Night Nurse Lina

Angelina Mose-Tuialii

LiNa is not just One Samoana’s teine foma’i o fa’afitauli. Offline Angelina Mose-Tuialii is finishing up her studies towards an actual career in nursing. Yup, this girl from Levin (in the mighty Horowhenua region hehe) is going to devote the rest of her life to taking care of people… and you only have to spend a little time with her (go on.. ask her for some love advice) to know that she’s good at it!

How did you find One Samoana?

Baby Chiko sent me a link but I kinda ignored it, back then I was being loyal to bebo and only bebo haha. It wasn’t until I gotta text from her saying “omg u gotta check this out, they’re talking about the size of guys penis’ on 1sa” next thing you know I’m in there and replying to Kilifi’s discussion under Baby Chiko’s username lmao. From then on I was hooked … not to the penis discussion but to 1sa! Se tsk tsk! Lol

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

CRAZIEST: Ok I think I’ve been on 1sa long enough to see some crazy stuff go down in here that’s why I love 1sa so much lmao

  • A female native following her online beau in every Up Chat room throwing all these abusive words in English and Samoan to the poor bugger. I don’t think they went beyond their online relationship either lol.
  • Drunken moments in the forums and Up Chat oi aue! Stay away from the computer when ur under the influence. I think it’s about time we bring out the criminal records for all those who have CUI (chatted under the influence) *coughs*
  • Debates in the forums. Especially pe a vaai aku le kagaka makua le fekaui aga guku ae le masau mai a laga magaku lmao. Have to admit, even though there’s been some eatar*e natives who are so determined that their view is the only view; they definitely bring out the spark in everyone to get on and reply lol.
  • Sir Nayfe and his R rated discussions AND the replies *faints* nasty nasty! Lol
  • Fake profiles. It’s so crazy that some people would spend all their time and energy to make up shiz like that. They seriously need help tsk tsk!


  • Listening to BB on the mic teaching everyone how to do the haka and the pukana … bleh bleh
  • Au Kalepe sessions (when I was an active member lol)
  • Seeing who made the snake list every year LMAO
  • The late night sessions on CHAT (especially le au sifi po mai NZ and OZ) … a lot of funny stuff goes down in the early hours of the morning lol
  • Starting up the BAV crew *in a stern voice* I think it’s a significant group, especially for those independent Samoan women in their mid 20s and older. We take this group very seriously and it’s soooooo funny (and sad at the same time) how certain people think we’re all crap. I’m not looking at anyone in particular *gives WAAV evils* but you know, it’s a jungle out there and when you’re on every man’s hit list you got no choice but to become a BAV!

What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

My first time working in a hospital ward there was a Samoan elderly woman who was suffering from COPD. She spoke very little English, every time the nurse or doctors went in to check up on her she would just smile and nod her head. I wasn’t assigned to her but the nurse looking after her came to me after medication round and asked me to go in with her to do a MMA. The nurse needed me to translate all the questions for her. Now my faasamoa isn’t flash especially when it comes to medical terms, I looked at the questions and I was like “oh em gee how am I going to translate all this?” I walked in her room and she looked at me with that “relief” look, she knew I was Samoan as soon as she seen my name tag. We started talking and gosh I will never ever forget how she kept smiling at me and saying stuff like, “magaia kele lou galuega … koaga e vaai kakou kagaka” I was so moved and so proud to be Samoan when I heard her say that.

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

  • Nursing
    Everyone has different views when it comes to hospitals. I know I hated hospitals before I started my nursing training. I hated seeing sick people, the smell of sick people and just the thought of doctors and nurses sticking needles into people’s arms. So being a nurse never ever crossed my mind when I was younger. I got into nursing because I needed a stable career, especially with the recession going on. I did for the job. After 3 years of training, I can now say that I do it for the love of nursing. As a nurse, we care not only for the individual, but for their families as well. The families depend on us to look after their loved ones in their most vulnerable state. Nursing has definitely opened up my eyes. It’s the holistic approach that has made me look at life at a different angle.
  • Pacific Island Children and Youth

    When you realise that you have a responsibility for the upbringing of the younger generation, you can’t help but make it your passion to ensure that they are provided with the best and only the best. Being a mother and a nurse has made me aware of how much these children and the youth depend on us for guidance and nurturing. I owe this particular passion to my nursing career. Public health/Paediatric nursing all the way!

