No home for homosexual unions in Hawaii

Last year 33 of the 51 house members of the Hawaiian House of Representatives voted in favour of a bill that would create same-sex civil unions in the state.  However, on Friday last week, the House leadership postponed the bill indefinitely after a large campaign by many conservative Christian groups to have the proposed law stopped.

The bill would have granted homosexual partners all the legal benefits of marriage, except the name itself, and would have made Hawaii the sixth state with a similar law.  As many of you would know, Civil Unions were successfully made into law in 2004 here in Niu Sila/New Zealand – something I supported back then, and still support now.  Six years on, the world hasn’t ended, the sky hasn’t fallen through, and any moral decay already existing in society hasn’t increased since many New Zealanders have taken on Civil Unions.  In fact, life has gone on as normal.


I think the Hawaiian legislature, and the conservative Christians who opposed the bill, are wrong. 

Firstly, Civil Unions are not marriages, although I wouldn’t have a problem with marriage for same-sex couples either.  So on one hand, the ‘institution’ of marriage is protected if same-sex couples can only have Civil Unions.  However, on the other hand, why should the State deny same-sex couples the right to be married?  Anything less, even by name, seems discriminatory.  I know many of our people are quite conservative when it comes to this topic, and would retort that marriage is between a man and a woman, made before God – “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

But such an argument leads me to my second point.  The separation of Church and State.  The State should not have a preference of religion.  Secular States cannot be biased to one religion especially in an increasingly diverse population.  Therefore we can’t or shouldn’t use our own personal morals and impose it on everyone else.

And thirdly, as I mentioned above, same-sex couples being married doesn’t hurt anyone, unless you have your own prejudices or bigoted views.  If Aunties Tom and Dom from down the road decided to get married/have a Civil Union, how does that change anything for you?  Do they suddenly smell really bad?  Do they impinge on your right to walk down the road?  Do they hurt your eyesight now they are in union of some kind?

At my old job there were a couple of openly gay men.  To be honest, I initially was disgusted.  They were loud and flamboyant, always wanting to know everybody’s news.  But during my time there, they were the most understanding of people, and very loyal friends to not only myself, but everyone else too.  I’m not saying every gay person is flamboyant or loyal, but my initial feeling of unease was unfounded and to this day we have good friendships, just like the many other friendships I have made over the years.  I realised they are normal people. 

Soon after the passing of the law in 2004, the couple had a Civil Union.  And guess what?  We are still friends.  Nothing changed in our friendship, in our interaction, in their attitudes to others.

At the societal level, why must we deny normal the right to be in union of some sort afforded to other normal people?  On the theological level, let God be the sole judge on ALL of us for ALL our actions, including how we treat same-sex couples.

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  1. I concur with the writer of “no home for homosexual etc” up to a certain point. I think he has honestly expressed his thoughts and they were well expressed in the spirit of honesty and love. I too agree that the gay population should at least be entitled to the civil union act. California recently underwent great uphevel with the gay population in their strainous opposition to “Proposition 8″ that called for only marriage between man and woman to be valid and recognized in California. This was put to a vote first in 2000 and as you probably know it was approved by the people of California by over 61%. Due to the unfair action of four activist judges in San Francisco who wrongfully overturned the people’s vote, a measure was needed to pass a constitutional amendment to restore the definition of marriage as between a man and a women. This was again put to a vote recently and needless to say, the voice of the people again voted to protect the sancity of marriage. However this subject is far from over. The opponents of this bill vowed a fierce fight and it continues. Over 1.1 million Californians signed the petitions to put prop 8 on the ballot. Why the gays are fighting to change something that has been in force since the begining of time when their needs are already met under the California law called “the domestic partnership” . This law gives them all the rights , benefits, and protections as married spouses. The Prop 8 does not change this. While gays can live as they choose, they should not have the right to redefine marriage for the rest of society.

    Now I would like to comment on your belief that same sex marriage doesn’t hurt anyone and shed some light on why it would. I will first attempt to discuss this from a non-christian view and I will be frank because their is no easy way to explain things that need to be said. Marriage between same sex will over all reduce marriage into nothing more than a contractual relationship between adults. The interests of childern and families will have a slim to no consideration in the marriage process because gays cannot procreate. Courts should not decide wither or not teachers should teach our children that gay marriage is acceptable. This important matter should be left up to the parents to discuss with their childern according to their own values and beliefs. The state code requires that teachers instruct childern starting in kindergarten about marriage. If gay marriage is made legal the teachers will have no choice but to teach children that their is no difference between gay marriage and traditional marriage. This will result in great mental confusion for especially children. Churches, pastors will be forced to marry gay couples against biblical and Christian beliefs. What do you think would happen to society if this was to happen? and all because a certain population wants to “be married” to feel normal or for what ever reason they feel it so compelling to all of sudden be “married”? These are only some examples of moral decay and of family deteriation that has already started ages ago. On the Christian side of my belief I will say this. For you to fully understand the serious impact of how this will affect society and the world you must first be an active true Christian to understand. It is all in the scriptures. This is a good example of “history repeating its self”. The Lord has warned and forwarned his people in biblical days starting from the time of the great flood, to the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah, to the confounding of the language of his people in the Tower of Babel to the killing off of his disciples to the death of Our Savior Jesus Christ. How did this all come about? Moral decay. Refusal to listen to warnings, disobedience to God, prideful display of their will, and disbelief . It is happening again. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He has not changed, nor has his commandments. It is we that has changed and have distant ourselves from him.

  2. Thank you Niu for your article, your arguments are practical and you summed it all up with “On the theological level, let God be the sole judge on ALL of us for ALL our actions, including how we treat same-sex couples.”

    Tonu had a good reply, however I would disagree to the “Marriage between same sex will over all reduce marriage into nothing more than a contractual relationship between adults.” and I argue the fact that it would be ‘gay marriages’ that will make marriage a contract – basically because ‘STRAIGHT’ couples are fkng up the sanctity of marriage by themselves hahaha… I don’t have any statistics at hand but could definately research into it and PROVE that DIVORCE is at an all-time high and in a world where straight marriage is legal everywhere – the statistics, im safe to presume shows that ‘marriage’ is ALREADY just a ‘contractual relationship’.

    God IS the same yesterday, today and tommorow – he has not changed, nor has his commandments – however by the looks of things… its up to suitable ‘interpretations’.

  3. Thank you Tonu and Screamingtree for your comments.

    I agree with Screamingtree. The rate of divorces in nations like the US and NZ has increased over the last 50 years. Should we then be stripping the label of marriage from hetrosexual couples that are not Christians?

    The sanctity of marriage should not based on the genders of the couple, but in the strength of their relationship. Why should a hetrosexual relationship, where the husband could be a spouse abuser and the wife in turns abuse their children, be seen as superior to a homosexual relationship where the couple could be loving humans with no abusive nature at all? Of course abuse occurs in every type of relationship, whether it is homosexual or hetrosexual. But that’s the point, homosexuals are just as normal as hetrosexual couples.

    However, I acknowledge Tonu, that you’ve mentioned the inability of homosexual couples to procreate. But there are technological advances that allow for homosexual couples to create families. Even if there weren’t technological advances, it cannot be said that all hetrosexual couples can procreate. For whatever reason many hetrosexual couples are unable to have kids, yet we do not deny them the label of marriage.

    I am a Christian and although my views may differ from yours Tonu, I believe that if my reasoning is wrong, then let it be God who judges the actions of our homosexual neighbours. All we need to do is keep loving our neighbours whether they are homosexual or hetrosexual.

    Thanks, again guys for the comments. Enjoy the discussion.

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