My Princess Memories

My first 5 years of my life is full of great stories. Young and innocent, daddys little girl and mummys live barbie lol. Born in Fairfield, a place that use to be a lot more colourful and exciting than it is now-a-days, and it was during the late 80s.

CCompared to my brother and sisters baby photos I looked Asian. It was hard to tell who I took after out of my parents lol. Mum took me to get a few baby photos done and the photographer suggested she send my photos to some commercial agency for babies. A few weeks later a letter arrives in the mail informing my parents that I was 1st runner up for the competition but I could still feature in some commercials. Mum was very excited but dad said no lol because he felt that it would lead to porn one day later down the track..LOL ofcourse it would aye. So dad just killed my dreams of being a porn star LOL.

I remember mum would dress me up in a different dress every day, I had so many shoes that all looked the same (shiny black with a buckle) and those ‘frilly’ white socks lol. There was a photo taken nearly every Sunday of my outfit lol I was soooo photogenic ha-ha always had the thumbs up in my pose, and I had heeeeps of dolls that I couldn’t take out of their boxes. I must have had chewing gum in my hair one time because my hair style was like a mullet lol long black hair and a rough spiky fringe that was cut weird. My nick name was ‘saiga’ and I always thought that was an English word lol.

The first few words I learnt to say were ‘I’m fucking’ lol, I couldn’t pronounce the word ‘nothing’ so when my parents asked me what I was doing, I would yell out ‘I’m fucking’ which doesn’t make sense but I’m assuming ‘I’m’ was meant to be ‘umm’ lol. I was also born a left hander but dad trained me to use my right hand by using the wooden spoon lol. I was walking before I was 1 and that’s because dad would bury my legs in the sand while standing..cruel or genius? Lol, and I stopped wearing nappies before I was 2 and that was because my potty was really shiny and pretty lol. When I had my tonsils removed I punched one of the doctors in the face lol as soon as I smelt the gas mask OML I panicked hahaha

I was the only child at the time and dad had his brother and sister living with us so I had a lot of baby sitters, which meant that I got spoiled a lot lol. I remember watching horror movies like ‘IT’ by Stephen King, ‘Chuckie’, ‘Rocky Horror Show’ and some crazy film about the devil and the bible lol. My mums sister and my dads brother were baby sitting me one day and they were too busy watching TV and I had somehow crawled out and fell down the stairs of our apartment lol. Then to make it worse about a week later my aunty drops me on the ground and I crushed my beautiful nose again lol. Now I have this real ‘fobby’ nose lol. And I copped a few ‘brain damage’ jokes too LOL.

I was badly allergic to mosquitoes and I would get massive bites that would swell and make my face look like I was 70years old lol so I had my own bed with pink sheets, pink pillows and a pink mosquito net.

I cried every time I heard the car engine start, when my plastic toy high heel shoes broke, got my finger jammed in car doors, found onions in my food, and when mum would make me use public toilets, lol. Also I remember crying for things that I wanted in shops like the usual lollies and shoes lol. I never liked wearing the same thing twice (if I remembered) and could not sleep without my unicorn night light and dads lullabies lol. One time i was eating my vanilla ice cream outside at the back while mum was cleaning inside the house. There was an Islander family living next door at the time and their little son jumped over the fence, took my ice cream out of my hands and jumped back over the fence. I screamed and cried so mum came out and started swearing at the kid over the fence lol.

Before I could walk it was just me and dad at home. Dad had just put me to sleep upstairs and he decided to head out “quickly” to make a few bets at the T.A.B lol. I don’t know how long he had gone for but apparently he came home and I was downstairs at the fridge. Mum and dad tell me that it was freaky and worrying because the stairs were steep and I could have easily of fallen down or in between the steps. Dad thought someone had broken in and tried to kidnap me lol but we all know dad was just scared because he knew he shouldn’t have left let alone gone to the T.A.B.

My aunty would tape video hits every weekend and I would watch them over and over for the week til’ the next weekend’ hence why I know so many one hit wonders lol. I also memorised the movies ‘Breakdance 1&2’, Beat street, No Retreat No Surrender and the Jackson Movie: American Dream.

When I was 3years old I walked out of the house with my toy trolley and ‘Baby’ (name of doll) down the street, across the road and into another suburb all by myself. Two nurses found me and asked me where my parents were and I replied, “ahhhhhhhh..ummmm” lol but I managed to take them to my house. Mum and dad had no idea I had left, how weird was that lol but I didn’t get a hiding because they were still surprised I had managed to get home safely lol.

Gosh I even remember crying over a school bag that my mum had bought for my first day lol I hated it so much, it was like sooo embarrassing all my older cousins had to talk me out of it, ofcors it didn’t work so I just got another bag lol.

Though I was telling mum about a bad dream I remember having when I was younger. It was about dad and one of his brothers fighting out on the street late at night. My grandma was there too and she had to take me away and put me to sleep because I saw blood and could hear shouting. Mum said it wasn’t a dream because it really did happen.

I remember a fair bit from my baby days, mum tells me stories as well and sometimes I think I was a little shit who was clever and bossy lol. I see it a lot in my younger cousins too who can be so sneaky and it makes me wonder if they do it deliberately or not lol but toddlers are the best age I rekon ha-ha. Wait til I share stories of when my sister was born lol she was so mean. But that’s pretty much what I can share lol.

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  1. haha thanks! lol tho i spelt a samoan word wrong ..i think lol..seiga’ not ‘saiga’ haha
    oh well..

    but thanks again.

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