  • Performing arts

    Love love love the stage! Whether it’s music, acting, dancing or watching a performance as an audience member. Been involved with a lot of performing arts events within our church and community.

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Currently working on a production for our church youth. We’re hoping to make it into a road show and tour it around the schools in our area *fingers crossed* still discussing and planning it at the moment. Can’t wait though, been awhile since I’ve been on stage, I’m usually behind the piano when it comes to things like this lol.

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

My favourite success quote: Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Shoutouts definitely to the diehard crew who are still going strong on 1sa since 2008, no names will be mentioned because I don’t want the rehab centres for chatters calling you lmao. To all the other natives, faamalosi e omiomi mai i le kakou aai. Aga leai oukou ua leva oga kapugi laka faleo’o shiet lmao


Ok guys you can wake up now, I’ve finished. Pooh u! Lmao.

HGG Notes about Lina:

* Aaaanyyyywayyyy.. lol
* Do you not just LOVE that pic up there of Lina and her baby Kaydence?
* Fellow native BabyChiko strikes a cheeky pose with Lina in this one (right)
* Back when we could still keep up with everybody’s pages, Lina’s faleo’o was nominated for best in the ville. Still lovin the great color & texture combinations going on there!
* If you’re lookin for an education, Lina’s blog is where you need to be. Learn:

…about the medical field, in her series of posts For the Love of Nursing

…about SEX (and family), in 21 and Pregnant

…how to secretly check out that deliciously fragranced guy, in The “2 seconds” Look

* We opened an entire Village Fono category at the request of this dedicated nurse. Get informed about health and discuss well-being in Soifua Maloloina.
* Trust this super-organised lady to send me her interview questions in a well-formatted, spell-checked document file.. with bullet points even!
* Ohhh so SHE’s the culprit behind the Beautifully Angelic Visions. I so shoulda known. 😀

0 thoughts on “Night Nurse Lina


    The president of the how ms HGG wants 2 put it: Beautifully Angelic Visions!

    Luv Luv Luv this gurl! Especially when shes going hardowt in the forums to prove her point on a particular discussion *coughz* not naming names lolz..

    Yes another 2008 native watt watt! A pleasure to be recruited into the BAV krew & also a pleasure to have known Lina for so long on 1samoana…

    Much Luv 2 yah sis xo

  2. Lina`girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! I looooooooooooooove you long time dear! That pic of you and your babygirl is absolutely priceless! She takes after her mama 😀

    Loved this piece on you! I always enjoy reading your educational blogs not to mention your “you make me say OOOOOH!” short stories…hehehe. Keep up the great work that you’re doing for our people 😀

  3. Beautifully Angelic Visions!!! I told HDOLL that’s what it means! Yiiikes dirty minds! LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    *hugs hugs hugs hugs Ms Lina*
    “..but you know, it’s a jungle out there and when you’re on every man’s hit list you got no choice but to become a BAV!..” hahahahahahaa girrrrl sho’ u riiiight! *hi 5’s Ms Lina* OMG i sooo sooo love it!
    Awe and ur baby is just the biz neez! She’s so beautiful! 😀
    Love it Ms Lina..I’m glad to be a part of the BAV and to run a muckus with you and the rest of the BAV ladies in the ville haha 😀

    oooo indeed at spot for HGG!! i agree i agree!! 😀

  4. hahaaha, I love your sense of humour ‘n’ your easy going personality, am sure; – iM one of em’ hard-out natives, hahaaaaha always scanning around for a native point of view, completely OFFLINE, hahaha OUT THERE ‘n’ mighty high {UP}. hahaaha, hahaaha…. LOVES Lina & baby & the aiga atoa heheehe, you’re a beautiful persona and I’M thrilled with gratitude you’re one of my online mates.
    God Bless sistoa, hope that LOTU project OPTS ‘o’ 4 awesum tunes, ringadindin. xD

  5. LINAAAA WOHOOOOOO I LOVE U lmao yeah thought id throw that in …lmao @ die hard crew ahem ahem wonder who they are? loved reading your native spot suga …yes everyone LINA IS DABOMB.COM such a real person unlike some plastic fake & phoneys ive met along the way & all the SLIPPERY SLIMEY SNAKES buahaha much love suga!

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