Now Health Care?

My Fellow Americans,

I have been trying desperately to avoid hearing the mainstream media’s  sell, or favor for Chairman Obama’s latest government take-over, our Health Care system.

It is bad enough , since he has taken office, we have seen a classic Statist at work. First , the Banks on Wall Street, AIG and the insurance industry, the Auto Industry (except Ford), and now his latest attempt at what the leftist in his party call “Health Care Reform”.

Did someone dig up and revive Lenin , Marx and Trotsky , change their appearance and re-name them Obama , Emanuel and Pelosi? I hope you all (Los Americanos) see the Big RED tide heading in our direction. It is called CHANGE , moreover Reform Change, Chairman Obama style. If you haven’t yet , then keep your eye on your paycheck, retirement ,and savings plans because somebody has to pay for it and it certainly won’t be your “elected” or should I say appointed (looking ahead) officials.

This president has double-talked and side-stepped every issue raised  about the downward direction of this country but yet we will never hear anything from  CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox , CBS (aka the Government Media Complex) for Chairman Obama has all of them on his “list”. God forbid we bring up the question about his true place of birth (*coughs Kenya)  much less Health Care. I hear the new Siberia is somewhere up in Alaska.

Here in the U.S. we have the greatest Health Care system in the world – bar none! and with that comes the most highly trained Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists etc, but yet we need  the US Government to reform it? Last time I checked, we have Canadians , Mexicans  and British flying over for  health care services that they could never receive (in this life time) in their perspective countries. Why? because Government run health care sucks!

In the US , we don’t have to wait fifteen years to see a doctor about a  sore throat. We don’t take numbers for a raffle where the winner would get visit a dentist for a toothache. When we need surgery for ourselves or loved ones, we don’t hear the underpaid, over worked  surgeon advise  us that we can live without that arm , leg, or heart? We have access to our own healthcare records online, we can whine about waiting fifteen minutes in the pharmacy only to have a choice between brand name or generic, and then whine more about paying the difference between the two. When hospitalized , we can be moved into a more private room to accomodate all of our relatives and their loud ass, unruly children. Where else can you get the undivided attention of a whole hospital team of qualified Doctors, Nurses , Residents , eager their teams of learning students?

The cost? well that would be their (leftists) banner- Affordable health care for everyone. Really? or more like subsidized or Free health care for immigrants that aren’t here “legally” and their 8 million children, being popped out like rabbits because they can get “more”  money for free. Free? not entirely. You see with all this “change” comes a price. This president has vowed to cut the National Deficit in half- only after he expands it ten-fold.  Genius!

There was a point in my life where I could not afford things, such as health care insurance, car insurance  or even lunch! But ,I get up everyday and ask God to provide me the strength to go out and work and  provide life’s necessities but I know I have to work hard and yes, actually pay for them. This new sense of entitlement without paying  is only the genesis of Sugar Daddy Government dependency, candy coated and doubled talked by Chairman Obama himself.

Nothing is FREE because somebody will always have to pay.

Work harder America! Millions of free-loaders are depending on you!



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  1. Interesting piece eeeedeezy. Naturally, because I stand on the opposite side of the political spectrum from you, I would argue FOR universal health care as we have here in NZ. But then again, I’m not in the US, and I appreciate there are major differences between the two countries.

    But taking this from a cost/benefit analysis to the tax payer, it is better in the long run to have universal healthcare. By giving more access to health facilities for more people (rather than access being dependant on if you can afford health insurance), the general health of the population will improve, meaning less health dollars needed to treat health issues that start off preventable but can develop later down the track into costly surgical operations. The taxpayer wins.

    Or is it really “every mad for himself”, “always gotta be a winner (and a loser)”, “might is right”-type of society over there in the US?

  2. Thanks for your reply. What we dont need is access or more access to health care for we already have the best privately run system in the world. Our health care professionals have spent years in school , interning, residencies, and hours upon hours of board testing in their respective states. A government run health care system will only add restrictions, delay and lower payment to these professionals, lower the quality of care towards patients, and flood the system with regulations as to whom will receive certain procedures and when.

    We all know to well the nightmarish stories that come from across the pond and up in Canada. Patients wait months for basic care and even longer for serious operations.
    If Universal health care works so well, why are these people flocking to the US for care and the necessary medications that correspond to their ailments?

    The problem with this presidents “bill” Niusila is that he has way too many loopholes that will only benefit a certain few and not the “many” he so desperately tries to sell..
    His bill cannot serve two masters, he’s either gotta be forthwright and honest and call a spade a spade or go on living the lie he likes to call “Change”

    The only winners in this bill are his administration and his socialists supporters in his party, America will always give a man or woman an opportunity to be a winner. It’s coming back from losing that builds might, character, and pride in providing for one’s self and not relying on Government to feed our mouths with our own money. We already know where our mouths are, but socialism thinks otherwise! lol. Alofa atu, Edgar.

  3. Thanks Edgar

    From my readings, it appears as though the President’s “Act” (I assume that since it’s law now, it’s no longer a bill?) will provide health care coverage for the working poor, a large proportion of the population that are not poor enough to get Medicare, but are not rich enough to gain private medical care through their jobs.

    Generally speaking, the bottom line for private health providers and insurers is profit for shareholders, not the health of patients. Universal public health care, on the other hand, aims to provide as much health care to as many people as possible. Healthier populations mean less costs to the tax-payer further down the track.

    Equally, we, outside of the US, hear ghastly stories about the US health care system. With people having to prove they can afford an operation, otherwise they are turned away and left to die. What type of humane society is that? Or are the stories we hear incorrect?

  4. Niuzila, sorry my brotha for the late late response!

    Yes, comrade Obama has gotten his bill passed, but it came with so many back door deals and stipulations, it will take a decade or two to pass or even enforce.

    Yes bro, profit is the name of the game in a capitalist society. These people, like a shop owner , car dealer or any other service provided, is indeed in business to make money. Thats the way it is and thus far, it has worked.

    Socialism will not work here bro. We will always have the poor and the rich. Its your choice in this country to be poor, rich or struggling middle class and we will always have the lazy and the criminals. Universal health care is one step backwards for us here in the US. The far left Marxists, who have infiltrated the Democratic Party, only want to “re-distribute” other peoples money, but never, never their own. It never worked in the Soviet Union, China, or Cuba.

    Unfortunately, we have a class of Socialists here (I believe you call them Labor there- joke) the ride the tide of Race, whoa is me, pity me pity you but in the long run, will never let a homeless person eat at their own table- let alone allow them to share in their personal wealth.

    Hope all is good man! God save America! At least the Conservatives will hopefully turn Britain around- I pray for my own country!..Alofa atu. EP

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