oh myspace the humor

Im usually not one to comment or respond back to silliness, and I don’t usually (usually being keyword) tolerate stupid, but this broad had me rolling.  I thanked her for the drama, however handed it back to her… In the good words of some of us fobs ” you gan keeb it!”

Maybe I should go into details as for why and how I received this email.

2003 got married

2003 – 2009 roller coaster, kids & separation

i brokes it downs didn’t i? lol

Anyways.  I get this message in my myspace in box claiming that I’ve lost my position in the ex’s life and that I need not worry because he’s well taken care of.  Mind you as I’m reading this email, I’ve fallen off of my chair going thru hysterics, laughing my ass off.  For the first in awhile, the simple knowledge of this man in some other females life didn’t hurt me a bit, it use to.. well yea, because of the whole “we’re married” part, but now? It even surprised me.   I was on the verge of taking my bra off and running around screaming freedom, might be TMI and I’m straying off the subject.   In response to this broads letter, I emailed back asking how she knew I had been the ex, trust being on myspace I was actually trying to be incognito and I received this response:


“how old are to old to play BE playin cat in mouse ( dont know, you tell me first how the hell the cat got into the mouse?)

it is what it iz (damn she’s got me stumped, why be around the bush? answer the what it is question first)

an you should be da one worried i no were i stand an u stand in his life an u r  in da past life where you need to stay (Funny as hell, she just went around in circles.. past life? I died? wtf?)

an it must be all the way in the past cause you cant even call him an ask him about me cause you no what it iz between yall 2 ( 1. I had a calling card, 2. LOL she got me twisted & 3. what I look like rising from the dead to make a phone call? I understand the past life mofo get on with the story)

but any way ur no threat to me ( Threat? this broads spellings her threat, im just a tease)

an please get a life you r 27 years old go chase some paper (
I really think she got me on this one. lol… not. C’mon now.. I pay my own bills, feed my own kids, what I look like trying to explain that to a 20 year old female who think her gangstah punanais gonna keep a man? that junk would get garbled)

call him talk about yall two kids or new baby an WHO BABY!? LMAO ( And once again calling the ex, what for?The broad laughs because she mentions my kids, but I’m laughing cause she dont know what she talking about)
LOVE <—- I thought this was the cutest, even with that bent up anger she still manages to actually have the good feelings towards me.

and DFB stands for…. yall could make that junk up, I refuse to decipher acronyms that have no meaning to my life.   Wait… 1 try, Dumb Fudgn’n Blonde? hehe.. I like this one.

How I responded to this email:

Actually I didnt take offense to your first email, neither did i care much for your second one, I meant it as a question like “how did you know it was me” type of thing.
I didnt come at you as a threat, neither was I trying to be.  And if YOUR mood “laughing at hoes” was aimed at me, if you dont know me, dont judge me. OR it takes one to know one.

Im 27, i’m grown, I work, I take care of my kids, glad you know that much about me.   You felt the need to laugh about my kids, New baby and Who baby; honestly, what you heard I’d probably not deny, but you shouldnt be bringing em up like that, because THEY aren’t ANY of your business. (Even if youre his future and I’m his past <— i like that one)
Heres a headliner,
He’s still married.

So where you stand in his life, (to which I’m glad that YOU really know where you stand) is none of my business. so I’ll be the bigger person in saying Sorry I asked.

And youre right I know what’s between us, and I aint worried. OBVIOUSLY you think you know also.  and you aren’t worried?

One last thing, You could have the last say in whatever these emails are, if you felt you’ve put me in my place, guess you have..

Aww love?
Hugs and Kisses,
The Old One.

Figured I’d keep my dignity, not stoop down to this chicks level and keep my appetite.  I honestly didn’t quite care about how she felt on things, I only called him to let him know if he didn’t keep his lil pitbull in her place I’d have her spayed, or neutered (spelling check needed) lol.  Literally.

0 thoughts on “oh myspace the humor

  1. LOL! Internet fighting is so cool, especially relationship ones! thanks so much for this post sis, glad you took the higher, as everybody should – just an insecure little girl who has started to date your ex.

    and come on, doesn’t everyone hate that damn gangster txt talk? LOL

    Malo Lava!

  2. its amazing how people actually get all worked up. i mean like using the internet to create drama like that. and then they talk smack..like tryna TYPE BEAT someone to death. that never EVER made any sense to me..still doesnt *shrugs* lol@dumb fudgn’n blonde yea i like that one hahahahaha..get it girl!

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