Slick with Tearsz

I’ve missed getting to know our fascinating Natives. It’s about time we re-ignited our Native Spot for 2012, and I know just the girl for the job.

I met her first as SweetLipsz, with an eye-catching profile pic of lips x two-pair, a sophisticated palate for music, and a fierce flow in her narrative and lyrical script. I was impressed.

And then in chat I encountered her wicked sense of humour plus her all-round cool chick’ness, and instantly knew why so many in the ville consider this lady one of their closest of girl’friends.

Cook Islander by birth, Samoan by 1Sa adoption, she is as Native as we get in the ville and we’re honouring her today with the privilege of test-driving our new set of Native Spot questions. Please welcome to the stage, Tearsz:

1. State your name and location for the record:

Tearsz – I used to post on a site way back in the day (PolyFreeStyLez)as Tears_In_Heaven, then shortened it down to Tearsz`… I’ve also used KyLieee and SweetLipsz`… and I’m in Brisbane, QUEENSLAND, Australia… Land of the CANE TOADsz`… STATE OF ORIGIN champs for 7 years straight!! *spitsz on the cockroachesz* haha

2. How did you find One Samoana?

Sui Farani and Maosi T-something (Tuitele maybe)*shrugsz* used to alwaysz flood my msn inbox to check this site out, and after months and months moving their messages to JUNK, i accidently clicked on it, and haven’t regretted it since!

3. What do you love about Samoan culture?

Oh gosh`… I guess the similiaritiesz it has to my own culture, the respect and valuesz that we pride on teaching our kids, the patience shown time and time again to those that insist on imposing inferiority to a minority, the open-handedness that Samoans give freely, the food`… Most importantly.. *ahem* the mensz. jks aiyahh i mean, Man! the jokesz? ha ha

4. Describe your perfect, indulge-yourself meal

*scratchesz head* Honestly? im a massive sucker for chicken, i dont care how its made, I’ll indulge… lol With cookiesz and cream icecream for dessert`… yeah i know im boring… *shrugsz*

5. You have one day to use $1,000,000 or you lose it. How do you spend it?

I’d give 10% as tithesz cos i wouldnt have it otherwise`… then I’d pay every single one of my siblings, and parents bills… LOLOL and it would prolly be all finished!! ha ha ha Then i’d distribute the rest between all the nieces and nephews in a trust fund, after I’ve bought houses and matching cars for my parents, and my siblings and buy a round trip ticket to travel the world…

6. You’re shipwrecked on a deserted island. What survivor skills could you provide for your crew?

I’d set up shelter thats mosquito proof, they can sort out the rest!

7. 3 things you’re most proud of in your life right now

My Godchildren, My writing, and My never ending academic achievements!!

8. Final thoughts and shout outs

This site has come a long way from when i first started, all for the best of course! šŸ˜€ And I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to have met some of the realist, awesomest, wonderfullest, beautifullest people on here !!! In person, and online!! The LOVE, i’ve found and lost on here`… (LOLOL !!) The hatersz, the admirersz, the inspiration, ambition and originality is second to none!! and last but never at all least, the poetsz, wrydahsz, scribesz, and storytellersz that have made me laugh, cry, and feel everything they have gone through by putting a tiny piece of themselves up for all to read!! Massive shoutoutsz to the PFSalumni, MsTivsz and MsLady`Knight in particular`…. The woLfpak:- fLy`giirL, BEEBEAR and mOnikah`… and my kaLo`BEAST crew`… Mah`Mahsz, BEAST`wUN, and kaLo`babesz`… and Miss`Haich – cos she`sz so awesomely coool`.. (and for some reason, when Im reading Telesa, and When Water Burns, Leila remindsz me of Miss`Haich) LOLO !! I`m blessed to have met you all`… And to the wrydahsz`… Please!! DONT EVER STOP!!!
Write, Write On!!!

