so badly, and you cannot have it. Whatever it is, like air to breathe or food to eat or blood in your veins. Without that, you might as well be dead. Without him, I might as well be dead.

I was told that this was a test. “Do you still feel that it’s a test?” Everyday is. “So when do you plan on moving to be with him?” *sighs* I’d like to leave now. “Why don’t you?” *sighs* Financial reasons. I know that answer may not be enough for you, but know that it’s harder than you think when you’re living on the rock. That may not be a good enough answer for you either but you know what? He knows what I want and knows that he is where my heart is. But I do plan to be with him very soon. Like I mentioned, he is where my heart is and I WILL be with him again. I know that all this, this being apart from him for so long will be worth it when we are together again and we are so NOT doing this ever again. No matter what!

Just to clear up the air, we didn’t meet through One Samoana. I actually introduced him to the ville. It’s funny because some people think we did meet through One Samoana. I wish. *laughs* Wouldn’t that be a story? LOL But yea, how we met will probably be another story if I do decide to write about that. *smiles*

Hazel, if you’re reading this…LMAO…this is because you keep asking me for part two. LOL I hope this is enough for a bit, sis. HAHAHA

Thanks for reading guys. And in the words of Leila, I love you all like no other..

0 thoughts on “My Long Distance Relationship Part II

  1. dont give up. do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true mines did. 🙂 excuses are for the weak!

  2. I love this really this explains to everyone that long distance relationships can work…I am not a fan of long distance relationship but the bond between 2 people who can do it I really am down for the both of you seriously girl love how u put this 🙂

  3. ilove this, somethinq ican relate to as i am in a lonq distance relationship. ithouqht iwas craaaazy to be on this kind of relationship , but for some reason our love for each other is STRONGER than ever , that probably doesn’t make any sense but what i’m tryinq to say is even thouqh there is no physical chemistry qoinq on , the EMOTIONAL chemistry builds up trust , honesty and LOVE and thats how we remain FAITHFUL . ithank God for all this new technoloqy cause then me&mine will defs have problems LOL

    nice post . LOVED it 😉

  4. awwww siss, i looooove it . i love to hear stories of love . i pray that y’all continue to hold on ! absolutely an inspiritation to those who have lost hope in LOVE as well as LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP . thank you =) well have a BLESS’D day . Ly 😉

  5. Thanks guys for reading. It took me awhile to write it because I wanted to get it out right. I wanted to make sure that I got out “Yes I’m in this relationship. Yes we agreed on this. And no, we are SO NOT backing out of this because we love each other to bits!” I wanted to people to know that IT CAN WORK! That no matter what people say, you only know how it will be for you, and no one else! You make your own fate, as Kuanti and I have done.

    Love you all like no other 😀

  6. i could relate to this lol really cute, enspiring, thoughtfull and honest, like i say is really cute, no homo lol awsome story!

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