Satapuala versus the Samoan Government

Have you been following the drama between Samoa’s government (namely PM Tuilaepa) and the village of Satapuala?

The short story:

Satapuala is a well-known village that, half a century ago, relocated to accommodate Faleolo Airport in Upolu.

Over the decades since, leaders in the village have lead a campaign to re-claim hundreds of acres of this land, much to the resistance of the government, whose development plans include a new hospital.

A few days ago, the dispute came to a head with an armed stand-off between Satapuala villagers and Samoa’s police force.

And then there was the name-calling. Uncle Tui calling them uneducated pigs (se’i tulou, please don’t shoot the messenger) .. Satapuala calling the PM ‘brainless’ and ‘lacking class’ … ANYWAY…

High Matai expresses her strong opinions about the matter in our village forums.

“I’ve never denied how little a fan I am of Uncle Tui, but this latest stint just adds to my theory that he’s a modern day tyrant, leading our country. I know many villages that have had to battle the Government for their land & Satapuala is no exception. I stand behind them 1000000%,”

…she says.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I think Satapuala should let the government build a hospital there. If people on that side get sick, they gotta go all the way to Motootua, thats a far drive. Especially for old folks and the kids. Samoa is getting help from outside to build another hospital. They should take advantage of that. Things will only get worse. They need to come to an agreement soon before more people get hurt.

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