Rent Ranting

Finding shared Accomodation,

is like finding a marriage,

with people you hate.

And that brings me to my dillema for the week, its Friday – and tommorow I go out on a hunt for shared accomodation (not because I hate my family, but because – the IDEA just sounds too damn exctiting) – I don’t mind If i find a place, the rent-free option of living with my Aunt has been bliss since my return from Samoa – but seriously, we have to become adults right? hmm *thinks about that* Ok, cut the bullshit, THE REAL REASON, I want my own space.

I love my family to bits, but in a Samoan Family, the word “space” is almost taboo to mention.¬†

I live in a 5 bedroom townhouse (an inner-city cubbyhole) – which as I mentioned, is my Aunties place. It’s spacious and I find myself feeling lonely when I’m on the east-wing (the run down courtyard from 1887) or when I’m in the garden (the 1 metre strip resembling a grave dugout) or even when I’m in the “family room” which doubles as the entertaining area¬†& my uncles late night poker rituals.

but THIS is not the space I’m talking about.

  • I wake up and I have my little cousin running around my room wearing a diaper on her head and trying to do a cartwheels, cute? hm. not at 6am in the morning
  • The older cousins walking through my bedroom and picking out clothes, cd’s, dvd’s, socks, undies & my treasured books!
  • The millions of questions when I exit the toilet (about unrelated things) by the toddlers.
  • The home phone ringing like a call centre from Aunty in Brisbane, Aunty in Sydney, Aunty in Auckland, Aunty in Hamilton, Uncle down the road, Uncle asking for money, Uncle needing a lift, Cousin inviting to church, Aunty inviting to church, Uncle inviting to church function – oh and add a few extra 20 minutes to each conversation for the weekly update of thier exciting lives! haha (Oh man, don’t get me wrong – i love my family.

But come on!!!!

We need some space!!!

Oh and I just mean for this weekend, I mean seriously – if you guys do leave me – I would be running after every single one of you! hahaha.. I LOVEEEE YOOOUUU!!!!!!

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  1. lmaofff…im lauging because i can sooooooo imagine that, unfortunately that naver happened at home for me instead it was just making sure you weren’t caught doing nothing. Kettle always had to be boiled, food had to be ready as soon as someone walks in the house, couldn’t sit in my own room during the day lol it was like that for me during high school.

    i think moving out for whatever reason can always help a person grow, develope the independence life etc. I live in a shared accommodation (4 years now) and at times its hell but i love my space and not having to do anything for anyone lol especially the sleep in’s on saturday. but i do miss home and my family.

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