Notes on Tearsz:

  • Visit her Faleo’o , where she keeps her make-you-sigh playlist
  • Her other home in the ville is amongst fellow Scribes
  • It’s where she helped spark up the Poet of the Month contest for One Samoana
  • The best place to really discover Tearsz is in her blog, but get in quick. She has a thing for removing posts once she’s done exorcising demons…
  • She’s one of those people you just wish was your BFF. How ’bout it Lippy? šŸ˜›

0 thoughts on “Slick with Tearsz


    … hahahahaha … okay now that i’ve gotte THAT out my system .. hahahaha .. well i’ll be .. and WHY have you NOT done a NATIVE SPOTLIGHT on the inFAMOUS BEASTLY`oNe before this? *giggles*

    Aaawww MAN this is GREAT !! …. dude it isn’t even like i dont know all what you wrote ALREADY .. but having it written lydis? mos`def a pleasure to read .. her’story in the making šŸ˜€ … beautiful person indeed … and i *could* be a *bit* biased … but NAAAHHHH … hahahaha

    Love your *tithe* first on the million dollar gift …. a woman of GOD indeed … *tips mah`lyrical sword* … you’ ve been a MOST influential part of my 1SA experience … and when you left *sniffs* i didn’t come looking for you .. but i did WILL your BEASTLY arse back … yes i did!!!!! … watch out now … prayers are for ALL sorts of things … PLEASE BELIEVE !!!

    … let me pause my keying before my actual response is longer than your post *sighs* u know i’m capable šŸ˜€

    If we are judged by the company we keep, then may the see the beauty in you BEASTLY`oNe for your fire and finesse is whats makes me transparently hot .. HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

    Stay Blessed POET … always & forever blessed šŸ˜€

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy bout time Ky’.. love this interview.. if anyone deserves a Spotlite , its definitely You sis.. you’ve come a long wayyyyyyyyyyyy with Ur writing from back in our PFS day’s.. and i gotta say.. u’ve elevated ur style n’ creativity above n’ beyond and i just wanna say i appreciate seeing you around here always spread’n the Love and supporting others in their own writings.. Ur a Special gal and i’m so happy to say that i knew you yearssssssssss back and to see you blossom into the person you are now is truly Unique… continue to Bless sis.. always… so much Love going out to ya gorgeous =)

  3. LOVEz it!!! Mad beautiful ms. sweet sis!!! Im lovin the million dollah question hahhaa šŸ˜€ I must say that i la la la la la loooove ur writing… very Inspirational!!! Much alofas to ya sis sweets!!! and a bleasure meeting you via 1sa! lol šŸ˜€

  4. Oh wow! is that the moon that shining from up there?…:P.. A woman who prioritizes righteously… so after you tithe, could you share some of that mammon? hahahahaha.. so we could buy something to cook in your island…hahahahaha…Cook Islander huh! nice write up..


  5. Hi Tearsz:Dcongrats on being on the wall of fame lol…why do i get this feeling that you dn’t like me LOL…just saying:Daiite cookie girl hehe…stay bless:)


  6. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! buhahahaahahahahahaha i was reading through & heeelloooo my name gets mentioned ummmmm yeah @ flooding your inbox well arent you glad you joined ahemmm ahemmmm anywayzzzzzz TEARSZ my kuki airani gurl kia orannnaaaaa meitakiiiiiiiiiiiii *starts doing the cook island dance……box & washing machine* BUHAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE YOU SUGA

  7. Awwwwwww SWEEETLIPS! eh, i dont know why you changed it to tears lol šŸ˜›
    you gorgeous thaaaang. awesome read through your profile… just having a laugh at your:
    “Iā€™d set up shelter thats mosquito proof, they can sort out the rest!” LMFAOOOO
    remind me not to ever be deserted on a island with you LOOOOOOL šŸ˜›
    over the times ive talked to ya (in mains, chats etc) you’re truly gifted, with your poems etc always inspire me to wanna write but you know how im just so kaea at scribing hahahahahaha well, i look forward to having you around longer!
    God Bless you always in all you do sis =)

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