‘People’s Mayor’ – Len Brown in fight of his life

He’s hardly a bow and arrow sort of guy – let alone a green tights, feather in hat wearing bloke, but Manukau City Mayor Len Brown has clearly informed the Auckland public at large that he’s “Da Mayor” for the Poor. Sure, he’s pandering on the notion that he’s the mayor for all Aucklanders, but lets face it – Len Brown’s main supporters are South Aucklanders, many of whom are low income earning citizens.

The sad thing about this is that most of the South Auckland population, numbering in the 1000s (clear as day – with these numbers, Brown is guaranteed the coveted Seat) while they are verbal in the lead up to the election, they do not actually make it out to the polling booths come election day. This is something that current Auckland City mayor, John Banks is…well….’banking’ on. Even more lucky for Banks, there are a number of other ‘possible’ mayoral suitors vying for the seat. They will no doubt steal vital votes from the Brown camp.


This has become extremely evident when the doors opened this past week and in walked NZ Olympian and entrepreneur John Walker. A current Manukau City Councillor under the leadership of Brown, Walker has done extremely well to promote himself in the South Auckland region particularly from the sporting aspect. Many of our Samoan/Pacific island youth have been recipients of Walker’s generosity, skills and knowledge. This could hurt Brown’s ascent, more than the ‘credit card scandals’ pre-campaign trail.

I personally like Len Brown. Even with the heart problems of yester-year, Brown has a strength un-matched by any of his supercity opponents, Walker included. There is something about him and the way he is around the public that clearly places him paces ahead of the rest. He’s a ‘politician that can laugh’ and do it because he genuinely wants to laugh and not because everyone else is. He can lead without having to comb his hair, change his shoes and don a shirt/tie and suit.

I hate ‘leaders’ who feel that in order to be a leader he/she will have to run in the house and slap on an executive immaculate wardrobe. Who says a tie signifies a ‘leader’? (Okay so most of the fashion magazines and executive brochures do….but who says they always have to be right? conformity at its greatest….break out everyone…Break OUT!!!)

So, these next two months are going to be interesting indeed. I don’t know which basket the Samoan community in Auckland will be or should be placing their eggs. However for me, my vote will be for LEN BROWN. Not because of the policies and issues he stands for, but because he could care less about whether you have millions of dollars in your bank account or whether you’re under your bed looking for coins that you think fell under there last week. LEN BROWN is the ‘PEOPLE’s MAYOR’.

One thought on “‘People’s Mayor’ – Len Brown in fight of his life

  1. I like this post and couldn’t agree more. Len Brown would make an excellent mayor for this so called ‘Super’ city council that will be coming into existence despite the lack of support for it.

    One thing though is good ol Mr Len Brown has managed to get support from my West Auckland friends and family too!

    And you’re right – I’ve found my own siblings simply point to the billboards and say “yeah i hope he becomes mayor.. He’s funny and ‘kick back’..” However when i asked if they had posted there election forms back they couldn’t recall where they had put them!

    It’s been a problem with trying to get people to vote and even harder when it is something you have to post back. I really do hope people place their vote because people in other parts of the world are killed to try and do such a thing. In addition, once the council has been formed, we are all governed by their decisions whether we voted them in.


    And if you can’t pick… Then vote for Len Brown LOL

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