Say what you ‘mean’ to say – TAITO Phillip Fields is….

Alright, there are many of you out there who feel that I should just say what I mean to say. By this, I mean – to tell everyone what it is that I’m actually thinking, what it is that I actually like or dislike, what I support and don’t support etc..etc.


All of my friends (in the media) feel that I’ve basically lost the plot on my ranting and raving and questioning as Tamavalevale…particularly in reference to the charge, conviction and sentencing of former MP Taito Phillip Fields. (One friend has gone as far as to swear at me in an email. God bless his soul!)

So with that said…no more questions…no more he said, she said, the media said etc.. Here’s my honest to goodness opinion on the matter:

FOR THE MOST PART…I think Taito Phillip Fields is INNOCENT. The bribery and corruption charges are pathetic to say the least. I personally think that the Thai nationals words were coaxed out of them, coerced and miscontrued by the council that chose to take this matter further.
I personally think that a small little itty bitty thing was blown out of proportion and that in order to make a solid enough case against Taito, small insignificant goings-on and actions (viewed second or third hand by ignorant bystanders) were strung together to give the prosecution a tighter fuller file.

The Sentencing

I think that the 6 year cumulative jail sentence handed down by the High Court, through its mouthpiece Justice R. Hanson, was excessive to say the least. There are Politicians out there who are doing far worse things to New Zealanders and the country, that should be locked up for 6 years or more. (Need I mention the plan for an Auckland supercity?)

Someone once said to me in a conversation following Taito being charged and convicted, that it is not the ‘FaaSamoa’ that is being questioned, it is Taito’s actions and dealings. Let me just say, that this all started to happen when a certain Samoan woman, a former assistant in the Taito office, began to crave power. Seeing an opportunity to gain some, she started to list down items (albeit items that were customarily being presented as ‘thank you’ to the MP for assistance given, of which Taito maintains that he turned them down to this day.) that the community were bringing in to the office, most of them agreeing to leave with the items. Some managed to leave items behind, but those items were hastily given away.
That list, and the ‘anonymous’ call shortly thereafter, caused the snowball, downward spiral, fall from ‘media’ grace of Taito Phillip Fields.

He is innocent even after being proven guilty by jurors in a court of law.
That’s my manatu. That’s my own personal thought on the matter.

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  1. You know what, I totaly agree with you. I know it is your own personal opinion but it is my personal opinion as well. Taito Phillip Field has done so much for the Samoan and Pacific Island Community localy and nationaly within New Zeland and many have forgotten that. For me the media has done nothing but ”stretch the undies” Yes I know that is their job to stretch stories but they too have contributed. I am outraged at the sentence it is equivalent to a manslaughter charge I mean come on those politicians taking advantage of New Zealanders with their extravagent spending and MP’s endangering New Zealanders lives by drinking and driving? They are the ones who deserve a sentence like that.All I can say is they have lost a very influential person amongst Samoans and Pacific Islanders within the New Zealand government.

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