Seki a Miss Sui

Sui Farani

This is going to sound so wrong, but I first noticed Sui Farani – back when she was known as Seki Humpz – steaming things up in the village’s Rated R group. *kale* I quickly learned, though, through the forums and blogs, that she is so much more than just One Samoana’s playmate of the year. Sui is a great writer, an intelligent student, and one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. But what I admire the most about this Porirua girl is how beautifully skilled she is with the Samoan language. Miss Sui is definitely the full package!

How did you find One Samoana?

A moment of boredom (one out of many lol) I decided to google Samoan websites and it lead me right to One Samoana. Was a bit upset to find that I had joined a few months after the site was established but I think with all the overtime I have spent in here, I have made up for the months I missed LOL

What’s the funniest/craziest thing you ever witnessed/did in the village?

Oh gosh!!!! way too many to name I will be here for days if I had to tell everything I have witnessed in the past few years LOL!!!! But the most memorable so far would be one of our natives who is part of a band taking his cam to a live wedding reception he was playing at and a couple of functions full of Samoans now thats CRAZYYYY!!!!


What’s an experience you had that made you SO proud to be Samoan?

Although the 2009 Tsunami in Samoa was tragic it made me so proud to be Samoan to witness Samoans across the globe comfort and support each other.

Bonus question: How is it that your fa’asamoa is so beautiful?

Most of my fa’asamoa written and spoken I learnt at home from my parents as I was growing up. My parents migrated from Samoa and their english was very limited therefore had raised my siblings and I speaking the language it was the only way we could communicate as a family. We attended a Samoan church where Sunday school was mandatory and that is where my fa’asamoa was maintained. I was raised in Porirua East where the Pacific Island community is dominated by Samoans so there was really no running away from it LOL everywhere I went the language was spoken. At College I was part of the first ever to take the Samaoan Language as a school certificate when it was introduced into the New Zealand secondary school curriculum.I can say that these experiences has contributed to strengthening the way I speak and write in Samoan even though I was not raised in the motherland something I am proud of and will never let go of.

Tell us about your passion/hobby/work

I am very passionate about cultures especially my own if I was to ever meet you for the first time my first question would be “What ethnicity are you?” then followed by endless questions about your culture and customs, if you are anything else besides SAMOAN LOL.

I picked up a hobby earlier this year that no one knows of, in my spare time (so much spare time its not funny LOL) I enjoy YOUTUBING Samoans no matter what they are doing from singing to acting to sitting in their living room making total fools out of them selves I hope that counts??? Other then that I am a fulltime University student who has decided to take the rest of the year off (long story wont go into detail) Just need to re think and re plan where I am heading in life LOL

Whats a project you’re working on that you want everybody to know about?

Trying to find my path in life in search of which direction to head towards such a MAJOR project I want everyone to know so if you have any ideas which direction I should go let me know LOL

Your final thoughts and shout outs:

Thank you to the creator of the site HGG it is awesome to be part of this site!!!! BIG UPS to all the natives that I have come across and I have made friends with through One Samoana especialy those who log into UPCHAT from all corners of the world that have made an impact on my virtual life and making my social networking experience so exciting *cries laughing* LOL


HGG Notes about Sui:

* Visit Sui in the love den known as her faleo’o.
* Beware, though… those sultry, smoky eyes of hers are captivating!
* I’m a huge fan of Sui’s blog thing, both in the village and in our Ala Mai Lounge. Her best blog moment to date?

* She put up posters in the forums advertising for a hot American boy to hook her up with a green card. “Im still accepting applications for a green card donor,” she says. “Inbox me your details WINK WINK HAHAHAHAHAHA kala jokes!!!!!!!”
* She’s one of our most dedicated One Love Admins – nothing gets past this girl! One Samoana would not be the village it is without Miss Sui.

0 thoughts on “Seki a Miss Sui

  1. aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinG!! CHINA DOLL!! Awww I really enjoyed reading through your “contracted” profile here. Yes, I agree, your fa’asamoa is makua’i ACE OF BASE for someone who was born, raised and lives outside of the Samoa islands. Hehehe…Snake handler CEO <— I’ll never forget that one *winks`

  2. ssshhhh! how about we say; – playmate of the year every year. (lol) ….
    MZ PRADA SUI you abso goo giirl, with you all daah the wayz in your endeavours. LOVE, LUFFS ‘n’ LOUFS LOOT!
    I personal think you’re a beautiful dedicated women & all the time, IM’ greatful for your help, you know. (heheehe) :unsure: SSSshhhh….

  3. OMG! The wedding reception! That was hilarious!
    You gotta love Seki though….. She’s always around and doesn’t need to ask what we’re talking about.. .she joins in like she’s been there… Some would call it sidebusting, but I call it, going with the flow instead stalling.
    She’s beautiful… seki! I love your interview!!! She’s one of the realest people I know on 1samoana 🙂

  4. auuuuuuuuuu seki a ms BAV x10000! 😛

    Luvin Luvin Luvin ur responses on these questions sis! Most def a crack up in the forums, especially wit her stories abowt football players!! *whistles*

    Much Luvz Mz SEKI! 😀

  5. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OML im like dieing here laughing AWWWWWW makin me all teary eyed lol THANKS DEM,HOOD,LILAH,HANA & LINA nothing but love 4 yahs!

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