President Obama’s next $timulu$ flop.

” Hope and Change” was  the campaign slogan Mr. Obama used during his 2008 tour of the US and eventually got him into the White House. Forward three years later and the country’s economy has changed for the worst- and hopefully next November, we will see a “change” in the White House.

On Wednesday Mr. Obama’s THIRD attempt at wasting Tax Payer money on what he calls a Jobs Bill, was fortunately shot down in the Senate . This president really thinks that by spending money “we ain’t got”, the government can create 2 Million new Jobs!

Mr. President, since when has any government created or earned anything? Are the MILLIONS of out of work Americans going to enlist in the Army,Navy, Air Force or Marines? Will they be hired to be 2 million extra Secret service agents, Border Patrol agents, Coast guard, Policemen and women, or Firemen? I don’t think so because we don’t enforce our immigration laws and protect the borders anyway, but that’s a different story!

I seriously hope that someone in your staff has informed you that all of the aforementioned jobs are paid for by (guess who) us! The U.S. TAX payer!!! And to think you have the nerve to ask us again for another 447 Billion? For what? to add to the 14 Trillion debt we already owe? I don’t even know how many zeros are in a trillion!

I remember the first “stimulus” flop. Mr. President, you and your house of Leftists (some, by the way, are very RICH and wealthy , don’t let their caring speeches fool you) passed through. You remember, Goldman Sach’s, Wells fargo, AIG and Bank of America all received the “bail out ” money. Now Bank of America is losing so much money that they are cutting, YES, cutting thousands of Jobs. Well that’s after they spent their free government cash on CEO bonuses and stock options, you know, insider trading (*coughs) stuff .

I remember the big Auto Makers excluding FORD took their Stimulus money real quick, without a thank you, and look at the  Motor City( Detroit ,Michigan)  today.Detroit  has become America’s biggest ghetto. Empty Houses, Schools and yes FACTORIES. Yes, you know the ones that got Tax payer money to help get and retain union jobs! They are out of work too. I guess the union bosses forgot to mention that to all their dues paying employees at GM and Chrysler. The 130 Billion dollars they received went to their own personal bank accounts, but they did tell them that most of them were about to lose their jobs! Gotta love them Unions. Sorry Mo Town!

Free healthcare? Yeah that’ s working out just fine. Hospitals are being questioned about fraudulent billing practices just to make more money from Medicare. Here in the U.S. the factories that are making drugs are cutting back so now we have  nation wide shortages of medications due in part to government regulations, taxes , and the raw materials needed to produce them. We have to rely on some ” grey market” pharmaceutical distributors that buy up drugs in bulk and then price gouge pharmacies and hospitals. Some drugs  are near or past their expiration dates and have not been properly stored thus causing contamination and  drug re-calls and in some cases, patient deaths.

This President and his administration has been delusional about throwing money at a problem would some how make the economy get back on track. The ONLY thing the government can do is stay the Hell out of private business, cut taxes on business, cut regulations and reduce spending.

Someone posted on FB the other day. ” 10 years ago , we had Bob Hope, Johnny Cash , and Steve Jobs. Today with this President, we have no JOBS, NO CASH and No HOPE”

Come on November 2012-

5 thoughts on “President Obama’s next $timulu$ flop.

  1. 100% RIGHT. This article is true. I watch Fox News and they same the same thing. Sadly all the liberals always attack them. The worst are the Meuli’s (Most of them). They always blame the Republicans, Conservatives, White Americans (as well as other honest working Americans), and rich people (which have nothing to do with the economic problem). I hate to say this but Herman Cain is right. His people have been mislead signifanctly. Bill O’Reilly, that’s the man. His shows are also good. We need more people like the Bill O’Reillys, Ronald Reagans, Abraham Lincolns, and other like minded great American leaders. Other than that this was great article. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, DB. It’s funny here in the US how the liberals would want specific ethnic groups to play the “race” card when it comes to ANYTHING, but label any conservative or independent as the racist. As if all Blacks, Latinos , White or even Samoans vote the same just because of their ethnicity!

    p.s. How did you survive that jump? And what did you do with the money? < j/k 😉

  3. ARE YOU SERIOUS ?????? Don’t be too much of an out of touch jack about what this president is doing for all of us middle and low income Samoans here on the mainland. If you’re among the richest of the rich then I applaud you and your logic. But if you are NOT, and I repeat are NOT, then use your head. Find your brain and do some research on your own.I mean do some work. Not let these people on the right ” conservatives” do the thinking for you, and shove this garbage into your heads. These Fox news people get paid big money to brainwash people like you without a bit of care if you live in cave or not as long as they get you vote so they can get in office and laugh at your asses. We all try to watch out for fellow country folks so we can all get ahead and live a better life. So whatever this president is gonna do to help us out, grab a hold of it and use it. Unless of course you’re as rich????? Watch it fellas.

    1. Ha, my brotha, don’t drink the kool aid! You come on here and you do the A typical liberal reply to my post with personal attacks. You lacked one valid point of what this president has done for YOU and ME. Name something, anything he has done that the American people have benefitted from. The richest of the rich? No I am not, not even rich, but I strive to be one of them and yet dayum, Im almost jealous of them why? Because we strive to make it- just like them- but I won’t go your route and whine about being poor and ignorant because that is what you want to be right? You came to America to be poor and felt sorry for? You want to stereotype yourself as being a victim, a Samoan victim of the system? Fox news? Ha, I laugh at your choice of government media complex!

      You say he has done for you but you cannot express the facts or realty of what this Marxist in the white house has done for you—- because you poor people are the ones who can’t think for yourselves. Hey, if you want the government to be your “daddy” then more power to you. But don’t come at me sideways with attacks unless you are ready to back them up with facts, truths, and some wit on your part. You want your contry folks to “live a better life” , shoot, you win the lotto, and your Che’Rivera, revolutionist, occupy wallstreet, tee shirt wearing Arse would be the first to turn your back on your “poor” contry kin- So please, save your pointless talking points for Mr. Blitzer or whatever Commie loving fruit cake your sorry ass follows- on a leash! Aite my dog- stay up homie…rrr rrr rrr!

  4. If this president gets re-elected, it tells us that the majority of US voters are the dumbest people in the land. This president is doing very well destroying this country by keeping the poor people poor. Yes….I said it. Obama blames the rich for their shortfalls, he blames congress for not get anything done, he blames GOP for not passing he’s dumb ideas. Everytime I hear him said…..He got the country out of the ditch because of the previous admin instead all he did was got us over the cliff with massive spending. He’s weakening our military and pampering the poor and unemployed people with social safety net and so forth. I can only guess that most people would prefer handouts and free stuff… the same time they have no idea that the working people are paying for for them to stay home and mooch…..ODUMBA’s gotta go….

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