Put your hand in mine

When your in love with someone, you do all your lovey dovey cutesy couple things, wierd – for some reasons Samoans here in Samoa just don’t do that.

Its Taboo.

Kids walk to school with thier friends and hold hands, girls can hold another girls hand, a boy can hold another boys hand – but a girl and boy holding hands is kaukalaikiki (considered cheeky) LOL

So unless we are either pro-gay and lesbian, it is instilled in our culture that holding hands with your girlfriend or boyfriend is just something ‘you do not do’ (even if your married!)

The lack of public showing of affection between couples is a wierd observation to me, only because I haven’t been in one here in Samoa (relationship that is) LMAO so I wouldn’t know and I don’t have anyone to practice this taboo with.

I’m guessing though, that some part of me would probably not even do it.

Is it rude? I’m not quite sure.

Everyone I’ve asked just says ‘you just don’t do it, your allowed to, but generally relationships are just a private thing’.

Holding hands is a beautiful thing to see, ok seriously, just thinking about it makes me wanna go and date someone so I can have a hand to hold (when I go to NZ or somewhere else) LOL.

Hm. Ok, just thought I’d share that with you )

Love Always.

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  1. lol . i know right . 🙂 even if we think we’re old enough to hold hands with our pe’us is just a N0 N0 ! lol . i guess , yeaaa … do tha same thing ur prolly gonna do in NZ or other places besides Western Samoa + Amerika Samoa ! lol .

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